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15 Of the Darkest Crime Personalities We Hope to Never Meet

In a sense you may consider yourself desensitized to violence. However, there are always going to be those personalities that you just want to avoid. People who if you bumped into them in a dark alleyway you'd just turn and go the other way. Dark, twisted, and sometimes simply from someone's imagination, these people are enough to send chills up your back. The following fifteen people are individuals we'd certainly hope to never come in contact with.

Darth Vader

15)  Darth Vader
"Luke, I am your father." Now that we've spoiled the whole series for you, we can talk about Darth Vader. Everything started out so innocently for him. As a young boy, Darth Vader was taken from his mother, a slave and raised up to be a Jedi Knight. He found the ritualistic traditions of the Force to be stifling, however, and ended up breaking Jedi Code and falling in love. The power that he wielded and the grief over the loss of person that he loved drove him to turn on everything that he had known and everyone that loved him.

Darth Vader embarked upon a journey to rid the universe of the Jedi that he felt were responsible for the death of his wife and the loss of his children. He went so far as to cut off his own son's hand in a lightsaber duel when the two finally met for the first time. He was not the picture of forgiveness. Violent and unrelenting, Darth Vader also could still use the force and could crush your throat with his brain.

The unhinged revenge cycle that got away from him made him dangerous enough. Darth Vader was a man who could move objects the size of spaceships with the force. Harnessing a great strength from the universe is a pretty cool trick, but in the hands of someone like Darth Vader it can be utterly terrifying. Nothing at all was important to this man until his death. Not someone that you want to make angry.

14)  Cruella De Vil
If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will, or so the song goes. Arguably one of the most disturbing Disney villains ever to don a fur coat, Miss De Vil was driven by vanity. She's appeared in TV shows, in books and in both animated and live action movies. Cruella De Vil is only slightly changed in each incarnation. She has an opulent lifestyle and enjoys only the finest things in life.

Cruella De Vil

Well-dressed and equipped with her own goons, this woman was going to kill puppies for their fur coats. She spent a good portion of the movie debating on what the best way to kill the poor things was, including a conversation about drowning them. In the novel she even mentions that she drowned her own cat's kittens because she couldn't find a use for them.

She was the portrait of a woman who had everything. She was quite wealthy and had a net worth of over $9 million. If you wouldn't give her what she wanted, she was more than able to get someone to take it for her. Other people meant little to nothing for her, and eventually she was driven insane by her own desires.

13)  Hannibal Lecter
The title character of a new TV series, Hannibal Lecter is probably one of the reasons that the name Hannibal isn't exactly common anymore. Originally when he was written, Lecter was supposed to be a proxy for the devil himself, leading humanity to a path of sin. One of the things he enjoyed doing was secretly feeding dinner guests human flesh dressed up as five star quality meals. He was eventually found out by Will Graham, a profiler for the FBI. However, Lecter had the final laugh when he sent another serial killer to Graham's house to get rid of him.

Lecter is a charming and wealthy man by all accounts. He is Lithuanian Nobility and enjoys many of the finer things in life. This makes the fact that he kills and eats people difficult to comfortably reconcile. People want killers to look and act like vicious killers. Lecter, by contrast, was refined and highly educated. However, he was a dangerous man to cross and tended to hold grudges for an extended amount of time.

Hannibal lector

The source of his violence stemmed from extreme childhood trauma that made him feel as though he were different than other people. By the time he was ultimately captured, he was convinced that he was far more than a man. He took slights as ultimate betrayals and was unwilling to compromise. The detachment from humanity made him dangerous. That, and the fact that he ate people.

12)  Elizabeth Bathory
Elizabeth BathoryLike Miss De Vil, Elizabeth Bathory was rumored to be obsessed with her appearance. Legend has it that she was willing to do anything that she needed to do as long as it maintained her youth. That was why people claim that she bathed in the blood of young women. In reality, Elizabeth Bathory's crimes were much more sinister than that. She was suspected of having over 600 victims, ranging from serving girls to young ladies who were getting classes on etiquette.

The one thing that everyone can be sure of is that she was a sadistic woman with a horrible ability to be cruel to others. The accusations included but were not limited to needle torture, biting the flesh from young women's faces, freezing them to death, and starving them to death. There were even eye-witness accounts of her torturing and killing servant girls.

