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Life, Death and God

Easy-Peasy. "It's Life and Life only."
Bob DylanThe earth's best philosopher of the 20th century taught us that. You might Google that if your guessing WTF. We all faded into this existence and if fate favors us, some will simply fade away when our temporal conscious ends. Our existence basically began when we became self aware. Many people I've spoken with said they have memories of a "situation room" even before they were born, still in a womb. And I know a few people that didn't know they'd soon be in a tomb. That same wise guy I mentioned also said "He not busy being born is busy dying." By some mechanism a mind as it's ages; changes. Dementia, Alzheimer's, psychotic lapses, delirium and merging synapses can be looked at as a gift. Who cares to remember an existence that will soon be "Dust in the Wind." Thank You Kansas. It's a state of happiness or even bliss that matters. If it goes that direction. Sorry for those who are unfortunate and suffer. But for them death will likewise be a gift. So what's wrong with dying? "It's only natural" is a Bob Dylan quote.

At the nursing home I'd seen a man, about 80, impeccably dressed and groomed that wandered into the room of my father and smiled and told us he just came from fire star. I asked him where that was, he grinned again and pointed south and said "up over there." I asked, not knowing anything more, if he wanted any particular thing. He laughed and just said "No." I pried further and asked if he was going back to fire star. The sharp dressed trim man answered "Hell no." He turned and smiled a good-bye and drifted back out into the hallway. My father, 93, crippled with a broken hip, but still alert and keeping up with constant CNN coverage, discussed what had just occurred. My dad, kind of grumpy do to lack of mobility, said why bother with that. I answered; because that man is so happy and you're not. Living close to Akron Ohio we concluded he must have worked in an office for the Firestone Tire and Rubber company for the bulk of his life. But now, a few wires were crossed. So what? He was happy. My dad with his wires stretched straight is unhappy. I was struck by the coincidental serendipity of the event. I thought of what I heard somewhere; "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." And then I remembered again what Bob Dylan told me in 1966; "Take what you have gathered from coincidence." And began to write what you are reading.

Something and Nothing
Something or nothing - Yin Yang SymbolOne time on a nice warm Spring day I decided to explore a nearby woods that I have often passed by but never entered. So I went looking to see what I'd might find. Perhaps an Indian arrowhead (they're plentiful around here), maybe an abandoned cabin, even just a big rock, and with some luck a Leprechaun. Unfortunately I have to report all I saw were the expected trees, a lousy squirrel and a trickling ditch. Nothing out of the ordinary. Ordinary? What's that? Though the trees were tall and actually inspiring, ("The trees were calling me near, I've got to find out why") (thank you Moody Blues) I'd missed the forest for the trees. They had been anonymous until thought about. And that little squirrel was enjoying the hell out of 'em. To call that creek a ditch was a mental blunder. It had all been anonymous. Isn't that a coincidence that that's way of God to remain anonymous. People who are looking for God may not see Him in their church but may catch a glimpse of him when a Bluejay passes by their window. Where I first thought there was nothing, there was most certainly something. Isn't that the way life often goes by us?

Why are there thoughts of a God?
Thoughts of a GodIs because my parents are old and near to death? Heck, I'm old and slightly less nearer to death. Do I have the "God Delusion?" No. My son started his own website: YurTopic.Com and he's trying to make a living at it and I'm writing about things that hopefully get him some ad clicks. You write about what you know or at least think you know that happens to be on your mind. Do I know God exists? Yes. Can I come up with the right words to convince anybody? No. I'm certainly not smarter than Saint Augustine, C. S. Lewis, or G. K. Chesterton whom all wrote brilliantly in efforts to logically support their belief in A Supreme Being. But I'm smart enough to know to tell you to read what they wrote if you want convincing. But observation with a little investigation and some thought may help. What about a Muslim suicide terrorist? They're fairy certain God (Allah) exists. They've been taught, some may say brainwashed, but by God, they do have faith. Almost every war between cultures is God's own doing. No need to worry, just fight and die for your God and country, and HE will sort it out. And there is that woods that you've past a hundred times before but never really seen it. The easy route to belief are songs from Bob Dylan's Christian era. Listen to "Every Grain of Sand." Or his album "Slow Train Coming" because you do "Gotta Serve Somebody" , "it may be the Devil or it may be the Lord, but you got to serve somebody."

I'll do this for you: share Dylan's thoughts when his hero was dying. From "Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie" Dylan writes:

"And where do you look for this hope that yer seekin'? Where do you look for this lamp that's a-burnin'? Where do you look for this oil well gushin'? Where do you look for this candle that's glowin'? Where do you look for this hope that you know is there And out there somewhere And your feet can only walk down two kinds of roads?

Your eyes can only look through two kinds of windows Your nose can only smell two kinds of hallways You can touch and twist and turn two kinds of doorknobs You can either go to the church of your choice Or you can go to Brooklyn State Hospital You'll find God in the church of your choice You'll find Woody Guthrie in Brooklyn State Hospital.

Grand Canyon at sundown

And though it's only my opinion I may be right or wrong You'll find them both In the Grand Canyon at sundown."

"Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie" is a poem written by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.

If it's any comfort Lennon and McCartney can help with "Help"

"When I was younger, so much younger than today,
I never needed anybody's help in any way.
But now these days are gone, I'm not so self assured,
Now I find I've changed my mind and opened up the doors.
Help me if You can, I'm feeling down
And I do appreciate You being round."

Faith is a most helpful gift. Hope is the greatest conception our mind can conjure. And Love will hold it all together. And though it's only my opinion and whether I am right or wrong you'll find them all in that Bluejay at sunrise.





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