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Making Long Distance Relationships Work

Long Distance RelationshipNothing can be more challenging to a couple than a long distance relationship.  While there are cases when both parties can develop into more independent and appreciative lovers, many relationships reach bitter ends as partners canít take the challenges of having to live away from each other geographically.  When lovers donít meet often, problems arise due to issues of fidelity, honesty and trust too often turn relationships sour.

Separated Lovers

People who are deeply in love may be separated by many reasons.  Part of this population may have ended up being away from their partners either on purpose or by unforeseen consequences.  Some met at unexpected places and fell in love, yet they have to get back to where their lives are.  In many cases, couples have to separate due to sudden transfer for a job or other major changes in life.

Trust, coupled with constant and open communication, is the most important aspect when it comes to making a long distance relationship work.  Even the most minor worries or apprehension about a partner affect the relationship and may become a factor of whether it should go on or halt it completely.  Though this type of relationship requires hard work, there are couples who were able to get through all the hardships and made their relationships work.

Here are some tips on how to stay happy in a long distance relationship:

Mutually Set the Rules

make long distance love affairs workSetting ground rules is one way to make long distance love affairs work.  You may not be able to see each other often, so be sure to set guidelines that give the relationships utmost importance.  Be clear on your status and create no confusion on whether you both are dating, engaged, boyfriend-girlfriend and exclusive or non-exclusive.  Decide on how often you should talk, update each other about schedules or any changes to them, and whether you both have to commit to a non-flirting lifestyle while away from each other.  Above all else, make it a point to reach an agreement of having to meet as soon as possible.

Maintain Constant Communication

Long distance dating with a webcamSince seeing each other is a rarity, so it is essential to establish and maintain your emotional connection.  You donít have to talk about very serious things all the time.  Instead, update each other with daily experiences, challenges, discoveries and even misfortunes you may have encountered.  You should not wait for some major event to happen just to pick up the phone and talk to your significant other.  Make updates real-time by taking advantage of what technology has to offer.  When talking in front of the webcam is a challenge, try to make use of voice conversations.  To make it even more special, send love letters or other gifts that you know your partner will appreciate.

Pursue Your Mutual Interests

When your partner goes away, it doesnít mean you will have to stop doing the things you enjoy doing together.  Even if it means you will have to watch your favorite TV show, go on a jog, or see your most-anticipated movie on your own.  Doing these activities will make you even more excited to share thoughts and have something to talk about when you call.  Find some creative ways to fuel your romance like deciding to read the same book by your favorite author and share your views afterward with your partner.  Perhaps do some stargazing simultaneously over the phone and share feelings with one another.  You can defy distance by enjoying the same computer game that you both love to play or singing your favorite song while on a webcam conference together.  There are so many ways to make your partner realize you are thinking of him/her always.

Control FreakDonít Be a Control Freak

Though it is somehow difficult to totally trust from a distance, never be tempted to control your partnerís life.  Despite your doubts or worries, make your partner feel that you value his/ her freedom.  When both people are confident, they can do things without having to explain every single detail to an overly jealous or controlling partner.  Achieving this will let the relationship work, and they will stick together in spite of the distance that may separate two lovers.  When one feels suffocated and strangled by being controlled, distance has nothing to do with it because a controlling relationship can end even a localized relationship.

Avoid Temptations

Staying faithful to your lover is of utmost importance in long distance relationships as well as traditional ones.  Remember, for this to succeed, it requires the cooperation and compromise from both partners.  When you start to do something beyond what your mutual rules state, you may end up feeling guilty even if he/she doesn't figure out what you did.  One very good way to avoid getting tempted is to introduce your lover to your colleagues.  Through this, friends of the opposite sex will realize you are committed and they should not start showing interest anymore.  Additionally, your sweetheart may suspect them as a possible rival, so letting him/her know about the company you keep gives the idea that you are not hiding anything.  In addition, avoid going to places where people get drunk and lose control.  Practice empathy and think about how your partner may feel if they knew about some of the questionable things you may have done..

Love and passion and a happy marriage


Nothing is stronger than the desire and love between two people who want to make their romance last.  Depending on your partnerís personality, you can find ways to strengthen your relationship and solidify your aim to stay together.  Despite the challenges facing long distance relationships, a happy marriage where love, trust and respect can be achieved if these steps are followed.  Instead of making distance a hindrance, consider it an opportunity for showing your affection by going that extra mile to show how much you care.  Love, when true and generous, bridges the gap across time zones, territories and shortcomings.





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