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15 Funny and Unusual Ways Interviews Have Been Held

Bringing resume to a job interviewPeople can leave quite an impression, especially when they've done or said something to stand out from the crowd. In job interviews, or even interviews conducted with the media people have been saying, and sometimes doing, things to get attention and remain memorable for years. Often times, the oddness of what they have said or done works in their favor, especially if it's funny. Humor has helped people get jobs, and even drove some people to fame. However, there are times (like a job interview) when the memory of what transpired actually hurt the person being interviewed. Either way, thanks to the Internet and the digital age, these blunders are available for people all over the world to relive and enjoy.

15)  Some Questions Are Not Dumb. They Are Just Weird.
Job Interview QuestionsOne very popular tactic in interviews is for an interviewer to ask the interviewee a strange question. Some of these have a place, but some are just to see how well the person being interviewed does at being thrown a curve-ball of a question. According to the Huffington Post, even big name companies are getting in on the action of throwing out crazy questions to liven-up an interview. The site says Google has asked the question "How many cows are in Canada?" JetBlue has asked "How many quarters would you need to reach the height of the Empire State Building?" Gallup has asked people what they think about when they are alone in their car and Master Card encourages people to try their hand Ö er, tongue Ö at tongue twisters. The interviewer is not the only one privileged enough to ask questions. It's generally a typical practice for potential employers to answer questions from potential employees. An interview often concludes with the question "Do you have any questions for me?"

Some of these questions asked by interviewees, and posted on CNN, may have the interviewers wishing they'd left that out of the interview process:

  • "If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be?"
  • "What do you want me to do if I cannot walk to work if it's raining? Can you pick me up?"
  • "What is your company's policy on Monday absences?"
  • "If this doesn't work out, can I call you to go out sometime?"
  • "If I get an offer, how long do I have before I have to take the drug test?"
  • "So, how much do they pay you for doing these interviews?"

As odd as these questions may be, there have been funnier and stranger things done and said in interviews.

14)  They Said What?
Nervous Job InterviewInterviews can make us nervous, and nerves can get the best of us. Sometimes when this happens, statements are made that aren't only damaging to the person being interviewed, but they become interview gold. According to Careerbuilder, the following statements have been uttered in interviews. The popular job search site asked employers to send in some of the oddest things people have said in interviews, and this is what was offered.

  • "I'm not wanted in this state."
  • "I didn't steal it; I just borrowed it."
  • "You touch somebody and they call it sexual harassment!"

During the question and answer portion of the interview, these were some of the answers uttered, much to the surprise of the potential employer, to very basic interview questions.

Q:  Why should we hire you?
A:  I would be a great asset to the events team because I party all the time.

Q:  Why are you leaving your current job?
A:  I was fired from my last job because they were forcing me to attend anger management classes.

Q:  What are your assets? (as in strengths)
A:  Well, I do own a bike.

Q:  What are your weaknesses?
A:  I get angry easily and I went to jail for domestic violence. But I won't get mad at you.

Q:  Is there anything else I should know about you?
A:  You should probably know I mud wrestle on the weekends.

Q:  When can you start?
A:  I need to check with my mom on that one.

Yes, that's right. These things were all said in interviews, but they aren't the worst that's out there. Sometimes, the worst things being said come from the person conducting the interview. While it can be argued the following statements were made to elicit a reaction from the interviewee, these comments, found on the website, still fall in the realm of bizarre and even offensive for a job interview.

  • "I am not sure I like your living situation."
  • "We were looking for someone prettier."
  • "These are things only men can really do."
  • "Your purse carriers are not cut out for this line of work."

Maybe nerves or tight schedules get the best of employers, too. Whatever the case may be, interviewers and interviewees alike have said some weird things during the "get to know you" phase of interviews. They have also pulled some funny stunts to get noticed.

13)  I'm Sorry, I Wasn't Expecting Catwoman

Catwoman Costume:
Catwoman Costume

One of the biggest issues in landing a job is wearing the wrong thing. Adecco, a human resources consulting company, found that those born between 1981 and 2000, known as Millennials, fail to wear appropriate interview attire at an alarming rate. In fact, the rate is as high as 79 percent, said Adecco. For some, though, wearing the wrong thing is done on purpose. You may be wondering why anyone would wear something inappropriate to an interview on purpose, but the answer is really quite simple. When a hiring manager has interviewed the same suited smiles for hours on end, a little something different can make someone stand out. Being too different, though, can hurt your chances of getting a job.

