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Attracting Wealth: Turning On Your Money Magnetism

I want to talk to you about becoming a money magnet. There are thousands of books written on the subject of money, wealth accumulation and they are all basically saying the same thing. They say save your money, they will say give some away, learn about investments and to even to live below your means. But why is it that there are so many books out there saying the same things and yet there are so many people out there who desire more money in their lives? Why don't they just read a couple of books and get the ideas? Obviously these principles work.

People Are Different
But if you take two people and they read the same book, one person will become extremely wealthy and successful from it. The other person will stay the same just what is going on?

It is because that one person learned to turn on his or her money magnet. To turn it on is really turning on some simple life practices regarding saving and investing. But here are some other concepts about turning on your money magnet.

Be Who You Want To Be Right Now
Become the person that you want to be in the future, but become that person now as if you are an actor playing a role. Right out on a piece of paper exactly what that person is going to look like in the future. Say you would like to acquire ten million dollars what would that particular person be doing, how would they be feeling? The last point about feelings is very important what would they be feeling everyday if they had acquired ten million dollars? Write it down paying particular attention to the emotions that that amount of money would produce for you. Some of those emotions would be happiness, peace and power. Put down all the emotions that you can think of. Now that is going to be your role that you will be acting from here on for the rest of your life.

Stadium Character
Stadium character, which is an acting term, which means that you have accepted a role in a movie and that, is the character that you are portraying. So stay in character and do not switch out for your friends, family or anyone especially yourself. Stay totally in character and what you will see are serendipitous things beginning to happen. If you are in character and you are acting that way, the mind will start to attract to you. Now I am not talking about going out and spending like a millionaire I am talking about becoming a millionaire in your mind first and then you will see it accumulate and come to fruition later.

Stick To Your Path
After you have reached your goal then you can go and enjoy your money. But on the path remember it is a matter of choosing what role you want to play. Be very specific about it. Once you start the path of playing this do not fall off and do not switch for anyone. If you do fall off you will see that your money will leave you very quickly.

Money Magnet
Throughout the day think money magnet you are a money magnet constantly remind yourself you are wealthy money is just coming to you left and right. Good fortune can come to you. Then and this is important, please do not challenge the following role as it has been around for many years. When you are wealthy you need to give a little bit away on a consistent basis.

money magnet

If ten percent is too much then give away one percent. Do not do it for any type of recognition but when you do give some away, what will happen is that you will create a void where that money was in your life and that creates a vacuum. When there is a vacuum in the universe it will always fill it with more matter as much as it can. Be a money magnet and start creating your own vacuum for cash flow.

Decide exactly the life you want. Create a burning desire within yourself and no matter what comes before you, keep going towards it using your burning desire to do it now to propel you to the successful life you desire.





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