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What Your Favorite Color Reveals About You

Whatís your favorite color? Do you favor certain decorating shades and tints? What about the colors of the clothes you wear? Do you like to wear a particular hue? Color indeed is a clue to your personality, lifestyle, and character. The following rainbow analysis gives you more details about what your color preferences may reveal about you. Colors play an important role in everything from education to advertising. Choosing a certain color of ink can evoke certain emotions that range from negativity to a call to action. Think back to when you were in school and teachers used to grade your papers with a red pen and most likely chose a blue pen to write down positive feedback or even a good grade on the top of an exam. The colors that people choose for their clothing or even their cars can tell onlookers a lot about their personality.

Colorful rainbow water

Blue - People who favor blue, as you might suspect, prefer a peaceful, calm existence Ė one that isnít beset by either clutter or confusion. Usually introverted, people who like blue are often described as being steady and persistent workers. Although they are often described as being introspective, they are not considered overly intellectual or emotional. Blue people are not afraid to assume responsibility and therefore often make healthy salaries.

Purple - If you like purple, then you will fall into one of two personality categories. One group of purple people are deeply insightful, sensitive, and creative Ė ardently devoted to activities that mean a good deal to them. The other group appreciates or is involved in art, conveys a courteous disposition, and possesses an affectionate nature. The color purple is also historically related to royalty where the monarchs of yesteryear often clothed themselves with purple robes and crowns appointed with beautiful purple fabric.

Lavender - People who set a higher bar for themselves or who donít like to look at the seamy side of life often like lavender. Preferring a cultured lifestyle, lavender people embrace noble pursuits and often are described as being witty, charming, civil, and refined.

Brown - Devotees of brown are steady and dependable. Conscientious by nature, people who prefer the color never seem to change throughout the years, always maintaining a sensible and rational disposition. Often shrewd in their investments, people who like the darker shade are also considered frugal as well.

Pink - People who like pink who are older enjoy remembering and capturing the innocence of youth. Younger lovers of the soft shade like the romantic idea of pink. Usually gentle by nature, purveyors of pink prefer to take a detour when it comes to facing some of lifeís tribulations. Thatís why women who like the pale hue often live in upper class neighborhoods.

Red - An extroversive color, red denotes the person who is animated, aggressive, sometimes impulsive, and regularly active. Itís not surprising then that people who like red detest monotonous tasks, can be quick about giving their opinion, and generally are positive and motivating in their attitude.

Sexy girl with colorful umbrellaOrange - A love of orange defines a person who is both friendly and likeable. Orange people embrace friendship. Therefore, they prefer having a companion any day over being put upon a pedestal. You often see people who like orange in political circles or involved in positive causes. Not serious by nature, orange people are more sociable than they are romantic.

Yellow - If yellow is your color of choice, you are someone who likes to seek activities that lead to self-fulfillment. Idealistic by nature, yellow people often use their minds to achieve great things. Because of their lofty ideals, they may appear to be aloof at times. However, make no mistake Ė they definitely arenít shy. Logical in their thinking, people who like yellow are good at outlining activities but may run out of steam by the time they are ready to put the events into motion.

Green - Green, when selected as a favorite color, showcases a character that is both sensible and persevering. People who favor green generally live in nice neighborhoods and like to get involved in community pursuits, although they do not particularly like change itself. As they love to socialize and eat, many people who like the color tend to make dieting an avocation. Affirmation is regularly sought through the affection of others.

Aqua - People who like aqua usually have good tastes in the foods they eat as well as their dress. Poised in their demeanor, they convey self-control even if they may be feeling nervous or stressed. Women and men who like aqua are usually well-groomed as well as charming and witty.

Gray - People who tend to favor gray frequently work hard in occupations where theyíre not always justly rewarded. Older people who like the color are steady workers while young people who prefer the muted shade may, at times, appear to be somewhat withdrawn. People who like gray, both younger and older, generally possess a keen business acumen.

Black - People who favor black may seem to convey a mysterious mystique. However, their preference for the darker shade may also indicate a wish to retreat or hide from the real world. Therefore, the hue can be a source of comfort to them. People who choose black as a clothing color often dress to impress but want to convey a dignified rather than imposing presence. They are methodical and detailed workers, and often are good at completing tasks.





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