Careerbuilder has an article that says the No. 1 mistake women make is wearing too much makeup and too little clothing. While this will get you noticed, it wonít get you taken seriously or as professional. The same site said the No. 1 mistake men make is showing up unkempt or in too loose clothing. According to Reader's Digest, one woman takes the cake for crazy outfits. In an article published about weird things people have done in interviews, one item on the list was that a woman wore a cat suit Ė complete with the mask Ė to the interview.

Sometimes, though, wearing a costume is the perfect thing to wear to a job interview. If youíre interviewing for a costume designer, for instance, wearing one of your creations can not only get you noticed, but also help you show off your skills. Costume design blogger at says seeing some of the costumes in person helps him make the decision on who to hire. Now, if only the bad outfits came with great stunts, it would definitely make things easier on hiring managers.

12)  Dude, Hold My Beer
Teen Girl and Mother at InterviewSometimes stupidity needs no words. Reader's Digest published an article of some of the dumbest things people have done before an interview. One man threw his beer away outside of the office building where he'd be interviewing, in plain sight of employees. Another person brought a friend to the interview and the friend was impatient and disrupted the interview. Another sent his sister to the interview instead of going himself. Other reports tell of parents attending interviews, or even calling the hiring manager to ask about the company. One job-seeker announced his job application with a singing telegram before he entered the room.

But applicants have some competition when it comes to the stunt department. According to the website, employers are playing pranks on applicants. In an economy that is skewed toward the employer, more employers are taking freedoms with how they interview people. One interviewer asked people to sit in a chair that would break and acted like she had no knowledge of what was happening. Another put whoopee cushions in chairs. Maybe interviewing in an office setting all day got too boring for the hiring manager.

11)  Can We Do This Someplace Else?
Airport Interview TourWhen most people go in for a job interview, they do so at an office or even a conference room. At times, a lunch interview is even arranged, even though this is a bit nerve-wrecking for both the parties involved. Maybe that's why some employers are looking for a more relaxed setting in which to conduct interviews. According to Palladian International, LLC, facility tours are becoming a big part of certain interviews. Manufacturing plants and distribution centers can take a while to walk, so the tour is an interview. With employers being busy, airport interviews are also becoming more prominent. While it seems odd, itís true. An employer may be flying through a state where a potential employee lives and will schedule to meet at the airport while they wait for a flight. The same can be said for train stations.

By far one of the oddest places to have an interview is in front of a stress panel, especially when the panel has nothing to do with your job. Psychology Today published an article in which an applicant for a kindergarten teaching position was interrogated, CIA style, in front of a panel of professionals about why she wanted the job. She failed the stress test and decided she didnít want the job.

In a related way of interviewing, the television show "Shark Tank" interviews potential clients and business partners on television, for the world to see. The concept is these entrepreneurs pitch their product or business idea to wealthy people that have made a name for themselves in investments and business, and the panel of professionals decide if they like the idea or not. They will either make the person a deal, negotiating the deal in front of cameras, or they will tell the person pitching the idea there is no deal. Talk about pressure!

10)  Let's Play!
Online InterviewAccording to the website Careerealism, an up and coming career site that offers advice on job interviews, an article posted on said an Israeli ad agency is screening potential employees through the video game "Diablo 3." There's no need to turn in a resume, you just simply play the game with your potential employer. That's right; you'll be playing a video game against your (hopefully) future boss. The thought behind playing the game is to show your employer your skills. For instance, if you donít work well under pressure, that will be seen immediately.

If you think that's odd, think again. Popular site, BBC, is offering an interview game online, for free, to test your interview skills. Even sites like Careerbuilder and Monster are offering online interactive interviews to get you prepped for your big in-real-life job interview. The thought process is that if you feel like you've already aced the interview, you'll be prepared for the actual interview. The games will tell you what you did right and wrong, and allow you to redo the interview; something you don't get to do in real life.

9)  Instant Catch Phrases
Catch PhraseOnce in a while someone comes along who says something so epic, it instantly becomes a catch phrase. With the invention of YouTube, Facebook and smart phones, the instant catch phrase interview has become plentiful. Some of the most memorable over the last few years includes Anton Dodson, Charles Ramsey, and Sweet Brown. Dodson was interviewed on NBC affiliate WAFF-48 out of Hunstville, Ala. after an intruder tried to rape his sister. His famous line in the interview instantly became a hit phrase. His words were, "Hide ya' kids, hide ya' wife", and his strangely comedic statement was even immortalized in song.

