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15 of the Most Underappreciated Jobs

JobsThere are some tasks that just go unnoticed in today's modern world. Many of the jobs that we take for granted end up being extremely important to our well-being. A study showed that 35% of Americans do not notice their postman or garbage man on a weekly basis, according to the American Labor Association. A staggering statistic, considering that without these two jobs, many Americans would be pulling their hair out and at a loss as to how to fix the problem of an overflowing garbage can and the police coming to collect from unpaid bills. It's important to recognize the staggering amount of jobs that go unnoticed on a daily basis but are essential to maintaining a healthy and productive society. If these jobs are taken for granted there can be serious repercussions for doing so. These underappreciated jobs are located in almost every major city in every major country. Some cultures however, do show appreciation to these jobs by providing good pay and a wide variety of benefits. Many of the jobs that are considered underappreciated are because of a mediocre salary, intense work hours, and unbearable conditions.

15)  Waiters
Underappreciated WaiterThe service industry is one of the largest industries in America. People going out for dining look for a good experience, with exceptional service, and for no problems to arise. Many people take for granted the amount of work it takes for waiters and waitresses to ensure that their customers are satisfied. The service industry is well known for being an industry with a high amount of work and relatively low rate of pay. This is mainly due to the fact that there are no prerequisites to being hired in the service industry, other than prior experience and the ability to work long hours. A typical waiter's responsibility is to greet customers, direct them to their seating, explain to them whatever specials available, take customer's food and drink orders, and ensure that they have a pleasant experience while dining at the waiter's establishment. What makes this such a difficult job is that every customer is different, and not all customers will be satisfied with the work of their designated waiters.

Waiters are considered underappreciated because the only recognition they get is from the possibility of a tip at the end of a customer's visit. Restaurant managers are known to take the performance of a waiter very seriously, but unwilling to reward them for consistent work. Many waiters and waitresses do not get a promotion for many years, if at all. The industry is very demanding, and waiters are given a huge amount of responsibility when it comes to pleasing customers.

14)  Web Content Writers
Writing articles on laptopThe Internet is filled with content about virtually every topic to be discussed about. It's up to the writers of today's society to meet the demands of the constantly expanding Internet. A web content writer can be considered as an extremely underappreciated job. The responsibilities of a web content writer include writing about a wide variety of subjects that their publisher gives them. It's their responsibility to do the appropriate research for the subject, follow strict guidelines given by clients, and submit work and whatever deadline specified. A dedicated web content writer makes an average salary of $51,000, slightly below what writers and journalists would make elsewhere, according to Indeed Publishing. It's much lower if a writer is working freelance and does not carry a reputation. What makes a content writer's life so difficult is the wide variety of subjects that he or she has to write about. Hypothetical examples include a brief history of the Jurassic Era of Dinosaurs, or a day in the life of a Sumo Wrestler.

The main reason that we believe web content writers are underappreciated is because of the lack of understanding that society has of the Internet. Many people constantly browse the Internet, read about subjects, enjoy content, and look for more without realizing that there is a dedicated group of people who are producing all of the content. Without these content writers, many websites would be barren and void of any information, and many websites wouldn't exist at all.

13)  Garbage Men
The men and women whose responsibility requires them to go from neighborhood to neighborhood picking up the trash of fellow citizens is a difficult job. It's also a job that is considered very underappreciated. The responsibilities of a garbage disposal team are to travel throughout the various designated districts of a city and collect trash. The kind of waste collected can vary from small amounts of trash, to trash from the restaurant industry, to commercial trash, and can even include industrial waste. Garbage men make a salary of about $43,000 a year. Garbage men typically have to start working very early in the morning and must be willing to work for a relatively low amount of pay. Considering the amount of trash that humans make on a daily basis, a garbage man has the responsibility of dealing with all of it, and in a timely manner as well.

