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Using the Yin Yang Symbol to Figure Out The Meaning of Life

Yin Yang SymbolWhat is life's meaning?
This is probably the most asked question in history!  I am here to help you with that question and provide some in-sights into the meaning of life and existence.  Let me introduce myself, I am a Zen Master, I made this article to clear the most important answers of life up for you, I will keep this article short, clear and easy to understand.

To help explain to you the meaning of life, I especially like to use the Yin-Yang symbol developed by Chinese philosophy:

I like to use this symbol because through my own meditation I fully understand this symbol and it is the best way to understand how nature works which can also give you some in-sights on the meaning of life.  I will try to explain this symbol in my own words:

We have a white dot, a black dot, a white swirl and a black swirl.

The white dot:  This means Yang in Chinese, which means the upbringing, good, happiness, or some like to refer to this as god.  The word I like to use for it, is:  Something.  Simply something.

The black dot:  This means Yin in Chinese, and if you can guess right it is the opposite of the white dot (yang), which means the down bringing, or as some like to refer to this as death.  The word I like to use for this is:  Nothing.  Simply nothing.

The black and white swirl:  These swirls represent how things act in nature according to the black and white dots (or life and death), and it is the basis for balancing out the black and white dots (life and death).

Yin-Yang Explained in Detail:

Yin Yang DragonsNOTE:  Through out this article, I will use these terms (black and white dots and swirls) to describe what I am talking about throughout, so you can then be educated on what the yin yang symbol means.

Nature is trying it's best to do whatever it can to create Yang, or life (the white dot), and it does this through balancing it's self out with the nothingness (the black dot).  Remember nothing is here with us too!  It's just that nature is doing a VERY good job of hiding it from us.  And believe it or not, you are constantly trying your best every day to hide it from yourself (and you probably don't even realize you are doing it)!

The black and white dots (life and death) are really single static entities, and the swirls on the yin yang symbol perform the balancing acts of the black and white dots (or life and death).

Yin-Yang Swirls
The swirls are physical manifestations that form from the black and white dots.  These manifestations need both a yin and a yang (opposites) in order to complete the manifestation as a whole.  Here are a few examples of these manifestations:  day and night, summer and winter, hot and cold, male and female, even time and gravity. Plus many many more. Infinitely more actually.

The swirls can best be said which describes your experience in nature, and the black and white dot can best be said to describe your actual existence in nature. You know in your daily experience that you must eat, like some of us eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.  This can be considered a white swirl knowing that it will lead towards life (the white dot).  And knowing that not eating (a black swirl), could cause you to lose your life (the black dot). Of course this all stems from your belief system (your ego), and someone's belief system may be totally different from someone else's.  That's why it's important not to be judgmental towards others, because deep down, there is a reason for everything, but there is no "exact" reason for anything.

Believe it or not, each and every one of us is in this formula that creates life.  Every day you seek happiness (yang) and avoid things which could make you unhappy (yin).  Because naturally it feels better!  Something is better than nothing, right?  That is exactly what nature (you) is trying to accomplish!

The black and white swirls represents what you know is right (white swirl) and wrong (black swirl), which you think would ultimately lead to life (white dot) or death (black dot) to you, and this also defines your experience and your personal meaning of life!  What you believe is right or wrong could be totally different to someone else.  This is what leads me to the word:  EGO.  An Ego means exactly this, an individual's experience of knowing what is right or wrong (or good and bad) to them.

Meaning of Yin-Yang:
Yin constantly changes into Yang & back into Yin again. An endless infinite loop.  This can be seen in the changes of four seasons, and the changes throughout a single day (24 Hour Cycle), as seen below:

Yin turns into Yang

Dead center in the yin yang symbol is the center, and nature moves clockwise around it. Now keep in mind the yin-yang symbol does not just represent a single day, but explains how EVERYTHING happens in nature.

As with many things, it also represents the cycle of life.

Your whole life is on a yang-yin adventure..
We start off as a yang, then as time progresses we start to feel yin pull on us, which ultimately leads to our death, but we go back to yang again (a new life), as discussed below:

My Beliefs

PLEASE NOTE:  Below I discuss my beliefs on some aspects of nature and the meaning of life.  My main sources I can provide for you is a ton of meditation, under many different circumstances.

Where do we go when we die?  Is there a heaven or hell?

Heaven Hell Night and DayMy belief is that your existence (white dot) is eternal and will last forever but your ego (black and white swirl) is not.  Yes I am sorry but when you die, I believe your ego will never return and what defines you will no longer be.  Sure, your memory will live on through others, but your ego will be wiped from the individual you are living in right now.

You will not go to heaven and you will not go to hell, I believe there is no heaven or hell.  The only way I can see them existing is that you are in both of them right now.  As the black and white dot.  Life (white dot) itself could represent heaven, and death (black dot) itself could represent hell.  Remember these are just words and could have one meaning to someone, or another meaning to someone else (thus the black or white swirls again, or ego).

So if life (white dot) does represent heaven, and death (black dot) does represent hell.  Then you must do whatever you can in your life to enjoy the heaven that we are in, but to avoid the hell that is around us too. The best way to accomplish that is to stay Zen with yourself (or stay in balance as I sometimes say), because staying in balance is what nature is doing to survive anyway and you are at the heart of it all. I will try to teach you life lessons that will help you stay zen in other articles in the future. The more Zen you are, the happier and more relaxed you can get!

