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Top 15 Drugs People Commonly Overdose and Die From

A drug overdose refers to the ingestion of some kind of chemical substance to amounts that exceed the intended prescription dose. Often, the term drug overdose is used to describe becoming more than likely violently ill and in many cases dying, from taking more of a chemical substance than is generally intended.

accidental prescription drug overdose suicide by unintended actions accidental

‘Overdose’ of course suggests that there is a safe dosage for the drug being taken, so the term is not used for poisons or any substance that is not intended for human consumption. A drug overdose can happen as an accident and often certain medications like prescription tranquilizers in the class of drugs called benzodiazepines cause patients to frequently forget about taking their medication and take another one effectively doubling up on their intended dosage. In some cases certain patients do this multiple times and there have been reported situations where patients took so many pills, and they almost unintentionally committed suicide. Other times, an overdose may take place when somebody attempts to take their own life. Most overdoses occur accidentally and they can lead to permanent damage to the body. With illegal, illicit street drugs death occurs much more frequently during an overdose. We have collected the 15 most dangerous drugs that are particularly dangerous because they cause many people to overdose and even die. 

15)  Vitamin D
Vitamin overdoses are not the most common incident in medicine and death from a vitamin overdose is extremely rare. That doesn't mean they don't occur and deaths from Vitamin D overdoses, yes the same Vitamin D that we typically absorb from sunlight, are drastically more common. This kind of vitamin is stored in the body as calcidiol, and most official recordings of vitamin D overdoses occurred due to manufacturing and industrial factors. Overexposure to vitamin D was reported by 284 people in the United States in 2004, and in that year one person died because of a vitamin D overdose.

vitamin d synthesis

The reason why vitamin D is toxic is because of how the body stores it. When there is an overexposure to vitamin D, the afflicted individual will have extremely high levels of calcium in his blood causing a spike in blood pressure. Vitamin D overdoses can also result in nausea with accompanied vomiting and dizziness. Further through the overdose comes excessive urine production, increased thirst, nervousness, itchiness and weakness. 

14)  Opioids
An opioid is a form of psychoactive chemical that is, in terms of the effect on the body, similar to morphine. An opioid drug works by binding itself to the opioid receptors in the body, which can be found in the nervous system. Opioids are often considered to be the same as opiates, but this is not the case. Opiates are only the alkaloids that can be found within the opium poppy. The term opioid, however, refers to all synthetic substances that are chemicals similar to opiates.

Intranasal Naloxone is Administered to Bring Addicts "Out" and Save Their Lives:
Intranasal Naloxone is Administered to Bring Addicts "Out" and Save Their Lives

An opioid overdose refers to when somebody has taken too many pain medication or does too much heroin and their life is in danger. There are numerous symptoms of this kind of problem, which first of all include a reduced consciousness. Somebody suffering from an opioid overdose will drift in and out of consciousness and their pupils will become smaller. Breathing begins to slow down and oftentimes it can totally stop, meaning that the individual will be in serious danger of dying. Blue lips, nails and fingers are also common, given that the blood will stop getting all of the oxygen it needs.

13)  Sedative-Hypnotic Benzodiazepines
Sedative-hypnotic drugs are chemicals that are used to make patients relax and are central nervous system tranquilizers. This may be for the sake of reducing excitement or in many cases are taken because of a panic attack. These drugs are chemically tailored to bring some individual down and ultimately back into control. Tranquilizers are often used on animals by animal control personnel, veterinarians, and zoo staff in order to handle or perform medical procedures much more easily and with much less trauma to the animal. It may also be a drug used for reducing irritability or stress and many elderly people are given valium prescriptions to help them with mood swings that are a result of agitation. There are two major classes of drugs that represent sedatives and they are benzodiazepines and barbiturates. Higher doses of these kinds of drugs will result in slurred speech and many times somebody who has taken too many benzodiazepines or barbiturates is mistaken for being drunk. They will have impaired judgment and their reflexes will be sloppy which are all too familiar to having too much to drink.