Garbage Man and his truck

Garbage men are considered underappreciated because of the nature of their job. Many people do not want to deal with their own waste, let alone deal with their neighbors and thousands of other people's waste. The waste we produce is disgusting, plain and simple. Hundreds of thousands of tons of food, plastic, paper, garbage, and waste are collected every day by the garbage and waste industry. Without these dedicated individuals, garbage would accumulate to the point that society would be living in its own filth.

12)  Postal Workers
The United States Postal Service is considered as the backbone of the infrastructure in American economy. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide citizens, businesses, and entities with whatever mail, documents, and bills that are sent to them. Many citizens do not realize how important the postal service is to their economy. The postal service has to ensure that everyone gets mail delivered to them in a timely and organized fashion. Thousands are employed by the USPS to deliver the highest quality of work to society. Unfortunately, the employed backbone of the postal industry receives a surprisingly low amount of pay, despite the responsibilities given to them. Men and women working in the industry can have jobs relating to delivering of mail, maintenance, data input, transportation services, and quality assurance.

Postal Worker

The Postal Service is underappreciated because executives are constantly pushing postal workers to do their routes as fast as possible. Recently, many Internet-based companies have been stating that the postal service is a dying industry, and that consumers will eventually not require the use of postage at all. According to an unnamed, retired USPS worker, many activities and job responsibilities can be against federal law and safety regulations as well. Postal workers have a very limited amount of holidays available to them, and Sundays are the only days off for them.

11)  Mental Home Nurses
Nursing Home WorkerMental homes and nursing homes are becoming more relevant as the older generation of society grows older. Many employees of the nursing industry consider their jobs to be underappreciated. A mental home nurse has the responsibility of taking care of the elderly that have been placed within a nursing home. These nurses go through basic care training and upon completion, have the responsibility of caring for multiple patients. A nurse with no formal training can earn a starting salary of $32,000 per year. This salary grows directly based on the amount of training and type of degree they possess. The patients these nurses take care of range from stable, to physically and mentally handicapped. Mental health nurses need to understand the different illnesses that the patients have and be able to take care of them in an acceptable manner. Many nurses go through hundreds of hours of training in order to fully understand the various symptoms that are typically associated with people residing in a mental home. Nurses working in mental health homes are required to provide every form of assistance possible for patients. Many families simply do not have the time and patience to deal with their disabled elderly, and end up putting them in nursing institutions. The nurses working here are responsible for all of the jobs that these families have decided not to do.

10)  Bartenders
BartenderBartenders are a crucial part of providing happiness and entertainment within the service industry. What isn't commonly realized is the amount of work that these men and women have to do on a nightly basis. A bartender's responsibilities include having knowledge of a wide variety of different cocktails available for consumption at his or her establishment. They have to be willing to deal with people at different degrees of sobriety, and have to maintain composure throughout the entire night. A bartender has to be aware of who they are serving and ensure that underage teens are not served any drinks. A bartender also has to maintain a certain level of charisma to ensure that they get a decent tip. The median salary of a bartender is around $28,000 per year, not including tips. It's an extremely underpaid and underappreciated job category.

The reason a bartender's job is considered underappreciated is because many customers do not understand the work involved with ensuring that everyone is happy and they're getting the correct drinks. Less than 22% of people who go drinking at a bar have never worked in the service industry, and do not understand all the responsibilities required with bartending. Bartenders are subjected to all sorts of shady and unpleasant people. If you're waiting for your drink for longer than five minutes because the bartender is refusing to serve a drunken customer, it's best to wait until the confrontation is over, instead of complaining. Bartenders need to be given more credit for all the work they do to make customers have a pleasant day or evening.

9)  Policemen
The police force of any country has a large amount of responsibilities in ensuring the safety and well-being of society. These responsibilities include upholding the law, providing safety for people, being the first responders in dangerous situations, and making sure that society is defended against malicious persons. Policemen are constantly put in dangerous positions, and are required to maintain composure in all of these situations. The types of characters that the police force have to deal with range from thieves, arsonists, and gang members to murderers, prisoners, and drug dealers. Many people do not understand the level of danger and risk that police officers deal with on a daily basis, and this is why we consider them as an underappreciated job.

