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10 Dangerous Serial Killers

Axe MurdererSerial killers captivate the attention of psychotherapists and the general public more than even celebrities do.  The way they kill people, their methods, and their outright strangeness make for compelling stories.  Sadly they take away the lives of many innocent people in the wake of their mayhem.  So, what causes someone to become a serial killer? Mental illness? Probably a combination of mental illness and environmental factors like upbringing, physical as well as sexual abuse, and abandonment.  These issues coupled with a preponderance of violent behavior yield terrifying results under the right conditions. There are various aspects at work behind the making of a gruesome serial killer in addition to the ones that were just listed. The following are a few serial killers who have made news in history. Some are famous and some are lesser known. Here are 5 names of both kinds which have been listed for you below.

5 Famous Serial Killers

Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy
By Donn Dughi [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

5)  Ted Bundy
Theodore Robert Bundy was one of America’s most dangerous serial killers. Popularly known as Ted Bundy, he is known to have killed more than 30 women across the country. His most active times were between the years of 1974-1978, and in this time period he raped and murdered his victims as he pleased. He is also known to have been involved in necrophilia. When arrested, he started with strongly denying having committed any murders and finally confessed to his crimes 10 years later. Ted Bundy for one was a very confident serial killer, who mostly kidnapped his victims in broad daylight from public places. He used the veil of being a person of authority like a policeman or a fire fighter, to lure his victims nearer and then would attack them with a crow bar to knock them out. He was executed on the morning of 24th of January 1989 by electric chair.

4)  Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most famous homosexual serial killers of all time. The United States native was active between 1978 and 1991 and in this time period he is believed to have killed at least 17 men and adolescent males. Almost all of his murders were preceded by him drugging his victim followed by forced sex or sodomy. He has also confessed to practicing necrophilia and cannibalism. None of his victims had survived to tell their story and Dahmer wasn't causing any kind of suspicion. But that all changed when one of his soon to be victims escaped during the ordeal and alerted the police. Jeffrey was instantly arrested when the police officers reached his apartment to find several corpses and body parts strewn across it. They also found several severed heads in his refrigerator. Jeffrey Dahmer was tried and found guilty for the murders of his victims and was allotted life imprisonment. In the November of 1994 he was beaten to death by his fellow inmates at Columbia Correctional Institute.
Jeffrey Dahmer
3)  Richard Trenton Chase
Richard Trenton Chase was a serial killer with proven mental problems like schizophrenia and depression. His mental health problems originated in his childhood and continued all throughout his life. He was put up in a mental asylum from where he was discharged after a treatment period of one year. Chase was known as the Dracula for his fetish for blood. He used to practice cannibalism and had delusions related to Nazis and UFO’s. His known victims officially number 6 and he was tried for the same number of deaths. He was awarded a death sentence in the gas chamber, but before that could happen he committed suicide by consuming an overdose of anti depressants that were prescribed to him.

2)  Dennis Rader
Dennis Rader; more famously known as the BTK killer/BTK strangler, was a very gruesome serial killer who was active from 1974 to 1991. He was one of the most notorious killers of his time who constantly intimidated the police with clues about himself.

Dennis Rader BTK Bind torture kill

His name BTK, came from his modus operandi: Bind Torture and Kill. He was a serial killer who considered himself capable of outwitting the law and he successfully managed to do that for almost 2 decades before he was finally arrested in 2005. Denis Rader loved to taunt the police department and used to leave elaborate hints for them. He also used to leave a hit kit at the site of the murder, which contained every object that was used for the murder along with the hit clothes (the clothes that he wore at that time).

John Haigh 1)  John Haigh
Nobody knows John Haigh, but “Acid Bath Killer” definitely rings a bell. He was an English serial killer, who after murdering his victims put them in drums of sulphuric acid in an attempt to dissolve and dispose off the bodies. John Haigh’s intentions behind the murders almost always over money. After killing the victims he used to forge their property and insurance papers so that he became the sole beneficiary. He went on a murder spree with confidence because he thought that in England it was necessary to have a dead body for a conviction of murder. Which was a clear misunderstanding and he was implicated in 6 murders based on the forensic evidence. The investigators believed that the body count for this brutal serial killer is somewhere between 6-9. The Acid Bath Killer was hanged on the10th of August 1949.


5 Not So Famous Serial Killers

5)  Serhiy Tkach
Serhiy Tkach was a lesser known Ukrainian serial killer who was a police investigator himself. This man was necrophilic and murdered many Ukrainian women just for sexual pleasure.

Serhiy Tkach

His victims were aged between 8-18 year and all of them were raped after murder. With his imprisonment people found some closure and regained their confidence in the country’s police force.

4)  Ahmad Suradji
Ahmad Suradji is a not so famous serial killer from Indonesia, who was a Godman in the making. He started killing to gain supernatural powers that he could use to help his clients. Most of the women he killed were his own clients who had come to ask for help. During investigations he revealed that his dead father guided him to murder 70 women in order to attain higher powers.
Robert Hanson
3)  Robert Hansen
Robert Hansen was an ambitious hunter who took a wrong turn. He was an avid hunter who loved hunting for the adrenaline rush. But unfortunately he soon lost interest in hunting animals and turned his attention to humans. His victims were all females who were kidnapped and set free in a desolate place, to be hunted down and ultimately killed.
Ahmad Suradji

2)  Dagmer Overbye
Dagmer OverBye was a female serial killer who was active in the early 1990s in Denmark. She worked as a caretaker of children and an unpardonable killer who killed children under her care by using various methods. She used to drown them, suffocate them and even burn them alive.

Dagmer Overbye

It is reported that she has killed her own children and hence was an emotionless killer who would continue to kill mercilessly and never repent for their acts. She was awarded a death sentence but was later reduced to life sentence. She died in the prison at the age of 42.

1)  Westley Allan Dodd
Westley Allan Dodd was a serial killer with astonishing and awful fantasies. He was a child molester and started very early in his life. He was already very notorious in his teens and was going after children as young as 2 years old. All of his victims were kids who suffered hell at his hands before they were murdered. Once he was arrested he pleaded guilty and he himself asked for a death sentence. He told the judge that if and when he is set free he will again go back to raping and killing innocent children. Hence, his wish was granted and he was hanged in the year 1993.





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