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Preparation for the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem and End Time Prophecy

Some may argue the Scriptural evidence for the rebuilding of The Temple in Jerusalem is substantial. The first prerequisite for the 3rd Temple is when Israel is back in her homeland as a nation. Jews are streaming back to the Holy Land from across the globe.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Individuals and groups are working behind the scenes to prepare various materials for the future Temple, including garments, tapestries and worship utensils. The priests are being identified and verified through DNA testing which is irrefutable in its accuracy.

The Cohenim Priests

God told Moses to assign Aaron, his brother, to serve as priest along with his four sons; anyone else who would approach the sanctuary “must be put to death.” God established that the priesthood was the eternal responsibility for Aaron and his descendants. This is expressed in The Book of Exodus 29:9 which reads as follows:

“And they shall have the priesthood as a statute forever, and you shall consecrate Aaron and his sons.”

Cohenim Priests Blessing the Congregation
Cohanim Priests Blessing the Congregation

Aaron’s family name was HaCohen Gadol5. Aharon (Aaron), the elder brother of Moshe (Moses), a great-grandson of Levi, was chosen by God to be the first Kohen Gadol. He first served in his official capacity as Kohen Gadol at the inauguration of the mishkan of the month of Nissan, one year after the Exodus.

“The Cohen line is patrilineal-passed from father to son without interruption for 3,300 years, or more than 100 generations.”

Only males from the direct line of Aaron could serve in the Holy Temple of God. They have been in charge of God’s Temple service and worship from the first Tabernacle through the Jewish exile in Babylon to the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. Their bloodline has been kept pure and it is scientifically substantiated. The title of Cohenim exists today after 3000 years. DNA analysis has confirmed a specific genetic marker that only exists in the Cohenim.

There is a remarkable article called “The Cohenim DNA Connection” written by Rabbi Yaakov Kleinman. Dr. Karl Skorecki, who is a Cohen of Eastern European parents was attending synagogue one morning and another Cohen was up for the Torah reading. This Cohen was a Jew of Sephardic background. His parents were born in North Africa. Dr. Skorecki observed that the Sephardic Cohen looked significantly different from himself. The Sephardic Cohen skin coloration, stature, hair and eye color were significantly different from his. Yet they were descendants of Aaron, the priestly tribe.

Sacking of Jerusalem
Sacking of Jerusalem

Dr. Skorecki considered this hypothesis: If Cohens came from one man; they should have a common set of genetic markers – a common haplotype, from a common ancestor. Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defines haplotype as: the set of alleles that determine different antigens but are closely linked on one chromosome and inherited as a unit providing a distinctive genetic pattern used in histocompatibility testing.

The Cohanim posses a single haplotype that they say is not present in most of the general Jewish population. This is how God and science are in full agreement. Based on the work of Dr. Skorecki and his associates, this genetic similarity has resulted in the highest “paternity-certainty” rate ever recorded in population genetics studies.

There is a computerized list of eligible priest for the Third Temple. The Lemba Tribe of Africa has the Aaronic genetic signature and they probably would not have been noticed except for this scientific evidence.

Priestly Robes

Preparing priestly garments is very important to the building of the Third Temple because they have not worn these garments since the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D. For this reason, Rabbi Yehuda Glick, the Director of the Temple Institute said, when the Temple is rebuilt the Kohanim must wear the proper outfit to perform their obligations. Robes for the priest are being woven using imported flax from India. The garments are being dyed according to Old Testament guidelines, spun from three different colors of threads. The thread colors are purple, crimson and blue.

Samaritan Wearing Traditional Priestly Robe
Samaritan Wearing Traditional Priestly Robe

July 16, 2008, Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute lead a group of people to a Samarian hilltop village called Neve Tsuf to harvest the crimson worm. They use these worms to make the dye for the Avnet; the sixteen-meter long belt which is a part of the priestly garment. We should note that years of research have gone into preparing the garments to be in complete conformance with the Jewish Law.

The dye used to make the royal blue cord or fringe of the prayer shawls comes the extraction of a snail (murex tunculus), also known as hexaplex trunculus found near the Mediterranean Sea. It took hundreds of snails to make just a small amount of dye, making it prohibitively expensive, but there is a miracle associated with the snail.

Ancient Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Ancient Temple Mount in Jerusalem

“The amazing answer to this conundrum, which baffled 20th-century scientists for decades, was discovered in the chemistry lab……the snail extract must be reduced to achieve a solution. When this process is performed indoors, the result is a purple dye. But if, while in its reduced state, the dibromoindigo is exposed to the sun for a few minutes, the bromine invisibly breaks away from the molecule, leaving behind only indigo, the brilliant biblical blue.”

The Red Heifer

Since the Second Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D., there has not been a flawless red heifer born in Israel. Without the red heifer there can be no purification.

A Red Heifer Pictured - Throughout History Used as a Sacrifice
A Red Heifer Pictured - Throughout History Used as a Sacrifice

September 18, 1990, Reverend Clyde Lott from Canton, Mississippi mailed a letter to Israel concerning the scripture found in Numbers 19. The Reverend wanted to know about the red heifer. Rabbi Chaim Richman got into this story and on November 10, 1994 this orthodox rabbi laid his hands on Reverend Clyde Lott’s perfect red heifer. For the first time in over 2000 years a rabbi had touched a red heifer. It was a historical event that made our national news. There is the Canaan Land Restoration of Israel, Inc., with Rev. Clyde Lott as president. The intent is to ship airplane loads of red heifers to Israel.

Could this be God bringing His will to completion? Only time will tell…





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