Underappreciated Policemen

8)  Secretaries
Sexy SecretaryAll bosses and entrepreneurs who want to have an added amount of stability and efficiency will require the aid of secretaries. The work that many secretaries do is extremely difficult and time consuming. Many secretarial positions are considered underappreciated by secretaries themselves for multiple reasons. Secretaries have to deal with the various forms of communication that their employers require. Constant management of schedules, deadlines, and e-mails are also standard in a secretary position. The median salary of a secretary is around $35,000 and can vary depending on the size and power of a company. Many employers take for granted the amount of work that a secretary has to do. A study conducted by workforce research group states that presidents and CEO's of large companies often have around 25% of the work that they have to do sourced towards their secretaries. The jobs that are given to secretaries include arranging meetings, signing documents, communicating with other businesses, managing accounts, and monitoring the status of an employer's accounts. We consider secretarial positions to be very underappreciated jobs.

7)  Nurses
NurseThe Nursing industry is a booming job area and nurses are required throughout the world to assist doctors and aid the physically ill. Nurses have an extremely underappreciated job and people take for granted the amount of work and stress associated with the job. Nurses have the responsibility of assisting doctors, surgeons, and health scientists in all of their jobs. Nurses are also responsible for teaching future nurses how to do their jobs properly. Nurses are the ones always available at a hospital, and are tasked with dealing with encounters with patients and their families, through all the joy and sorrow involved with these encounters. Becoming a nurse requires the same amount of years of training as being a business manager. However, many doctors and physicians still tend to refer to nurses as under them and as employees that are under their direct command. The truth is that nurses have an extensive amount of training, and a vast amount of knowledge to assist doctors. These are the main reasons that we consider nurses as being underappreciated.

6)  Teachers
Low Paid TeacherSociety has been aware for centuries that a successful education can result in the success of a country itself. Many people take for granted the work that teachers put in to ensure the education of the future workforce of a country. A teacher provides education to their pupils, which can consist of anyone from children to adults furthering their education. A teacher also carries the responsibility of ensuring that the next generation of individuals is ready to run and operate the country that they reside in. A teacher has to develop a complex curriculum that not only measures up to teaching standards in their district, but country standards as well. A teacher has to grade thousands of papers from their pupils and has to understand the nature of the people that they teach.

Teachers are underappreciated because at the moment, their salaries do not reflect the amount of work they have to do to ensure the education of future business owners and the rest of society's workforce. In the past, teachers have been looked up to as a source of information and the teaching industry was considered as a lucrative career choice. Many school systems throughout America cut school costs and lower school budgets to deal with the recession. This means that teachers are getting paid less, but putting in the same amount of hours and work. The education system within America is falling apart, and a big factor is due to the lack of appreciation for teachers.

5)  Cleaners
MaidsOver the years, society has become lazy in the sense that many jobs are created due to people not being able to clean up after themselves. The cleaning industry has the responsibility of cleaning up after society, and their job is underappreciated. The cleaning industry contains all the men and women who are responsible for cleaning up after the rest of us. From hotels, to restaurants, to commercial business buildings, to public toilets, to outdoor recreational areas, the cleaning industry handles all of it. The pay is subpar, with a median salary of around $28,000 a year. Cleaners are subjected to the various harmful chemicals associated with cleaning a variety of different objects. They are also subjected to the wide variety of waste produced by society. Workers with jobs in the cleaning industry have to be able to work odd hours including very early in the morning while businesses are closed. The majority of people in society don't realize how much waste can accumulate if not for the dedicated persistence of the cleaning industry. The industry itself employs safety standards that aren't always approved and many cleaners develop rashes and health problems from a variety of chemicals that they use.

4)  Sewage Disposal
Sewage Disposal WorkerSewage is a term that when people being discussion about it, they cringe in disgust. Human beings naturally create a large amount of waste that needs to be cleaned and maintained. The sewage disposal industry is one that is extremely underappreciated in modern society. As a worker employed in the sewage disposal and waste industry, you have to have a strong stomach and appreciate cleanliness too. Workers are subjected to the smells of thousands of different people's waste on a daily basis. Workers within the waste industry within the United States have the added responsibility of separating recyclable waste from garbage. Waste storage facilities have been voted as the worst smelling place to work at, right under working in a pig farm.