But don't worry because nature will take care of that for you for the most part, but you still have to make decisions yourself (that should naturally come to you anyway).  So remember nature is on your side!  Sometimes leaning towards death (black dot) could be the best for you, why?  Because you may not be enjoying your experience enough to appreciate life (white dot), which leads me to the next question..

Why do we have to die, why can't we last forever?

Eternal LifeWouldn't it be nice to live forever?  You may be thinking that right now, but over time you will naturally start to get tired of what is going on in your experience, and this naturally happens to everyone.  What may make you happy today, may not make you happy later in life.  A good example of this is video games.  You start to play a video game for the first time and you like it a lot and it makes you really happy to play it, but over time you start to get less and less happiness out of it, it will start to get repetitive and boring, that is when you need to start to look for something else to play.

Life is the exact same way!  So with my analogy, is life similar to a video game?  I think it has some resemblances yes!  Either way you are experiencing something.  And as you age you might find new things which can make you happy, or even the old things still make you happy, but deep down your existence itself (white dot) will start to get old on you regardless of your experience, and the older you get the more oldness that is going to be put upon you.  You may have seen it all, done it all, you have seeked enough happiness in your life and you will start to realize that everything around you is just that, it is what it is and you are ready to see something entirely new to you, but you don't know where to look.  This is when death (black dot) takes it's toll on you, but for good reason!  Why, because you are ready for an ego wipe (as I like to call it).  Seeing and exploring new things for the first time is great!  It is a really good feeling, and nature knows this.  That is why we die, and can die.  Remember I said that your existence is eternal and you will live forever, just not your ego (or your current individual personal experience)!  Your ego will die, and you will start fresh again with a brand new ego.  Which leads us to the next question, does it do this through spirits?

Do we have spirits, and is there such thing as reincarnation?

ReincarnationDoes each and every individual in this universe have it's own spirit?  When spirits die, do they reincarnate somewhere else into a new life form?  This is my belief on this:

I believe that only ONE spirit exists, and we ALL share from that one spirit!  So yes I believe that WE ARE ALL ONE, but egos is what makes us feel separated and unique from the one spirit.

This one spirit also represents the black and white dots you see on the yin yang symbol.

So as far as reincarnation is concerned, it does not have any use in my belief, since reincarnation refers to multiple spirits.  But I do believe that you will be experiencing something for eternity (just not through your current ego).  Egos are constantly being reborn anew, and old ones are being thrown in the trash can (which can also be referred to as the black dot, or nothingness).  This represents the cycle of life!  It's a very beautiful thing we got going for us :)

So we are all one eh?  That sounds hard to believe!

Yes I believe that there is only ONE conscious mind that exists, and we all share from it.  Just like there is only one NOTHING (black dot) that exists there is only one SOMETHING (white dot) that exists.  And that something is consciousness, and it is what allows us to perceive. Everything we hear, see, feel, smell, basically all of our senses is something we share from the one consciousness.  Egos (black and white swirls) is only what makes us feel separated and unique from everything else.  Egos is what isolates everything individually.  Ego is all the information contained within your brain.  But when you fully step out of your ego you can see that EVERYTHING is all one.  All the matter you see around you is YOU, because everything is one.  All life around you is also you, because we are all one.

One interesting thing I like to say to people, is that lets say the universe goes through the big bang and the planets and everything are just forming anew, and the first life form pops up on some random planet, that life form is going to be YOU!

We are all one!

So is this ONE THING god?

That is a good question, I do not have an exact answer for you.  If that would be true, then that would mean that WE ARE GOD.

Did god create the universe?

That is another popular question.  I dont really have an answer for this.  Some interesting questions for me is:  what created something?  Was nothing created at the same time with the universe (the something)?  Did something (the universe) get created out of nothing?  Or after the nothing?

My belief is that nothing (aka the black dot) and something (the universal consciousness, aka the white dot), has ALWAYS been here for eternity and time itself has nothing to do with either one.

One of the scariest questions I have asked myself throughout my life is this:  What would happen if there was only nothing and no something?  If you really think about it, it could make sense and it sounds pretty darn scary eh? So I would like to thank you and I for making things happen.

Hormones and Life:

Zen Master Paul:
Zen Master Paul

The black and white dots kind of run naturally in our backgrounds to provide us with life.  What we do experience everyday, is the black and white swirls, of what we know is right or wrong to create life (white dot) for ourselves.  Natural influences from hormones are balanced in each and every one of us to create life for yourself (white dot), and to avoid death as much as possible (black dot).  Hormones influence us to reproduce, control our metabolic rate, gives us a good mood, help us adapt to our environments etc etc.

I look at hormones as one of those most powerful biological forces in the universe. This is why it is so important to understand how to control them for the better.  And that's where eating healthy comes into play. Your diet influences your hormones dramatically. The more you strive to eat to live (and not live to eat) the happier and more relaxed you will get with nature. That is one of the reasons why I absolutely love eating raw foods that are simple and healthy. I never even think about eating cooked or unhealthy processed foods anymore.

The source of my Will Power of eating to live instead of living to eat came with experience and I can tell you it is definitely worth it! This is one of the hidden secrets of life. You are what you eat! This is especially true if you live in countries like America (like myself) where junk food is EVERYWHERE you look. You must develop a mental block for all that stuff and only focus on simple healthy raw living foods if you want to feel your best.

So what is the meaning of life and existence?

I have two answers (from my own words) -and remember they are only words created from my ego!

The meaning of life is to experience something rather than just NOTHING.  (black and white swirls)

The meaning of existence is so that YOU can exist, rather than NOT existing.  (black and white dots)

Why?  Because something is better than nothing, right?  That is for you to decide!

Take care!





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