It's truly unknown why Bathory committed the crimes that she did. There are even those who believe that she was set up by political rivals, despite the eye-witness accounts to the contrary. She never admitted to killing the girls to keep her youth. In fact, you can assume that she simply enjoyed the act of killing and torturing young women. One of the most enraging things about these crimes is that because of her rank, Elizabeth Bathory was never formally convicted of any crime even though she spent the rest of her life in confinement.

11)  Joseph Mengele
The Angel of Death, as he was otherwise called was a vicious man who was by all accounts oddly soft and charming. He was known to treat children with kindness and care, even bringing them sweets one day. The next day he would then kill them in horrific medical experiments. The number of victims that Joseph Menglele had may forever remain unknown as the records are lost to history. It is known, however, that he had a certain fondness for twins and an obsession with making a perfect race of people, known as Aryans.

Joseph Mengele nazi

The chilling contrast of how he treated the people that he tortured was the thing that most stories talk about. He was a sadist in every sense of the word, however he seemed to have the ability to make people feel comforted. He was even said to be gentle and spoke very fondly of the children in his labs. He called them his own children and to the outside world it appeared that he loved them very much. Perhaps, in a twisted sort of way, Menglele did love those children, though the way he showed it was utterly depraved and would be the thing of movies and nightmares for years to come.

He was also clever enough to avoid capture. Joseph Mengele never spent a day in prison for any of his crimes. In fact, he lived out his life comfortably in South America until his own death. What lived on past him were rumors of his medical experiments and, according to Megele's own accounts, an entire village in South America with an overly high average number of twins in the population.

10)  Jack the Ripper
Never caught, though rumored to be everything from more than one person to the son of a duke, Jack the Ripper still captures our imaginations. What is known about the Ripper is still very little, considering when the crimes were committed the only reason that he lives on at all was the way he killed and tormented police was something that had never been seen before. There are thousands of books, resources, and web pages dedicated to Jack the Ripper, and there are a few things they all have in common.

The Ripper was fond of sending letters to police to talk about the things that he had accomplished. Being able to write at all spoke of him being well educated. His letters held details of his crimes that other people would not know and made it clear that he enjoyed the attention he was getting. This is the first known case of a serial killer actively engaging with and taunting law enforcement.

It is widely known that the common theory was that the Ripper was a doctor of some sort. The way that he dismembered bodies and removed parts of them give this theory some level of weight. Others believed that he was a Freemason. Many fingers these days point to him being the slightly deranged son of a wealthy nobleman that paid off authorities to keep his family name clean. Regardless of who the Ripper was, he will always be one of the most famous killers in all of history.  Pictured to the right is image of Elizabeth Stride one of the mysterious killers' victims.  The Ripper's target was underprivileged women who frequented poorer districts in London and for the most part worked as prostitutes. 

With forensic science and investigators having a very limited ability to gather evidence from cadavers, the Ripper was never caught.  Many scholars and criminologists today speculate that if Scotland Yard had at its disposal investigative techniques that police forces have now, this unknown serial killer would have most likely been brought to trail and hanged.  Further speculation points at the possibility of some internal corruption that may of pressured lead investigators to decrease their efforts and pressure on this case that for many conspiracy theorists points to some sort of government corruption.  Possibility even that the ripper was a member of the English aristocracy, maybe even a member of the royal family.  The world will never know the true identity of this vicious, merciless, killer.       

9)  Freddy Kruger
One, two, Freddy's coming for you...

Freddy KrugerFrom one of the best horror minds of our generation, Freddy Kruger became a cultural icon. The name alone has become a franchise that to this day has impact on our culture. The wide brimmed hat paired with his red and green striped sweater are enough to get people to say his name. Arguably, he's a study on how to stay alive in the entertainment business. Once you stop talking about him, stop fearing him, his power goes away. The Nightmare on Elm Street movies also were huge advancements for special effects.

Known around town as the Son of a Hundred Maniacs, Freddy never had an easy life. He was tormented in school because of the events that surrounded his birth and grew up a ward of the state. He managed to marry, however, the sadistic side of his upbringing pushed him to murder children in his home town. When his wife found out, he killed her, but it wasn't enough to keep him safe. The townspeople burned him alive in his workshop for killing their children. They did not expect him to still come for them in their own dreams. With Freddy Kruger the one place you can't be safe is asleep in your bed. It took discomfort to a whole new level. That paired with fantastic effects for its day burned Kruger into our memories (pun intended).

