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Orgasm: The Secret to an Intimate Relationship

Intimate Relationship

The secret to making your woman adoring is simple: help her experience orgasm during sexual intercourse. In fact, it is the desire of every man to have a happy woman who clings to him and finds pleasure in his arms. It is every man's greatest desire to have a woman who is pleased with him. Other men envy a man with an adoring woman. Likewise, a woman desires to be intimate with the man she loves: physically and emotionally. You can also make your woman intimate, both physically and emotionally, by making her reach orgasm. Therefore, it is important to help your woman to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. This article describes how orgasm helps a woman to bond strongly with her partner.

What is an Orgasm?
Orgasm is the sudden release of heightened sexual pressure during the sexual response phase. It marks the climax of sexual pleasure. The pelvic muscles, including the vagina, contract rhythmically during a woman's orgasm. The contractions generate extreme sexual pleasure. Other involuntary actions that occur during orgasm include screams and moans; muscular spasms in many parts of the body including arms, legs and pelvic area; body movements in quick succession and a sensation of euphoria. Furthermore, a woman releases a lot of the hormone oxytocin when she experiences orgasm. The hormone further stimulates the pleasure center in her brain. Oxytocin is also known as the love chemical.

LoversOxytocin has many emotional and physical effects in a woman's body. First, it heightens sexual pleasure. Second, it causes quick successive contractions of the uterus, which helps move sperm from the cervix to the fallopian tubes. If her lover ejaculates right into her cervix, the sperm's Prostaglandins trigger her to release more Oxytocin. Therefore, if he ejaculates during her orgasm, she releases a double dose of Oxytocin and the intensity of the pleasure is higher. Third, it activates the alveoli of the breasts to tingle pleasantly. Forth, it makes her easy to arouse sexually. Lastly, it enhances intimacy with her sex partner.

Oxytocin is the hormone that helps a woman bond strongly with her partner. She releases it into her bloodstream when she is both physically and emotionally sexually stimulated, a state that occurs when she reaches orgasm. Part of the brain's pituitary gland, known as hypothalamus, releases oxytocin in response to physical sexual stimulation. However, her feelings and mood must be right for her to release oxytocin because the brain's limbic system; which controls desires, sexual arousal, and emotions; also stimulates the hypothalamus. For a woman to reach orgasm, she must be both physically and emotionally stimulated.

A high level of oxytocin in your woman's bloodstream helps her in many ways to bond with you. First, it helps make your woman intimate with you. Second, it makes her content and calm in your presence. Third, it reduces her anxiety when dealing with you. Lastly, it makes her trust you. Furthermore, a high level of oxytocin in her bloodstream makes her respond easily to your sexual advances and helps you arouse her easily.

Sexy WomanAt the beginning of the relationship, she only produces oxytocin when she reaches orgasm. However, as the relationship advances, she produces the hormone when she is physically sexually stimulated, as long as she continues to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. There are many erogenous areas on the body of a woman to physically stimulate and cause her to release oxytocin. These zones include clitoris; urethral opening; the vagina's G spot, A spot, and PS spot; back of ear lobes; armpits; and neck. Later, she produces the hormone just on seeing her partner or hearing his voice. Therefore, the bond with her partner becomes stronger with time.

Final Words
Therefore, orgasm is a gratifying sensation of fullness and intimacy with a woman’s lover. However, studies show that about 70% women fail to experience orgasm when they have sex with their men. In fact, many women just pretend to enjoy sex because they do not wish to embarrass their partners. If your woman does not reach orgasm, she cannot produce oxytocin. Therefore, the bond that attracts her to you will not be as strong as the one that attracts you to her. Consequently, she will look for another man to provide the intimate attachment she desperately needs.





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