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15 Crazy Marriage Proposal Incident Stories

Popping the big question has always been an event that many people want to make memorable and drastic. Sometimes the planned proposal idea works out great while other times it fails miserably. When the plan does go awry, the aftermath can either result in a rejected proposal or a miraculous turn of events. Sometimes it just may all work itself out after all. Nevertheless, there have been some remarkable marriage proposal stories documented.

15)  Marriage Proposal by Police
groom cuffing brideBaltimore State Delegate Jon S. Cardin staged a curious and elaborate stunt with which to propose to his girlfriend. He had figured it was a fantastic move to take a friend’s yacht then arrange for on-duty police to raid the boat by air and by sea. Officers boarded and searched the vessel. Megan Homer was expecting to be handcuffed and arrested when Cardin proposed. She accepted.

The stunt turned bad when officials of the Baltimore Police Department heard of the incident and had some questions regarding the abuse of resources, given the area was already short on finances. The department's chief spokesman Anthony Guglielmi pointed out to those involved that the police were only intended for the safety of the public – not the public’s amusement.

beautiful wedding couple

To make a bad situation worse, Cardin responded to the subsequent media scrutiny with a lie that the police involved had merely been conducting a standard safety check. In an attempt to smooth things over with the police and public, Cardin vowed to pay back the police for any and all expenses that the incident entailed.

14)  Hiking Proposal
In 2009, one man decided he’d propose to his girlfriend while doing something they both loved – hiking. While the idea itself wasn’t bad, it would prove ill-conceived. Leading up to the proposal, everything went fine. They had a great experience hiking to the very top of a steep trail, where the man then asked his girlfriend to marry him. She said yes, delirious with happiness – like, seriously delirious.

Happy couple out hiking and climbing

She was so excited by the marriage proposal that she lost her balance and fell ten feet down the steep incline. She was knocked unconscious. Rescue workers had to fly the woman out of the area by helicopter. Her injuries weren’t life-threatening.

13)  Ring Cake Marriage Proposal
couple cutting cake on wedding dayInspired by fanciful and evidently hazardous romantic comedy movies, Mr. Chen had the idea that it would be a grand romantic gesture to bake an engagement ring into a cake for his partner.

Chen’s girlfriend Wen was in the middle of consuming the treat when Chen got down on one knee. Before he could propose, Wen cut him off – when she collapsed after she swallowed the ring in a single mouth full of cake. Wen was promptly taken to the hospital where they were able to remove the ring. Remarkably after Wen regained consciousness, she accepted Chen’s marriage proposal.

12)  Proposal by Bed Sheets
In 2013, Clifton Smith opted to propose to his childhood sweetheart by arranging bed sheets to spelling out a message on her family's farm. The 15-foot tall letters were placed on an acre of vacant land that his girlfriend’s father had mowed to resemble a love heart.

sheets arranged in heart on bed

Smith then arranged a flight for his girlfriend Rachel over the area. She said yes.

11)  Marriage Proposal by Arrest
In 2013, Ben Vienneau collaborated with the police to pretend to arrest Vienneau’s girlfriend, Marcia Belyea. Vienneau arranged for police to pull over Belyea while she was out driving, while Vienneau sat beside her in the passenger seat.

Golden handcuffs

One officer told Belyea that she had failed to pay $2,000 in fines and was facing up to 30 days in jail. She was told to step out of her car and was led to the police vehicle. Belyea was in tears as she was put into the back of the police car when the officer told her that he would forget about the fines if she agreed to marry Vienneau. Belyea said yes, inexplicably forgiving her boyfriend for the incident, which he also filmed and entered into a radio station contest in an attempt to win $20,000.

10)  Proposal by Crash
In 2012, Ryan Thompson utilized his training as a pilot to propose to his girlfriend in one of the most questionable ways. Thompson and his partner were on a flight over Chicago when he informed her that he’d lost control of the plane and that they might crash.

He gave his girlfriend a piece of paper, which he claimed had the protocol for such emergency situation. He told her to read the “instructions” aloud. She unwittingly read her own marriage proposal, though was so panicked that it didn’t dawn on her for several minutes.