The same people who immortalized Dodson in song have recently done the same to Charles Ramsey, the man who helped rescue three women in Ohio after they had been kidnapped and imprisoned for more than a decade. Ramsey instantly skyrocketed to fame as every major news corporation in the country interviewed him, and his famous lines went into lyric form within a week of Ramsey making the news. His line "I used to grill with that dude; we had ribs" is even being printed on T-shirts. And his interviews are still being conducted, so more from him is sure to come.

Sweet Brown is a woman from Oklahoma City who "ain't got time for that." Brown made national headlines when her hilarious interview with KFOR Channel 4 news in Oklahoma City raced around the web. In the interview Brown is quoted as saying "ain't nobody got time for that" in response to being sick from smoke inhalation. Her fame didn't end there, though. Soon, companies all over Oklahoma were paying Miss Brown some "sweet" money to say her catch phrase for them. While these sayings instantly became hits on accident, some people have done odd things in interviews on purpose so that people will always remember them.

8)  It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No Ö It's Some Kid In a Costume
In a moment that reminded all journalists why it's a good idea to pre-screen interviews before they make the air, a kid in a zombie outfit tells the reporter for Portland News Channel 8 that he likes turtles. It may seem harmless, but coming from a kid in a zombie outfit and speaking in a creepy tone, it actually becomes funny and strange at the same time. It also becomes an instant classic. Parodies have been made and the video has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube. Check out the video:

While it was the kid who made the interview in that video, it was a guy in a Leprechaun costume who was never actually seen, who had people in Mobile, Ala. in a tizzy. Hilarious sketches of a so-called Leprechaun that lived in a tree in the historic Crichton neighborhood of Mobile showed on video as various people in Mobile spoke to NBC affiliate WPMI-TV reporters. Everyone interviewed went on and on about the Leprechaun, that has since been dubbed the "Crichton Leprechaun." The mythical creature was never shown on camera, but later reports said it was a homeless guy dressed as a Leprechaun.

7)  Can You Hear Me Now?

Nancy Grace:
Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace is a "journalist" by some rights, and a talk show host by others. Lately, though, she has become the butt of more jokes than normal. Over the years she has made some hilarious blunders, but recently in interviews about the Jodi Arias case (something that has Nancy very heated for some reason), Nancy pulled an interview move that was nothing less than strange. It was also pretty stupid, and immediately made all the major news sites. Nancy was in Arizona when breaking news of three kidnapped women found alive in Ohio surfaced. She relied on journalist Ashleigh Banfield to help her break the news, but the issue was Banfield was in the same place as Nancy. In the exact same parking lot to be exact. This was clearly highlighted when producers of the show went to a split screen that showed both women in the same place, with the same back drop. That didn't deter Nancy, though. She conducted the interview as if Banfield were in Ohio instead of the same parking lot.

If interviewing someone in this manner is odd, picture interviewing someone in the midst of a hurricane. Countless reporters throughout history have done just that, but some of the worst hurricane interviews came during hurricane Katrina, and most by seasoned journalists. One very famous journalist who made the mistake of trying to tell people around the world what he saw in New Orleans was Geraldo Rivera. The problem was the high winds made it impossible for people to hear him and the interviews were not only hard to understand, but also a dumb move, especially for someone who should know better. In following years, it was clear Rivera had not learned his lesson. During hurricane Gustav, he pulled the same move.

6)  The Princess and The Geico Gecko
Chelsea & Bill ClintonChelsea Clinton grew up before the eyes of the American people. Her dad is former president Bill Clinton and her mom is current Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. She's been in the public eye since she was a child and is a modern day princess, of sorts. In a recent publicity stunt for Geico Auto Insurance, Chelsea is seen interviewing Geico's mascot, the Gecko. It could have been a successful interview in an ad campaign, but it quickly turned weird and funny when people realized this was a stunt by NBC to shut Chelsea up about marriage equality. Instead, they allowed her to interview a fictional character as if it were a real person, and her discomfort and anger at such a thing is clear in the video (which can be found online at Huffington Post) and makes the audience uncomfortable, as well.