Zodiac Killer8)  The Zodiac
One of the many killers who never was captured is the Zodiac Killer. He was a prolific writer to the police and to news stations about his kills and claimed to have taken the lives of 37 different people. However, only seven of those people are confirmed victims of the Zodiac Killer. The killer got his name from cryptic messages that were sent to the papers. He demanded that his notes and ciphers be published or else he would commit dozens more murders. The Zodiac never came through with his threat.

The Zodiac was fond of puzzles and of attention. Like Jack the Ripper and Freddy Kruger, the Zodiac killer seemed to thrive on the idea that people were paying attention to him. He needed to be in the forefront of people's minds and seemed to desire that people live in fear of him. Many of his ciphers have not definitively been decoded, it is questionable if there is any sense behind them or if they truly are unsolvable. Though he sent many letters and puzzles to news personalities, radio programs, lawyers, and law enforcement, the accompanying letters tended to have simple spelling errors.

zodiac killer sypher

Despite all of the information that was sent from the killer, both ratified and suspect, no one was able to catch him. The last known Zodiac killing was in 1969. Someone claiming to be the Zodiac did send another letter to the police about the "Exorcist" movie in 1974. Since then, there has been no further communication from the Zodiac Killer or anyone claiming to be him.

7)  The Borg Queen
The Borg operates in a hive mind, like insects. Like ants or bees, the Borg, an alien race featured in the "Star Trek" franchise, is run by a queen. She contains all of the knowledge of the civilizations that the Borg has assimilated. The assimilation is the frightening part. Instead of killing other cultures or going to actual war with other peoples, the Borg assimilates them. In the process your knowledge is consumed and shared through the Borg and you, in turn, become one of its drones, a puppet for the Queen.

Borg Queen

She is the closest thing that the Borg has to an individualized entity and is what communicates with outside forces. She and the Borg believe that what they are doing will bring about peace and limit conflict in the universe. This would be because no one would ultimately have free will, instead they would move as a hybrid of machine and biological being. Eventually Captain Katherine Janeway of the Voyager managed to totally defeat the Borg, helping all of us sleep better at night.

6)  Charles Mason
When a man is charismatic there is very little to what they can inspire others to do for them. Charles Manson was proof of that. He was a musician who created an occult following based off of the idea "Helter Skelter." His mind took many ideas from the Beetles, though they did not share in any of his own ideals. Manson conditioned the "Manson Family" to believe that there was an apocalyptic war between the blacks and the whites. He felt that his cult would be agents to bring about this war and the upcoming change.

Inspired by his love of the Beetles, Manson was working on his own musical record. He was convinced that his songs would spark the war and bring about the end of days. He spend vast amounts of time interpenetrating the lyrics of Beetles songs and the Book of Revelations. He surrounded himself with sycophants who would not contradict him. His cult was so devoted to Manson that they carried out his murders and crimes with brutal force and without question. His death sentence was commuted to life in 1972. He does not have the possibility of parole.

See page for author, via Wikimedia Commons

5)  Ted Bundy
A serial killer and rapist, Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy had amassed at least 30 victims in the 1970s. Though he denied any involvement whatsoever until just before his execution, Bundy did finally admit to 30 of the killings that he was suspected of. He had absolutely no remorse for the killings and was known to return to the scene of his crimes to spend time with the bodies before they were found.

What is frightening about the idea of Ted Bundy is how brazen he was with his chosen victims. Bundy typically approached his victims in an open area and gained their trust by pretending to be an authority figure like a law enforcement officer or by pretending to be injured. Once he had the women alone, Bundy would overpower and abduct them. He would then rape and murder his victims, sometimes taking body parts or clothing with him as trophies. Once he had killed his victims he did not stop desecrating their bodies and was known to engage in intercourse with them until decomposition made it no longer possible.

Bundy was also extremely resourceful and managed to escape from prison twice. Once during transport and another time when he was acting as his own attorney. It's thought now that the reason he chose to be his own council was so that he would have rights of discovery and the ability to not be restrained in court. This is one of the reasons that he was able to escape the first time. The second time he waited till the prison was low on staff and other inmates due to the holidays. He slipped through the apartment of one of the jailers who he knew was out, stole his clothes and simply walked out of prison.

