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8 Theories that Explain the Bermuda Triangle Mystery

The Bermuda Triangle has created a buzz when ships and aircraft started disappearing within its area without any explanation. Today, there are over 1000 ships and 20 aircraft that have disappeared in Bermuda Triangle. There have been no traces of the disappearances and no evidence to explain why these accidents happened. Some people believe that the mystery is caused by supernatural phenomenon and that the devil may be blamed for all the deaths of innocent people who were led in the Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle.

Where is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle
The Location of the Bermuda Triangle
By Danilo94, via Wikimedia Commons

The triangle’s area lies between the north-Atlantic island called Bermuda, San Juan and Miami. Each side of the triangle covers 1000 miles of seafloor. However, some researchers have various description of how wide the triangle is. Some believe that the Bermuda Triangle goes all the way to the Caribbean islands to the Gulf of Mexico and Azores, making it over one million square miles.

Why is it Called Bermuda Triangle?
At first, people called it the Miami Triangle but Florida would not agree with the name with the fear of losing their tourists. Puerto Rico Triangle was the second name that came up but Puerto Rico also objected. When the triangle was named after the small island, Bermuda, no one bothered to object since the island is also referred to as “Isle of the Devils”. Since 1960, the triangle has been called the Bermuda Triangle.

1)  Supernatural Explanations of the Disappearances

The Lost City of Atlantis re-surfacing

Atlantis - Because there were no satisfying explanations for the mystery of Bermuda Triangle, writers started blaming the mythical city of Atlantis. Because of the legend of Atlantis that says the city depends on powerful special energy that could malfunction the navigational tools of airplanes and ships, some people believed that the Atlantis could have caused the disappearances. However, when the floors of the Bahamas were studied, there was no evidence that could prove this theory.

UFO flying over waterUFO - This theory was taken from Steven Spielberg’s imagination when he wrote about one of the aircraft which disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle (Flight 19) on his book “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. The book described that the aircraft was abducted by aliens.

These supernatural theories do not really give good explanations for the disappearances but they were believed by a lot of people in the past.

Theories that Explain the Mystery
Sargasso Sea. This sea is located in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle and is also the culprit of some of the disappearances of ships in the past. The sea is strangely calm and warm. People also find it weird that after the disappearances in this area, the ships would reappear in a very poor condition without a single person in them. There is however one case when an American named Ellen Austin discovered a moving ship in good condition. He sent some of his crew over to the other ship and found out that there is no one in there. After a couple of days, the two ships were separated by a storm and the other ship was gone along with Ellen’s crew. Since then, the ship was never seen again. Ellen reached New York after 2 months of a journey.

2)  Methane Gas - According to Dr. Ben Clennell, the high volume of methane gas in the ocean floor of Bermuda Triangle lowers the density of the water. As a result, ships that pass by the triangle can drop to the ocean floor. Also, because the methane gas is flammable, it is possible that the aircraft flying above the waters of the Bermuda Triangle can fire up and get destroyed completely.

Methane gas bubbles are built when sea organisms die and decompose. These bubbles grow bigger as they travel up to the surface of the ocean. Sometimes the bubble grows as big as a ship and when a ship finally passes over it, the bubble blows up, envelop the ship and pulls it down to the bottom of the ocean. The explosion of methane gas bubbles on the water surface can also cause aircraft and planes to catch on fire.

compass and map3)  Compass Theory - Compass points to the magnetic north, which today is located in Sverdrup Island in Canada, and not to the North Pole. These two locations are 1500 miles away from each other. However, if a ship passes through some areas of the Bermuda Triangle, the gap between North Pole and the magnetic north closes. As a result, the compass points to the real north which is not normal at all and leads the navigator to the wrong way. This explains why some of the aircraft and ships were led to the Bermuda Triangle and got into deep trouble.

4)  The Gulf Stream - This stream is a river underneath the edge of the Bermuda Triangle. The Gulf Stream has high wave heights that are even higher beneath it. It also usually has thunderstorms and clouds over it. This stream is believed to have carried away a lot of ships and aircraft so that they could not be found where they originally sunk or crashed.

5)  Electronic Fog - This type of fog is formed above the ocean. It is gray in color and is made up of electronic fields. The fog consumes aircraft or ships and moves along with them until their navigational and communication instruments get disabled. These electronic fogs have also been described by the SOS calls made by veteran pilots and captains who were victims of the Bermuda Triangle.

6)  Weather - Bermuda Triangle is known for having violent storms that can last for a few minutes but are very intense that they can destroy ships completely. The Atlantic is also prone to hurricanes that can sink ships that are caught in it. Aside from that, the triangle has waterspouts that can be the culprit of lost ships and aircraft.

7)  Large Waves - Bermuda Triangle is calm most of the time but large and dangerous waves may appear and swallow up large ships. Research reveals that waves as high as 30 meters can sink a large ship. Though this phenomenon is rare, some seas have proven to have freak waves more often.

8)  The Deep Floors - Some of the world’s deepest trenches are found in the floors of Bermuda Triangle. The floor of the triangle is made up of gentle slopes which take an immediate deep drop. Some researchers believe that the aircraft and ships that were led to these areas of Bermuda Triangle can never be found.

Aside from these theories, scientists are formulating more explanations for the disappearances within the triangle. They also believe that factors such as magnetic fields and underwater earthquakes can also answer some of the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.





8 Theories that Explain the Bermuda Triangle Mystery
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