Animal interviews with real animals have been making people laugh for years. From dogs "doing the deed" in the background during interviews, to animals mauling journalists, the old Hollywood rule of never working with kids or animals has made some people wish they'd listened to those words of advice. One of the funniest animal interview videos to hit the Internet lately is the Lick-A-Thon pitbull that licks BCTV reporter repeatedly as her co-workers giggle. The blonde reporter is interviewing someone from the local pound about adopting two dogs in the studio when the pitbull gets tired of sitting still, climbs in the reporter's lap and proceeds to lick her. No amount of coaxing and commanding can get the dog to leave the reporter alone, and tears of laughter streak the faces of other people in the newsroom as they watch their coworker get mauled by licks.  Here is the video:

Tom Cruise on Oprah5)  I'm So Excited and I Can't Hide It
Tom Cruise on Oprah, anyone? In what is still listed as one of the most bizarre interviews the talk show Queen ever conducted, Tom Cruise is seen jumping up and down on Oprah's set couch as he professes his love for then-girlfriend Katie Holmes. After their divorce less than 10 years later, Katie is the one doing the talking. It seems the former Mrs. Cruise is more than happy to be away from her "crazy" husband and is telling every media outlet, including Hollywood News, all about her life as his wife.

4)  Silence of the Sheep
Jon Stewart is known for a hilarious brand of comedy news. One thing he does well is interview people on tough topics and renders them speechless. He has had correspondents outright berate guests, dress in costumes as they interview them, and even taunt the guests. While these tactics are great for comedy sketches, they aren't used in real journalism. However, this is real journalism at its core. It often shows that people are ignorant and not used to being challenged, and when they are challenged they shut down instead of offering answers. In a recent video Tweeted and posted by several news stations, Stewart is not quiet, though, as he rants about Hugh Grant being the worst guest he's ever had.

Jon Stewart Interviewing President Obama:
Jon Stewart Interviewing President Obama

Stephen Colbert is another host that deploys this tactic. Much like Stewart, Colbert uses different tactics to make guests speak or offer their point of view. Unlike Stewart, though, Colbert keeps up the air that he is like many of his guests and thinks like they do. This sarcasm leads to hilarious bits that have even left Colbert speechless, even though that is a rare occurrence. In one episode Colbert interviews actor Mandy Patinkin about his role as a CIA agent on "Homeland." After much back and forth, Patinkin says something so profound (along the lines that he would not fight a war with weapons, but with words) and in such a calm, stoic manner, Colbert is left searching for words as the audience erupts into cheers and applause.

3)  And We All Fall Down
During an interview with CNBC, the set fell on an adviser for Mitt Romney. This isnít a new thing. News sets have fallen on anchors since the beginning of TV news history. In a video posted on, a British female reporter is shown interviewing a man as the set begins to fall on top of her, not once, but twice. In other videos, a reporter filming in a storm is blown over. A man being interviewed near the ocean is knocked down by a large wave. A bird poops on a reporter's shoulder. The mishaps in videos go on and on and are plentiful throughout the web for repeated enjoyment.

Set falls on an Adviser for Mitt Romney:
Set falls on an Adviser for Mitt Romney

2)  Is It Hot In Here?
Weather reporterSome of the greatest mistakes aren't made in interviews, but rather during the weather report. One meteorologist shown on the BBC accidentally makes a derogatory remark. In another posted on, a meteorologist sets the temperature as "775 degrees" instead of "75 degrees." But probably one of the funniest (also posted on BBC) is when a meteorologist is being teased by his coworkers and he doesn't know the camera has switched to him. He gives his coworker the middle finger, in jest, just as the cameras focus on him. The anchors can barely recover their laughter to continue on with the news.

1)  OOPS Ö I Didnít Mean That
Other mistakes have been outright embarrassing. In Shreveport, Louisiana an anchor for NBC affiliate KTAL Channel 6 is caught singing a Tenacious D song right before he goes into a report about a local boy dying of cancer. In another incident that made Internet history, a beautiful blonde anchor has a mini-stroke on camera. Her co-workers' looks of fright and concern are the only things that alerted her to the problem as she tried to deliver the news, which simply came out as gibberish.

Final Words
From the bizarre to the humorous, and everything in between, people have done some impressionable things in interviews. Job and media interviews have created some of the funniest memories for people to relive over and over, thanks to the Internet. While the people in the above stories may not have gotten what they wanted from the interviews, what they gave was lots of laughter and entertainment.





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