4)  Jafar
Evil wizards and advisers are common in stories. One man wrapped them all into one with the added desire for phenomenal cosmic powers. Jafar was the Royal Vizier of Agrabah in the 1992 film, "Aladdin,". He is an official member of the Disney Villains. It's unknown how long he worked for the Sultan or how long he was planning to take over Agrabah, however, at the time of the movie he was already setting plans into action when he sent a young man to his death to try to get the genie's lamp. One of the more sadistic of villains of the Disney canon, Jafar is manipulative and cold.


He seems very dependable and normal on outside, and that was what made him darker than the average villain. Aside from simply putting on a front, he slipped into an entirely new role and only really proves that he is a short-tempered megalomaniac after he gained the power of the genie's lamp. Like many villains he is also interested in the Sultan's daughter, however, he has no interest in her or anyone else as a person. He's singularly self motivated and has absolutely no qualms with hurting anyone, even his most loyal companions fall away from him in the end.

3)  Michael Myers
Halloween's main character is the masked machete -wielding monster otherwise known as Michael Myers. He has more in common with Jason than he does with Freddy, however the sense of him being an undying monster is much the same. As a young boy, Michael Myers murdered his older sister while wearing a clown costume, according to the movie. He returned fifteen years later and begins a killing spree. Michael Myers is another horror icon and has been in nine movies, several comic books, and even a video game.

Michael Myers

Michael Myers appears to be a normal man on the outside, despite his penchant for killing and blood lust. He never speaks in any of the films and pursues his intended victims with a slow, dogged pace. What's frightening about Michael Myers is a combination of things. The mask hides any human facial recognition and he does not speak, thus further removing human identification. He seems impossible to kill, as is proved by the nine movies and multiple canon updates. He is also shown to follow his intended victims till he catches them.

2)  The Bloody Benders
A friendly family of innkeepers is not what you expect when you hear the phrase serial killers. However the Benders were exactly that. Though the German immigrant family was normal on the outside, they even ran a small inn and general store that was located in Kansas, when their method of killing was discussed it seems to be right from a horror movie.

The bloody benders

They would have a guest staying at the inn, give them a seat at the head of the table, then murder them by having one of the men in the family bludgeon the target on the head with a hammer. Then one of the women in the family would slit the victim's throat. After that they would open a hatch by the chair and drop them into a trap door. Once the victims were assured to be dead, they stripped the bodies, presumably for money before dumping them.

The family was arrested, but escaped. Due to the low technology of the time, though it was suspected that they eventually caught one of the men in the Bender family no one can be sure. The women were never heard from after their escape, nor was the youngest son.

1)  Francis Dolarhyde
Serial killers aren't always the brightest or most charming people. Another character from "Red Dragon" proves that killers come in all stripes. Dolarhyde, also known as the Tooth Fairy because of the unusual bite patterns he left on some victims, killed whole families instead of single targets. One of the possible reasons given for this was that he was abandoned as a child and left to grow up in an orphanage. Because of this, he was jealous of those with families and desired to see them destroyed.

He grew up struggling to make his own living and became obsessed with tattoos and with violence. He seems to go into a trance when killing and called this other self The Great Red Dragon after a William Blake painting. The book goes on to paint Dolarhyde as an unsympathetic and slightly simplistic character with the potential for nothing other than great violence.

Tooth Fairy

Unlike the charming Lecter, Dolarhyde is easily manipulated. In fact, he is sent to kill William Graham after Lecter is incarcerated as payback for what Lecter perceived as betrayal. In the book version, he manages to mutilate Graham's face before he is subsequently killed by Graham. In the movies, Graham gets off a bit easier. Dollarhyde, however, does not. Because he is so simplistically driven, Dollarhyde is difficult to predict. This made him one of the scariest characters in cinema, according to Tom Noonan.

Final Words
Maybe it wasn't exactly what you were expecting, but you have to admit, the Borg Queen is scary. The people in the above list may not all be real, but they do all ping a fear response on some level. A woman so driven by her own image she'd kill puppies is playing on the same idea of a woman that bathed in the blood of virgins to maintain her youth. While Francis Dolarhyde isn't real, killers that he was based off of for the "Red Dragon" books are. Every dark crime personality has one thing in common we never want to be near them, ever.





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