The reason that sewage disposal workers are underappreciated has to do with the fact that they are tasked with a wide variety of smelly and disgusting situations. One particularly disgusting job is if a sewage treatment plant starts to malfunction or stop processing sewage, someone has to go in and fix the problem. The industry employs divers whose job requires them to dive into up to 10 meters of sewage in order to repair whatever is damaged. Another disgusting but necessary job is the disposal of waste that accumulates in public areas like parks and camping facilities. Waste here can build up for months at a time and many of the sewage systems get constantly plugged and malfunction. Sewage disposal is an industry that is underappreciated for these various reasons.

3)  Artists
Creativity has always been an interest in society, and artists are employed to do many different things. An artist has the responsibility of creating cartoons, outlining commercials, developing logos, creating pictures for companies, producing photography for advertising purposes, among many other things. The job itself is underpaid, the hours can be plenty, and the job is considered as very underappreciated. An artist has a median salary of $36,000 depending on the size and scale of the company they work for. Freelance artists are subject to random amounts of payment, and it can take years before an artist can develop a portfolio good enough to grab a pay raise. Many artists are subject to the high demands of their clients for large projects. An artist's job also requires the ability to work for a long amount of hours due to the fact that artwork cannot be accurately timed.

Computer Graphic Artist:
Computer Graphic Artist

2)  Plumbers
A plumber's responsibility is to ensure that your houses water and sewage system is performing correctly. Many plumbers have knowledge and experience that the majority of society does not possess. Hundreds of houses in a community will eventually have a clogged sewage source if not handled correctly and if plumbers aren't available. Plumbers have an advanced knowledge of house sewage and piping systems, and usually have certification from a specific trade school. Plumbers have to assess the wide variety of problems that can occur in a house or businesses pipe system and develop a plan to fix that problem.

Plumber Job

Plumbing jobs are consistently being rated as the most underrated jobs in the industry. A trained plumber is making a median salary of $47,000 a year and known to possess a consistent client list. What makes them underappreciated is the fact that many people do not realize the value of having a plumber. The job itself is considered a low-income job with little to no benefits.

1)  Stay at Home Mothers
The final job and also what we consider as the most extremely underappreciated job, is the one of a stay at home mom. These mothers have the responsibility of caring for the future generation of society that will be running the world one day. If this seems like a difficult task, it's because of the amount of care and work involved managing a family. A stay at home mother has to manage however many children they have and make sure that their needs are taken care of. Responsibilities include preparing food, transportation to and from school, making sure children are doing their homework, protecting children from danger, and ensuring their family's overall well-being.

Stay at Home Mother

Stay at home mothers are underappreciated because many children take for granted the sacrifices that these women make. A house's total income is lowered due to the fact that a mother is not able to work while taking care of her children. Mothers who decide to stay at home and work are considered a norm in society, but the work itself is not recognized as a traditional job.

Final Words
The world's population continues to grow at an astonishing rate. The jobs, services, and responsibilities of the working industry have increased as well. Many jobs that were considered underappreciated are still considered so to this day and age. The majority of underappreciated jobs throughout the world deal with waste disposal, customer service, assisting of higher qualified personnel, and the delivering of every-day items such as post. These jobs are considered underappreciated because of the overall lack of respect for the work that they do. The service industry continues to be one of the most highly underappreciated industries in all major countries. This is due to the fact that society believes that these people are responsible for their well-being. Due to being an industry that requires relatively little secondary education, the service industry is consistently underpaid, consistently ignored, and drastically underappreciated. The waste disposal industry is also one of the highly underappreciated job industries in society. The men and women within this industry are responsible for managing the waste of thousands of people, and they tend to go unnoticed. Unfortunately, though, society isn't willing to increase the pay of these jobs because they are unwanted and viewed as less than in-demand.





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