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Proof That We Are What We Are!

What REALLY is a Human?

Is a human an animal?As far as we’re concerned, no cats can laugh, fish can’t smile, and dogs can’t read and write.  Only humans are able to perform these complicated tasks, because we assume we are smarter than all other animal species, at least by our own definition. Many people believe that a person is just a human, another being that is just like them. Maybe someone that has a body in the shape of a human, someone who can speak a language that others understand, someone who can love and have emotions or someone that has a mind frame of a “human”, but honestly what distinctive traits do humans possess that animals don’t?

I believe every “animal” and every “human” thinks the exact same just in a different way. Humans express themselves by speaking a certain language that maybe only humans can really understand, just as animals speak their own language just in a different form than what we cant fully understand. Just because a dog can’t speak the same language as us, does it really mean they are truly any different? If that would be the case what would a person who is mentally ill and can’t speak at all be? Just as we really can’t understand the dog, we can’t really understand the mentally ill person, we can guess as much as we want to about what they are saying but we would honestly really never know because we can’t get in either of their brains to know what their thinking.

Our Brains got BiggerDarwin once famously said “there is no fundamental difference between man and the higher mammals in their mental faculties” – he firmly believed that the difference between human and animal intelligence was one of degree and not of kind. A good question to think about is:  what is our intelligence really based on? Is it the size of our brains, the amount of neurons we have, or is it really based on how and where we are raised? I strongly believe that how we turn out to be is based on how and where we are raised, and as time evolves every being becomes wiser and stronger about living in the environment they live in. Just as we were once “supposedly” a form of a monkey, we became more intelligent and adapted different ways to live.

What Would Happen if Humans Were Raised by Wild Animals?
Babies DocumentrySometime in the future I feel that more animals will start to adapt a different way of living that could possibly lead them doing the exact things that humans already do.  It’ll just take time, and we may not see it just because it takes more than a generation to evolve. When babies are born into different families (in different countries and settings) they are raised different and do not grow up to live the same life, maybe similar in some ways, but not the same. The video documentary Babies shows just that!  Just as animals, they are raised by a different family and in a sort of different environment so they all act in a different way. If a human is put into a family of dogs from the time it’s born until it grows up what would that human act like, more of a human or a dog?  Most likely a dog because how can you know what to act like if your only surrounded by one group of species and not around regular humans your whole life? Check out this documentary about a true story where a girl was raised by wild dogs her whole life:

As you can see, we are creatures of habit.  Our intelligence evolves through evolution.  Another example documentary is about a little boy that was raised by monkeys:

As you can see there are two sides to this argument, what really is a human?  I strongly believe there is no real definition for humans, because deep down, everyone and everything is equal.  We don’t single out others because they are a different race, gender, or age than us so there is no real reason to single out animals because they don’t have the same language as us, behave like us or meet certain peoples criteria to be a human. I believe every living creature on earth (and the universe) all comes from one common spiritual source that makes us all related in one way or another.

Bottom Line
We may be on different levels of intelligence (or ways of life as I like to say), but that in no way should make us any different or more valued than any other living creature.  I personally do not believe in smart or dumb, we just are what we are!





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