Bottle of Generic Valium - Valium or Diazepam is Commonly Prescribed for Panic Attacks:
Bottle of Generic Valium - Valium or Diazepam is Commonly Prescribed for Panic Attacks
By Literaturegeek via Wikimedia Commons

Drugs from the benzodiazepine and barbiturates class can also be used as sleep aids based on the dosing instructions and type of medication used. For the most part benzodiazepines are not the best fit for long-term sleep assistance due to chemical dependency issues. When an individual takes too much of a sedative, most likely they will be rendered unconscious and unfortunately too often this marks the first step towards the grave. Today sedatives, or downers as their known on the street, are more likely from the family of drugs called benzodiazepines. Drugs like ativan, xanax, and valium are all common benzodiazepines.

A sedative overdose may happen intentionally or unintentionally, but it is simply the process of taking more than what has been prescribed. Some people use sedatives when they are trying to commit suicide. Studies have shown that around one quarter of all suicides occur as a result of purposely ingesting large quantities of either benzodiazepines or barbiturates.

Brand Name Xanax:
Brand Name Xanax

Overdose deaths occur not just as a result of ingesting too many benzodiazepines, but often other prescriptions like pain medications or speed are often taken all at once. Alcohol use while on a benzodiazepine is extremely common, and unfortunately mixing alcohol with them is also extremely dangerous. Most deaths from sedative medication occur when they are mixed with Oxycontin, heroin or alcohol. The symptoms of an overdose include fainting spells, difficulty breathing, vomiting and not being able to think rationally. A feeling of shock can quickly be induced, and a coma is often likely unless the person receives immediate medical assistance.

12)  Pesticides
It might not sound like the most common thing in the world, but pesticide poisoning and overdoses can result in an extremely health threatening situation. Pesticide poisoning occurs when the chemicals that are used to control pests affect those that the chemicals were not intended to harm. In these cases we are talking about human beings being harmed by chemicals that were originally intended to only harm insects and other disease-causing organisms. For instance, pesticide poisoning can affect not only humans, but also animals and bees.

Lite-Trac Crop Sprayer Applying Pesticides to Crops:
Lite-Trac Crop Sprayer Applying Pesticides to Crops
By Lite-Trac via Wikimedia Commons

Pesticide poisoning happens most frequently in countries like Sri Lanka and other developing countries. Overdoses are most common when people are exposed to a large amount of pesticides over time and exposure mostly occurs as a result of farming. This results in acute poisoning. In developed countries, systems are in place to ensure that the chances of being poisoned are minimized. For instanced, acute poisoning is totally controlled, meaning that the problem of pesticide overdose is entirely different than in developing countries. In the modern world, there is the concern of long-term exposure to pesticides.

farm pesticide poisioning

As we do not know the long-term effects of many of the chemical pesticides that we use today, there is a great deal of speculation that we systematically exposing ourselves to too many dangerous chemicals. That is why many Americans are demanding organic food as a means to decrease the likelihood of ingesting pesticides or any other unhealthy chemical that could be used in the process of cultivating their food. 

11)  Amphetamine
An amphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant. Central nervous system stimulants are often used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit disorder, narcolepsy, and a new sleep disorder called shift-work disorder. Central nervous system stimulants and particularly amphetamine, are often abused. Recently there has also been an increase among college-aged young adults where many are abusing them to study or to go to classes while under the influence of medications like Adderall, and then later in the evening drinking large quantities of alcohol.

Prescription Amphetamine Adderall:
Prescription Amphetamine Adderall

When an individual takes a large amount of amphetamine, over time that initial increase in cognitive abilities and coordination begins to fade as users suffer from what is just like sleep depravation where the brain is exerted to the point of exhaustion. Just like sleep depravation, poor judgment, issues with equilibrium and muscle breakdown occur. Amphetamine dependence generally occurs after frequent, abusive use. Very rarely does strict prescription use result in a strong physical addiction among patients who are taking prescriptions like Adderall correctly. 

Amphetamine overdoses are not especially life threatening, especially if the one who is suffering from one gets medical attention as soon as possible. With amphetamine overdoses it is imperative that medical attention be sought immediately. The longer one waits the more likely the overdose will cause permanent damage or result in a fatality. Moderate overdoses will result in symptoms like confusion, agitation and myalgia, among a number of other symptoms that are not by any means life threatening. A large overdose can be much worse and causes anuria, cardiogenic shock and even circulatory collapse. Hyperthermia can kick in as well as renal failure, serotonin syndrome, stereotypy and a range of other symptoms extreme symptoms. 

