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Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Jobs from Home for Stay at Home Moms
Mom Working at homeLiterally hundreds of thousands of stay at home moms today are making money online doing various jobs on the Internet from their home. It will be a great relief for moms who are looking for a way to earn money online from home to know that there are countless ways to make money from home.  Just because moms are looking after their kids and do not do a traditional 9am to 5pm office job, does not mean they cannot use their talents and skills from home while the kids are sleeping or at school.  In fact, many moms are earning pretty decent money from home working on the Internet.

Types of Online Jobs Available for Stay at Home Moms
There are numerous jobs available on the Internet for moms who stay at home to look after their kids and do household work.  These Internet based jobs that can be done online can include the following choices:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Store/Online Store
  • Freelance Writing
  • Online surveys
  • Customer Services
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Call Center Jobs
  • Data Entry
  • Online Auction Sales
  • Selling Photos

If you are interested in the above jobs then know they can be done entirely from your home.  You will need from zero to little start-up costs to be able to work from home and start earning money.

Where to Begin
The hardest part is the beginning of anything.  If you do not start you will never know how capable you are of doing or achieving something.  Therefore, the first thing you need to do is decide on what type of work you desire to start your career from home.  It is very important to choose something you are passionate about.

Ask yourself what expertise you may have with data processing or do you at least enjoy it?  Can you do some research online and write a report?  Do you have any business ideas?  Does writing give you a thrill?  Can you spend some time on regular basis looking for information on the Internet to learn and enhance your knowledge of something?  Do you know how to build a website and if you do can you build websites for others?  You need to ask yourself all of questions and make sure what you decide to do is a great fit for you.  If it is not something that you like then chances are you will not succeed.  Once you have chosen your preferred field(s) of work, you need to create an environment and space for work.

Things You Need to Setup a Home Office
Just because you want to work from home doesn't mean you do not need any preparation.  You will need a space designated to work from where you can establish your own home office.  Many moms may have trouble designating a space that can be entirely kid-free, but they still shouldn't have too hard of a time.  It is a fact that many people can work quite well regardless of their surroundings, as long as they are free from distractions.

You will find that most of the things needed to setup your home office you may already own.  The following are the things to establish a nice home office that will give you the impetus to utilize your skills efficiently:

  • A space or place dedicated to work
  • A computer with a good configuration
  • A high speed Internet connection
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • A landline phone or mobile phone, especially, for the purpose of your online jobs from home
  • An updated and well-written and formatted CV/resume of yours in both digital (MS Word and PDF) and paper form
  • A landline phone if you are interested in working as a customer services representative or a call center operator
  • Filling cabinet
  • A good webcam (if not already built-in in the computer)
  • A good desk and a comfortable chair suitable for office work

If you are running an online store and doing other freelance jobs online from home, then it is important that you put aside your business or work hours from your personal life.

Begin Searching Jobs Online
You will need to find your chosen jobs on the Internet to pursue your new online career.  Make a list of all the good and legitimate websites that offer the jobs and information about the jobs you are looking for.  It is always useful to keep an easily available list of companies, websites, online jobsites, freelance websites that offer your desired jobs and information about the jobs you are looking for.  It is also important to keep all the records using one or two email accounts when it comes to applying for jobs, sending and receiving emails.  Join a few online forums to gather information that can be helpful to you.  Below are some of the best ways you can start out your online work from home:

Freelance Writing
Mom FreelancerIf you are planning to start a freelance writing career from home then choose and join a few very reliable freelance writing websites, freelance article writing websites, freelance bidding websites, article submission websites, Blogging websites, review writing websites, and online forums.  If you want to write on your own writing platform then start out your own blog or website.  Once you have consistent traffic, start monetizing your blog or website by putting up online ads, affiliate programs and offering your writing services. Join a few upfront pay and revenue share pay writing websites.  Choose a few article selling websites where you can upload your articles and make money when customers buy them.

