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10 Ruthless Serial Killers Who Were Never Caught

A certain gentleman who has something wrong with him (probably needed a hug or something) terrorized the streets of London back in 1888. How exactly did he do it? Did he air sprayed vandals on public walls that say ‘Down with the Queen’? Did he feed the pigeons with little pebbles and thorns? His deeds are more sinister than that. He killed, raped, and mutilated at least five women; most of them prostitutes. Cryptic notes were left on the bodies, challenging the police to come catch him. They called him Jack the Ripper, and for many years, the authorities failed to arrest him for his murders. They don’t even know who he is. Even so, this killing machine fascinated the minds of people, and Jack became a famous mystery man who inspired hundreds of literary works.

man behind glass

Throughout history, many serial killers have gained fame just like Jack himself. Some of them are far more sinister and sadistic than the Ripper. Sorry Jack, you’re not the only one. Here are 10 serial killers who shared the same fate of Jack the Ripper – they all escaped justice.

10)  West Mesa Bone Collector
Just by the sound of his moniker, you know this guy is pure business. The killing spree started in 2003 when a sex worker went missing. In 2009, a woman walking her dog on West Mesa, Albuquerque had to pull her dog up because the pup is licking a bone protruding from the ground. She didn’t like the looks of the bone, so she sent a picture of it to her sister who is a registered nurse. Her sister replied that it looks like a femur. They called the police and boy. Were they in for a big surprise or what?

human bones piled in the ground

Killer Fact: Why is he called the ‘Bone Collector’? Police that day unearthed 11 bodies of murdered women (all of them sex workers) including a fetus, all piled up like logs. So yeah, Bone Collector as a name makes sense. The killer was also dubbed as the ‘Bogeyman of Prostitutes’ because of the casual targeting of harlots on the streets. To this day, no one really knows the identity of the killer.

9)  The Doodler
The 1970s was not a good time to be a homosexual. In San Francisco, gays have a lot to worry about than being judged by others; basically, their own life was on the line. A serial killer ran loose between 1974 and 1975, hanging out in gay bars having some ‘fun’. Doodler is kind of lame for a serial killer name, until you hear his modus operandi. He picks up gay men in gay bars and when they start to get freaky, they go to the victim’s apartments. There, the killer would show off a little by sketching them. When he’s done, he just jumps his victims and starts stabbing them. He has a 14-men body count under his belt, and was able to strike fear into the hearts of the third sex.

Newspaper Clipping From Doodler Murder Spree
Newspaper Clipping From Doodler Murder Spree

Killer Fact: You might be wondering how he got away. It’s not because he’s a slippery crook or a master of disguise, it’s just that the surviving victims didn’t file a complaint against him. Now how lucky is he? The survivors were afraid because if they do speak up, then their bosses would know they were homosexual, and they might get fired. Maybe the killer knew that and used it as an advantage while terrorizing the gay community.

8)  Delphine Lalaurie
She was a psycho, a twisted dame, a beautiful crook, and every derogatory feminine term you can think of. She was all of it. The killing spree started in 1831, when slavery was still a practice among the rich people, which basically means at the time slaves were not human beings. She had slaves, and visitors of her mansion would say that she’s very kind to her servants. However, that was just a façade. Behind closed doors she would stab, mutilate, abuse, and play inhuman experiments on her slaves. One woman was placed in a cage and was meant to look like a crab with her broken limbs. When the victims were found, the surviving ones would ask the rescuers to just kill them to end their misery.

Portrait and Close-up of the Earliest Female Serial Killers
Portrait and Close-up of the Earliest Female Serial Killers

Killer Fact: Other atrocities include these; Lalaurie conducted sex change operations, chopping off the penis of one servant and carving out a hole in the wound. She cut off the arms and legs of a woman to resemble a caterpillar. She even chased a little girl on top of a roof and the girl fell to her death, just to name a few of the atrocities. She left New Orleans before police could even apprehend her.