Cardiovascular Complications are the Most Serious Immediate Overdose Symptoms:
Cardiovascular Complications are the Most Serious Immediate Overdose Symptoms

When a person suffers from a fatal overdose of amphetamines, there will often be serious convulsions involved and many patients ultimately slip into a coma. 

Prescription Drug Desoxyn:
Desoxyn up close

10)  Methamphetamine
Methamphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant, and crystal methamphetamine or crystal meth is an extremely potent completely illegal street form of methamphetamine. Strong variants of the drug are generally sold for recreational purposes like crystal meth, but the medication Ritalin is formulated from a drug very similar to methamphetamine called methylphenidate. Ritalin is prescribed for the very same purposes that Adderall is, and Ritalin represents the first of the original modern ADD/ADHD medications that gained sweeping popularity as well as notoriety.

With methamphetamine an overdose can be classified as either acute or chronic, which mean sudden or long-term, respectively. With an acute overdose an individual will either intentionally or accidentally ingest too much of the drug, which can put their life at risk. With a chronic methamphetamine overdose, a person may suffer a number of health effects as a result of using the drug on a regular basis for an extended period of time.

Crystal Methamphetamine:
Crystal Methamphetamine
By Radspunk via Wikimedia Commons

If a person takes a large amount of methamphetamine all at once, they will experience dangerous side effects. They will at first become agitated and this will then lead to chest pain, paranoia, seizures, stomach pain, difficulty in breathing, heart attack in extreme cases and even coma. Kidney damage can also be a common symptom. Long-term use of this kind of drug will often result in insomnia, mood swings and paranoia. Many patients taking Ritalin or Adderall who have been on them since grade school, are physically addicted for life to these drugs and after years of taking them simply cannot function without the drugs. When a person has an acute overdose, the emergency treatment will involve pumping fluids through the veins and providing medication to calm the person down. There will also be checks for heart damage and a number of blood and urine tests while a patient is being prescribed Ritalin. 

9)  Nicotine
Nicotine is the chemical that smokers become addicted to, and many people do not realize that it is possible to overdose on the chemical. Nicotine overdoses, or poisoning, refers to the symptoms that appear when the toxic effects of the chemical kick in. Throughout history, most deaths from a nicotine overdose occurred when nicotine was used as an insecticide.

The lethal overdose of nicotine is thought to be anywhere between 40 and 60 milligrams, which is roughly the amount found in two cigarettes. When a cigarette is smoked, most of the nicotine contained in it does not become absorbed into the body, so smoking something like two cigarettes isn't dangerous for adults. Children, however, can become ill from smoking just one cigarette, as 1 milligram can be dangerous for young bodies.

Side effects of Nicotine

When somebody is suffering from nicotine poisoning, they will first experience nausea and vomiting. Then they will experience excessive salivation followed by sweating, pallor, pain in the stomach and even tremors and dizziness. Seizures will often occur and a number of new side effects kick in. The later effects will include depression of the central nervous system, a coma or general muscle weakness. In extreme cases it will also lead to total respiratory failure.

8)  Crack Cocaine
Crack cocaine is a particularly strong form of cocaine that comes from the same coca plants in South America that regular cocaine does. One of the key ingredients in crack cocaine is traditional cocaine. It’s estimated that roughly 75% of all the cocaine in the United States comes from Guatemala. The manufacturers of crack cocaine will mix the cocaine with water and later add baking soda or ammonia.

Smoking Crack is as American as Apple Pie:
Smoking Crack is as American as Apple Pie

These chemicals get rid of the hydrochloric acid that is found naturally in cocaine. This makes the drug 99% pure, making crack cocaine incredibly strong and nearly pure compared to street powdered cocaine. This kind of cocaine is generally smoked in a glass pipe which means that the drug will hit the brain quicker. A rush as a result of the faster onset of crack cocaine even has its own terminology among the crack smoking community. This is referred to as a "bell ringer" and the person smoking is overpowered by a hit of crack to the point where their ears start ringing. 