Below are some writing website you can consider joining immediately:

  • (Upfront pay)
  • (Upfront and residual income)
  • (Upfront pay)
  • (Upfront and residual income)
  • (Upfront and residual income)
  • (Upfront pay and residual income)
  • (Revenue share)
  • (Revenue share)
  • (Revenue share)
  • (Upfront pay and residual income)
  • (Upfront pay and residual income)
  • ( Upfront pay freelance article writing website)
  • (Upfront pay freelance article writing website)
  • (Upfront pay freelance article writing website)
  • (Upfront pay freelance article writing website)
  • (Upfront freelance article writing website)
  • (Upfront pay)
  • ( Upfront pay and residual income)
  • (Upfront pay)
  • (Residual Income)
  • (Residual Income)
  • (Freelance bidding website)
  • (Freelance bidding website)
  • (Freelance bidding website)
  • (Freelance Bidding website)
  • (Freelance bidding website)
  • (Freelance micro website)
  • (Freelance micro website)
  • (Upfront pay)
  • (Residual income review website)
  • ( Residual income review website)
  • (Upfront pay review website)
  • (Residual income)
  • (Upfront freelance article writing website)
  • Postloop.cpm (Upfront pa and residual income forum
  • (Upfront pay)
  • (Article selling website)

There are a few more reliable websites in addition to the ones mentioned above where you can write and earn decent money.  If you are good at writing and using fairly good English you can earn a decent amount of money as an online writer.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a great way of earning some nice income.  You can run a few reliable affiliate marketing programs on your blog, website, articles or any web page that has a good traffic to earn some extra cash.  If you are a freelance writer then you can run a few reliable affiliate marketing programs on your articles provided you are allowed to do so.  However, the best way to run affiliate marketing is on your own blog or website.  Keep in mind though that you need to write unique and quality articles, blog posts to be able to make money from affiliate marketing.

Web Design and Graphic Design
Grahpic DesignThe demand for freelancers who are experts at web design and graphic design is constantly increasing.  If you have basic but solid knowledge of web design and graphic design then you can earn a lot of money online.  You will need to find the places where you can get these jobs.  You can go to freelance bidding websites, online job boards, or find private clients and work independently online from your home.  There are plenty of opportunities on the Internet for those who can create a website and perform graphic design work.  If you are good at WordPress or Joomla content management systems than you could also pursue opportunities working with these CMS programs.

Online Store
You can make a lot of money online by setting up an online store.  You will need to buy a domain name and a web hosting service from a web hosting company to get started.  If you have a product or service to sell then starting out an online store can be a good source of income from home.  You will need to focus on promoting your e-store online.  Write good content related to the products you are going to sell.  You can sell anything you like, both physical and virtual products.  You can sell ebooks, software, freelance services like editing, proofreading, copywriting, and web design.  Use various marketing options to promote your product.  You can do that without spending a dime.  Spread the word about your online store to become more successful.

Online Surveys
If you know where and how to look for some legitimate survey websites then you might be able to earn a few extra bucks every month by taking paid online surveys.  Do not get scammed by fake survey websites as there are plenty out there on the Internet.  You can easily earn some extra cash just by giving your opinions.  You can check the following survey websites:


Virtual Assistant Services
You can become a virtual assistant to earn some extra cash online in only a few hours.  Virtual assistants are like office assistants, who do various office tasks like typing a letter or report, making spreadsheets, answering an email, and other jobs online that an office assistant would do in an office.  The only difference is you do the assigned office jobs online.  The best place to find virtual assistant jobs is on online job boards and freelance bidding websites.  You can also search for private clients and work independently online from your home.

Selling Photos
Mom Taking PhotosIf you have a very high quality digital camera and have basic knowledge on how to take high quality photos, then you can earn extra money by selling those photos online.  You can sell photos to private clients or list them on stock photos websites and make sales when the visitors buy your photos.  If you have an interest in photography and a bit of talent, then it is possible to earn good money by selling photos online.

Last Words
There are tons of opportunities for stay at home moms.  The Internet today presents numerous ways to earn money online from home doing literally anything like writing, blogging, web design, consulting, teaching online, and sales online.  Stay at home moms have the opportunity today to work online from home and earn some extra money doing something that they love or enjoy.





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