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Can a Freelance Writer Make a Living Writing Online

Can You Make a Living Writing Online?
Freelance WriterThe Internet has really become a gold mine when it comes to making money online doing various tasks.  Especially in the field of writing, the opportunity to earn money online is so vast that a lot of people ask themselves “can I make a living writing online"?  The answer is yes, they can, depending on the cost of living in their countries and how much is enough for them to make a living.  For example, a few hundred dollars a month might be enough for a freelance writer to make a living in some countries, while that amount might just not be enough at all for even a week for a writer living in a country where the cost of living is very high.  Also, the lifestyles are varied from country to country and are reflected in the cost of living. So it is really subjective when it comes to how much is a decent monthly income.  My interests and expenses are varied and I think I need an income every month which has to be a few times higher than the average monthly income of people in my country.  Considering all these things it is really not easy to set an amount as a standard monthly income for every single freelance writer.  Let it be $1500 a month that a freelance writer needs to earn to make a living every month.

A Blog or Website with Rich Content can be the Best Option
Did You Know?It is quite possible for tens of thousands of writers to earn a handsome amount of money writing articles online.  However, those who want to make $1500 a month must have some good writing skills, a good command of English, and a few good sources of writing platforms.  In truth, many writers are earning over $10,000 a month.  However, this article will revolve around the assumed minimum monthly income for a living.  If a freelance writer owns a blog or website which has a decent number of visitors it is possible to earn at least several hundred dollars by running affiliate programs and online advertising programs on the website.  A monthly traffic of over 10,000 unique visitors can be a good source of income from online ads and affiliate programs.  The more traffic to the website, the greater chances the site will make money.  It is essential to post a large number of unique and good quality articles or blog posts on the blog or website that the visitors find helpful and useful. The writer or the blog or webmaster needs to update the blog or website on a regular basis so that the readers can always get fresh content and up-to-date information.  In fact, a good writer or webmaster can earn more than $10,000 per month after a few years of setting up a blog or website with high quality content but that is a different story.

Different Ways to Make Money Writing Online
Academic WritingThere are many writers on the web who write for content farms, also known as content mills, and earn a share of the revenues generated from the ads and page views placed on their articles.  However, one needs to write a large number of articles on these websites to earn any significant amount.  Writing for a few reputable writing websites can be productive for freelance writers, especially those who want to begin their freelance writing career online.  It is possible to make $100-$200 or more every month from 300-400 well-written articles.  The most important aspect of these writing websites is the passive income opportunity that enables writers to earn from the same articles time and again, which could last for several years or as long as those websites are willing to pay the writers.

A great number of freelance writers write articles on various topics and submit them to some websites that pay a flat fee per approved article.  Writers can write on their chosen topics or they may be assigned a topic by some upfront pay websites. This is a great way of making some good money instantly for writers, especially experienced writers who can write on any topic and provide useful information for the target audience.

There are many freelance writing jobs websites where buyers, including webmasters, company owners, and business owners post jobs or writing projects to get done by freelance writers.  The price per article varies on word count and the quality of work.  The earnings per article for writers also depends on the rating of the writer. For example, a writer who belongs to a top rated category will earn more money from a high-paying 300 word article than a writer who belongs to a lower grade category.  In fact, there are many websites where clients post writing projects for all kinds of writers.  Writers choose the writing projects from database listed on these websites according to their rating.  For example, there might be many low-paying 300 word writing projects listed on the database for standard or basic writers.  Writers with higher ratings can pick these articles too.  But if clients post high-paying 300 word articles then only writers with higher ratings will be able to pick from these articles.  Any experienced writer, including basic writers, can write 5 articles a day easily and earn $8-$25 or more a day.

Another place to find freelance writing jobs is freelance bidding websites where clients post jobs and writers bid on the jobs.  If a writer is hired by a client and the job is done properly, the writer gets paid.  It is often hard to land upon a job on these websites as the competition is very high.  However, for thousands of writers these bidding websites are a great source of income.  There are also many micro job websites which are also known as micro freelance websites, where many writers post a job (usually known as a gig) that they are willing to do for a specific amount of money.  When clients become interested in their gigs and purchase them, writers get paid after they complete the job.

Freelance BiddingThere are many more ways to earn money from writing.  There are some webmasters who need a constant supply of articles or blog posts to update and monetize their blogs or websites.  Many webmasters pay upfront fees or money to writers to write their articles or blogs.  Also, a lot of writers get paid to sell articles at article or content marketplaces. Many writers upload articles on these websites, and set the prices on their own or as instructed by some of these websites.  A scrap of their articles are shown to potential clients or buyers, and if they are happy with the writing they buy the articles.  If a writer can manage to sell even 2-3 articles a month, it can generate a good amount of money. Many good writers can get direct or private clients from their own blogs or websites, forum websites, freelance bidding websites, and social media websites.  Private clients tend to pay more as the quality of writing is usually higher. Therefore, a good writer can earn a tidy sum from private clients by providing them with high quality content.

Final Words
In essence, most of freelance writers will not necessarily follow all of the above mentioned ways of making money writing online.  However, those who are earning good income writing online usually use all or a few of the above mentioned writing methods.  Writing is an easy task.  It is easy to earn a few dollars every month from it.  But to make a decent amount of money from writing online it takes a lot of hard work, research, and patience for writers.  If a writer can produce good content consistently on a wide variety of topics for private clients and upfront websites, have a good social media presence to promote his or her work written for revenue sharing websites, and have a blog or website rich in content then the writer can not only make a living writing online but also earn a very decent amount of money from writing.





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