7)  The Zodiac Killer
If serial killers were pirates, Jack the Ripper would be the captain and the Zodiac Killer would be his first mate. The two were almost the same in terms of killing style and clue-leaving techniques. It’s just that the Zodiac Killer was a more annoying version of Jack. One advantage of Zody was that he has his own logo – a circle and a cross on top of it. In one of his letters to the police, the Zodiac killer admitted killing as many as 37 people.

Police Composite Sketch of The Zodiac Killer
Police Composite Sketch of The Zodiac Killer

The police consider his victim count at 8 since his 1966 start in Northern California with two of his victims surviving to tell the tale. Unlike Jack, Zody attacked anyone, especially couples. He taunted the police with letters and phone calls. His letters by the way were so cryptic, and were sealed with his infamous trademark.

A Letter Written to the San Francisco Police From Who is Believed to be The Zodiac
A Letter Written to the San Francisco Police From Who is Believed to be The Zodiac

Killer Fact: The Zodiac Killer and the Doodler were once thought by the police to be one person, although that theory can’t be proven. A sketch of him (drawn by the Doodler, perhaps?) was released to the public, and it shows the supposedly face of the Zodiac Killer. In 2012, a man claimed to have cracked the cryptic letters of Zody, but it didn’t amount to the killer's capture.

6)  Servant Girl Annihilator
Hell Broke LooseIt was the New Year’s Eve of 1884 when one killer, known as the Servant Girl Annihilator (SGA), started a killing spree in Austin, Texas. The killer left his first victim in the snow, with her face bludgeoned and sliced by an ax. His killing career consisted of eight victims, and all of them were servants. The victims were raped and mutilated with an ax. Apparently, the murders stopped after additional security was put into place. Maybe the killer just lost interest in killing servants, and fled the country possibly ending up in London.

Killer Fact: He became Jack the Ripper, some experts believed. The theory that the Servant Girl Annihilator would later become the most famous serial killer is something to think about. The time-line of both killers was similar, and their style of slash-and-dash killing was comparable. Although the SGA killed more, but the Ripper’s murders were more brutal. Could it be that Jack was a more sinister version of SGA?

It is Believed that the Servant Girl Annihilator Moved to England, Becoming Jack the Ripper
It is Believed that the Servant Girl Annihilator Moved to England, Becoming Jack the Ripper

A Malay cook was known to have declared he would kill prostitutes in Whitechapel where the first Ripper murder took place. He left Austin Texas three years before Ripper made any noise, and after the SGA murders stopped.

5)  Charlie Chop-Off
Charlie’s murder record was not that massive. He only had four victims under his name. All of his victims were young boys. His moniker would probably give you an idea why this guy made the list, especially if you’re a male reading an article about people who murder people. Yes, you’re right if you guessed he chopped off the penises of his victims. Charlie had a very distinct style of murder. He would stab his young victims 38 times, before finally removing the male reproductive organ. The last victim’s penis wasn’t detached which was either a show of sympathy, or a sick joke.

Mentally-Ill Suspect Erno Soto
Mentally-Ill Suspect Erno Soto

Killer Fact: One demented man by the name of Erno Soto confessed to have murdered the last Charlie victim. However, people didn’t truly believe him because for one, he’s crazy, and two, the last murder didn’t follow Charlie Chop-Off’s pattern. Charlie's pattern was highly questionable to Soto's accounts, so Soto was admitted to Dunlop-Manhattan Psychiatric Center. The case remains to be open, and hopefully no more penises would be cut off by some psychos.

4)  Jack The Stripper
This guy is a huge Jack the Ripper nerd, no doubt about it. He even copied Ripper’s style of killing. He killed eight prostitutes against Ripper’s 5 (he’s even competitive, what’s up with this guy?). If the Zodiac Killer is the annoying version of Ripper, Stripper would be the pervert version of him. Jack the Stripper would leave the bodies of his victims naked, complete with a plethora of lacerations and mutilations.