Just Add Household Items to Powdered Cocaine and You Get Crack Cocaine:
Just Add Household Items to Powdered Cocaine and You Get Crack Cocaine

An overdose of crack cocaine will result in agitation, cold sweats, fever, slowing down of the heart rate, itchiness, fainting, violence, hallucinations and general confusion. If you suspect somebody you know is experiencing an overdose, it is important to take them to the hospital immediately. If they do not get medical care immediately, they may lose their pulse have seizures or slip into a coma.

7)  Aspirin
Aspirin overdoses can be acute or chronic in that a person may take too much at any one time (acute overdose), or simply suffer from physiological side effects resulting from taking too much of a substance over a long period of time (chronic overdose). Each form of overdose will have an adverse affect on your kidneys and if you think you may be experiencing an aspirin overdose or have a friend who is, then a trip to the nearest hospital should be the next step for whoever is afflicted. Aspirin can be found in a number of over-the-counter drugs including anacin, bayer, bufferin, ecotrin, Excedrin, fiorinal and Percodan.

Extremely Common 325 Mg Aspirin Tablets:
Extremely Common 325 Mg Aspirin Tablets
By Ragesoss via Wikimedia Commons

Taking too much of any of these drugs will result in nausea, vomiting, fatigue, fevers, confusion or collapse. A large overdose can also result in hyperactivity or drowsiness, can cause seizures and slip the patient into a coma.

6)  Paracetamol
Paracetamol is an over-the-counter drug that is used to combat pain. Many people use paracetamol and aspirin for very unintended purposes: they take these pain relievers to commit suicide. Large doses of paracetamol are extremely toxic. Many, however, simply do not realize that they have taken more of the drug than they should have. It is essential for anyone who takes this drug to keep track of how much they have taken for each day, and how long ago they took their last dose. 

Paracetamol/Acetaminophen Pills - 500 mg:
Paracetamol/Acetaminophen Pills - 500 mg
By Michelle Tribe via Wikimedia Commons

If a person were to take more of the recommended dosage, then they will begin to suffer from a number of symptoms. It is common for somebody to vomit if they have taken a substantial amount of the drug, but much later if they are left untreated then those overdosing from paracetamol will suffer from jaundice. Jaundice refers to the yellowing of the whites of the eyes as well as the skin, and jaundice is a direct result of kidney damage.

Patient with Jaundice:
Jaundice Patient
By James Heilman, MD via Wikimedia Commons

Patients with jaundice also have issues with low blood sugar where trembling and sweating are common symptoms when jaundice patients' bodies begin to have much lower blood sugar levels. 

5)  Alcohol
An overdose from consuming too many alcoholic beverages is commonly referred to as alcohol poisoning. This condition will not be fixed with a cup of coffee, and sticking your fingers down your throat at the crack of dawn in true hero fashion can't save you either. A true case of alcohol poisoning can only be helped by immediate medical assistance that often results in temporary isolation in a medical or detox facility. This is so the individual whose face is still vibrating, is absolutely sure there will not be any permanent side effects caused by the detox. Even if there are any complications, medical professionals will be close by to deal with them in an appropriate manner. 

Total Recorded Alcohol Per Capita Consumption in Liters of Pure Alcohol:
map of alcohol consumption
By Sbw01f via Wikimedia Commons

It’s important to remember that while alcohol can be drank in moderation and it is largely enjoyed by many non alcoholics every single day (often as the perfect addition to a lovely meal), alcohol is in fact a deadly poison. Your body is only able to process around one unit of alcohol every hour. This is why drinkers get more inebriated when they drink much larger quantities over shorter periods of time. If you drink too much, then alcohol can slow down your brain functions and stop you from being able to balance yourself - at least on your feet. Alcohol has many other dangerous side effects but a big one is the way it hinders the human gag reflex. The scenario where someone who is suffering from alcohol poisoning chokes on their own vomit and dies is based precisely on the way the gag reflex is affected by a lethal dose of alcohol.

Alcohol May be Legal but is Just as Harmful Than Most Street Drugs - Drunk Drivers!
Alcohol May be Legal but is Just as Harmful Than Most Street Drugs - Drunk Drivers!

There are many signs of alcohol poisoning, and you can look out for these signs if you are drinking with somebody who you feel may have had too much to drink. The first things to look out for are confusion and loss of coordination. This will then move to vomiting and seizures that are soon accompanied with irregular breathing patterns. A person who is suffering from alcohol poisoning will notice their skin will either become pale or slightly blue, and symptoms of the early stages of hypothermia begin to set in. Unconsciousness is one of the final stages of alcohol poisoning and if it is already at this point, it’s incredibly important to get your friend to the hospital as soon as humanly possible. Any unnecessary delay can have lasting effects on the victim of alcohol poisoning's brain and stomach where some alcohol poisoning patients hit the final stage and unconsciousness sets in for good.

alcohol poisioning deadly beer

In the United Kingdom alone more than 36,000 people were admitted to hospital between 2011 and 2013 because of alcohol poisoning. In 2011, 360 people in England died because of alcohol poisoning. The numbers are significantly higher for the United States both due to population differences as well as drinking habitual differences between the American and British societies. 

4)  Drug Cocktails
Cocaine powderDrug cocktails refer to a combination of numerous illegal and dangerous drugs that are taken all at once. Using too many drugs of a similar variety can often cause an overdose. Many people fail to understand that even though the drugs are different, the body can still experience symptoms associated with a drug overdose.

A common drug cocktail is a speedball, which is a term often used to describe a combination of morphine, heroin and cocaine. This combination of drugs will be put in the same syringe, and the combination will be injected into the body. In some instances, people will use two syringes when injecting the drug, and inject one syringe into each arm. To the right is powdered cocaine which represents the first essential building block when making the drug cocktail known as a speedball. 

The term speedball might also refer to a combination of opioids and benzodiazepines. These drug cocktails don’t just create incredible addictions, but also easily result in fatal overdoses. Often when people take the drugs and experience an overdose they will be reluctant to go to hospital or take the person experiencing the overdose to hospital, as they fear being caught by the police.

Piles of Heroin - Second Ingredient in a Speedball:
Size of Heroin

This is incredibly dangerous and will almost certainly lead to the death of the individual. Some information specific to speedballs is that the actor/comedian Chris Farley as well as actor/comedian John Belushi, both died from overdoses achieved by shooting speedballs. 

3)  Cocaine
Cocaine is generally used recreationally and has become synonymous with the drug of choice for partying like a rock star. It is a drug that is generally snorted though can be ingested in other ways including intravenous syringe as well as simple oral consumption. Signs that a person has been using cocaine include enthusiasm and speed when talking as well as a general excitableness that doesn't quit. Overall physical activity is also increased and earlier on in a cocaine addict's addiction there is a period where the addict seems to have endless energy. An easy way to spot someone who has been doing cocaine all night is to look at their pupils to see if they are enormously dilated. These highs can last anywhere between 30 minutes and a number of hours depending on the potency of the drugs consumed as well as the quantity and the total time of ingestion. 

Finding Rolled up Bills Stored in Someone's Things is a Giveaway for Cocaine Use:
rolled up dollar bills used for snorting cocaine Finding Rolled up Bills Stored in Someone's Things is a Dead Giveaway for Cocaine Use

When somebody experiences a cocaine overdose, they will experience a number of symptoms. The most basic of symptoms will include nausea, vomiting and tremors. In some cases if a cocaine overdose is left untreated, then more severe symptoms can begin to torment the drug user. Somebody suffering from an overdose will begin to experience irregular breathing patterns, an increased temperature and a constantly increasing heart rate to the point of heart palpitations.

Cocaine Packs Confiscated by the US DEA - Scorpion Logo is a Cartel Brand:
Cocaine Packs Confiscated by the US DEA - Scorpion Logo is a Cartel Brand

Chest pain, seizures and potentially, death are the most extreme overdose symptoms. If somebody experiences these symptoms, it is necessary to take them to a hospital immediately if there will still be any hope of them rounding the corner. The treatment provided will include supportive care, medical monitoring and ventilation. There will be medical treatment for seizures and agitation, and a saline solution is provided to ensure that the body remains hydrated.