The Mystery and Investigation of the "Jack the Stripper" Murders During the 1960s
The Mystery and Investigation of the "Jack the Stripper" Murders During the 1960s

Killer Fact: When he started his killing spree in 1964, he thought he would be Jack the Ripper’s successor. Guess what, he didn’t get what he wanted. Sure, he killed three more harlots than Ripper did, but he made a mistake good old Ripper would never make; he got himself identified! He is now believed to be Harold Jones, a former convict. The discovery was made 50 years after the murders, but still, take that, Jones!

3)  Cleveland Torso Murderer
This guy has another nickname: the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run. It’s rare for a serial killer to have two equally terrifying aliases. His method of killing backs up his street credentials. He would chop off the torso of his victims splitting them in half, and would also decapitate them. Over the course of his killing career between 1935 and 1938, he had subjected 12 victims to his torso killings. Half of them can probably be found still in his shelf of severed heads. Chemicals were often found on the bodies, which suggests that maybe the killer played a little bit with his victims' bodies.

Death Mask of the Torso Murderers Fourth Victim - Made in an Attempt to Identify The Victim by Cleveland Police Department
Death Mask of the Torso Murderers Fourth Victim - Made in an Attempt to Identify The Victim by Cleveland Police Department
By gargantuen (Flickr: Torso Murder Death Mask) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Killer Fact: The Torso Murderer also castrated the male victims (did he keep them in the same shelf as the heads, we may never know). This made it harder for the officials to identify the identities of his victims. Some of the bodies were identified as poor workers during the Great Depression. Imagine being broke, unemployment is common, and there’s a murderer on the loose. Pretty terrifying!

2)  The Monster of Florence
The Monster of Florence took being bitter about love to a whole new sick, twisted level. He would shoot couples having sex out in their cars or any other secluded areas. To make things worse, he would mutilate the female victims after killing whichever couple he chose. He killed a total of 16 people, so that makes 8 couples. He is the Italian version of Jack the Ripper, only he had three times the killing capacity. Many theories have been made about the true identity of MoF. Some say he was a bitter alcoholic, while others believe the murders were conducted by more than one person. Some actually believe the killer was a woman.

What's Left After the Monster of Florence Preyed on Couples Having a Romantic Moment at Beautiful, Scenic Locations
What's Left After the Monster of Florence Preyed on Couples Having a Romantic Moment at Beautiful, Scenic Locations

Killer Fact: The Monster’s reign of terror lasted for about 17, a very rare number for a serial killer – largely serial killers try to find some sort of symbolism in their actions. He is Italy’s most notorious serial killer to date. Many suspects were questioned with four of them going on trial for it. The most viable suspect of them, Antonio Vinci, denied the accusations. One thing is for sure, the suspect is still at large.

1)  The Babysitter
You know you have succeeded as a serial killer if your criminal act caused a huge stir and hysteria among the hearts of the people. The Babysitter had done it in less than 13 months back in 1976 when he kidnapped, tortured, sexually abused, and finally strangled four children in Detroit, Michigan. He may of only killed four victims, but you see all of them were children. Charlie Chop-off is a good man compared to this guy. To keep children for 4-19 days just so you could strangle them, and do nasty things to them is a very sinister and ruthless thing to do. He was even worse than Jack the Ripper.

Babysitting and playing with toys

Killer Fact: The Babysitter’s acts were so devastating that it triggered the biggest murder investigation in the US at that time. The killings were widely publicized in Detroit. The media offered $100,000 dollars for the capture of the evil sitter. Thanks to the killer, a campaign among the community was born – “stranger danger”. This helps to prevent kids from talking to complete strangers, and ultimately from being abducted. Who knew a serial killer would bring out something so good good in society?

Final Thoughts
As to why these people were not caught, maybe it was not meant to be. One thing is for sure, you could always be famous from one gruesome night. But just like Ripper, these people got infamous for nights and days of extreme morally repulsive behavior. These killers lived entire lifetimes of evil, and often their first official victims were not their first murders. These people lived years of violence, torture, killing, and allusion that makes them a completely unsavory thing that must be talked about from time to time. Hopefully just by reading this you have become better informed about serial killers. One important fallacy of serial killers: they always get caught or want to get caught. After reading this it is easy to see that they sometimes do not get caught, and do no seek out incarceration.





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