2)  Methadone
Methadone is a strong painkiller that was originally developed to help patients who are withdrawing from heroin, but lately methadone has become a very popular pain management drug. This kind of drug can be prescribed legally but with all drugs that can be attained with a prescription, seeing a doctor to be able to get a drug doesn't make it any safer than the drugs that are bought and sold on the streets. Methadone overdoses are fairly common and occur when people take too much methadone in a given amount of time. The drug can be found in a number of other drugs, including eptadone, methadose, physeptone and dolophine.

Common 10 mg Methadone Tablet:
Common 10 mg Methadone Tablet

The first sign of a methadone overdose will include pinpoint pupils and this will later transform into nausea, spasms and projectile vomiting. Blood pressure will begin to decrease and the person's pulse gets weaker which results in the person overdoses being generally weak and fatigued. One's ability to breath on their own decreases dramatically and if a methadone overdose is left untreated, sufferers become drowsy making slipping into a coma likely. People may well be afraid of potential consequences of abusing drugs, but the important thing when somebody is suffering from an overdose is getting them the medical help they desperately need. It’s important also if you ever experience somebody overdosing on methadone that you do not make that person vomit unless a health care professional tells you to do this specifically.

In the hospital, the individual experiencing overdose symptoms will be given a breathing tube and fluids intravenously. The sufferer will also be given a strong laxative and activated charcoal as well as antidotes like intranasal naloxone.  Naloxone is one of the chemicals that is in the medication Suboxone and acts as an opioid channel blocker.

Suboxone is Used to Get Heroin Addicts Clean Where Methadone Fell Short:
Suboxone is Used to Get Heroin Addicts Clean Where Methadone Fell Short

In opiod overdoses which do include heroin overdoses, naloxone effectively stops the sedative and dangerous breathing changes that are caused by opiod medications like methadone right in its tracks. The chemical becomes no longer dangerous due to naloxone's opiod blocking properties. Sadly, when many addicts are pulled out of their deadly drag with their life effectively saved by attending medical staff, they are never appreciative and often often become violent and scream at the people who just saved their life. The addict is simply angry because by saving their life, all of the dope and drugs they consumed that day were effectively wasted in an instant by naloxone. 

1)  Heroin
Heroin overdoses are at the top of our list of the 15 drugs that can kill you because it is such a dangerous drug. In 2012, the number one cause of death across 17 states America was drug abuse. In 2010, nearly 40,000 deaths occurred as a result of drug overdoses. In Scotland, more than 50% of all drug fatalities between 2010 and 2011 were caused by heroin.

cooking heroin

Heroin is an illegal drug sold on the street that is one of the most addictive a person can use. The drug is a form of morphine, which is of course the legal version of the drug that is used in medical scenarios. Both drugs are made from Asian poppy plants, and are a form of opium. Heroin is often referred to as ‘smack’ or ‘junk’ on the street, and the amount of people becoming involved with the trade and use of heroin in the United States is becoming a problem. Across the world, doctors are prescribing drugs like methadone in an attempt to help people finally get clean and start building their lives back up again.

 Black Tar Heroin:
Black Tar Heroin

Symptoms of a heroin overdose include shallow breathing or quickly becoming totally incapable of breathing all together. Other common symptoms are dry mouth, tiny pupils and discoloration of the tongue. Blood pressure will also decrease, resulting in weakness, fatigue and dizziness. Without medical treatment, the person who is slowly suffering form a heroin overdose will most likely perish during their opiod ordeal.

Drug addiction is a problem in near enough every nation on earth, and drug overdoses is incredibly common. Every day at least three Australians will die from an overdose. In the United Kingdom during 2011, the amount of overdoses that resulted in death outnumbered the total amount of deaths caused by car collisions and murderous motorists.

There is all sorts of different information out there about illicit and dangerous prescription drugs, but to keep things very simple just try your hardest to have a policy ou should be sure to avoid illegal drugs all together. By abstaining from drugs completely you are minimizing the chances of dying as a result of a drug overdose or from an accident or crime that was directly caused by selling drugs or drug use.





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