Love note

Once she’d regained her composure and realized what was happening, she accepted the proposal. She was even impressed with her partner’s inventiveness.

9)  Marriage Proposal by Racetrack
In 2013, two autocross enthusiasts Jack Wile and his girlfriend Maggie O’Brien were in the middle of a practice run on a race course. After dodging a number of obstacles, Wile slammed on the brakes. Confused, O’Brien asked what he was doing.

orange race car passing checkered flag

Wile took out a ring box and explained that O’Brien was the most amazing woman he’d ever known and that he wanted her to be his co-driver for the rest of his life. She said yes. Wile had also had a camera on the car’s dashboard to record the event.

8)  X-Ray Table Proposal
When Kaitlin Whipple’s friends took her on in a chugging challenge she accidentally swallowed the ring that her boyfriend Reed Harris had placed in her drink. How she was supposed to scull the drink without swallowing or choking on it was never really clear.

full-length xray table

Whipple was rushed to hospital after the incident. X-rays revealed the ring in her stomach. Harris seized the opportunity and with the x-ray image of the ring in hand, he proposed to Whipple, who accepted. She passed the ring days later.

7)  Music Clip Marriage Proposal
Pete Simson hired a camera operator and produced a short video of himself dancing and miming Daniel Bedingfield’s song ‘If You’re Not the One’. The clip involved sequences of Simson on a bed and ostentatiously dressed dance scenes.

musical clip proposal

The film closed with Simson proposing to his girlfriend. Simson took his girlfriend to the cinema, where he’d arranged for the film to be played. His girlfriend said yes.

6)  Balloon Proposal
Lefkos Hajji thought attaching a $1000 engagement ring to a balloon was a great idea... until it got caught up in the wind and Hajji lost control of it. Then lost sight of it. After two days of searching, he was forced to give up and accept the loss.

party balloons

Somewhat fortunately for him, his girlfriend didn’t leave him over the incident... though she refused to speak to him until he bought her another expensive ring.

5)  Disneyland Dance Marriage Proposal
In one elaborate stunt a man arranged a flash mob of dancers to gather in front of his girlfriend, while the couple were at Disneyland one day.

Disneyland Main Street
Disneyland Main Street

The man joined in with the dancers making a strange and awkward situation for his girlfriend even weirder, before popping the question. She said yes.

4)  Proposal with Zach Braff's Help
In 2013, when Matt Hulbert decided to propose to his girlfriend Janice he managed to enlist the help of former 'Scrubs' star, Zach Braff, who appeared in a YouTube video for Hulbert. The footage shows Braff listening to some of Hulbert’s music.

Zach Braff
Zach Braff

He then speaks directly to Janice, explaining that Hulbert wanted to marry her. The footage then features various friends and family of the couple encouraging her to say yes, which she did.

3)  Marriage Proposal by Angry Birds
In 2013, Angry Birds fan Ben Levi decided to use his favorite game to propose to his girlfriend, Melissa Swift. The hardcore gamer got a custom-made level of the game produced, through which he popped the question.

He went to such extreme measures as to get the game’s creator Rovio to develop a unique game level that ended with the message, “Marry Me Mel”. Levi decided to use the game despite that fact that Swift actually hated it, especially because of his addiction to it.

Angry Birds

Nevertheless, Swift accepted the marriage proposal and now loves the game given that it got Levi to propose – as the game was the only thing that would and could have motivate him to do so. Whether she’s happy with his plans for an Angry Birds themed wedding is anyone’s guess.

2)  Proposal Through Google Glass
In 2013, Breon Nagy broke new ground while wearing Google Glasses – the company’s head-mounted computer technology – when he popped the question to his girlfriend Amanda Ingle.

Google Glass Proposal
By Loic Le Meur (Flickr: Loic Le Meur on Google Glass) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The video recorder in the glasses captured the moment, which was then spread over the internet.

1)  The Faked Death Marriage Proposal
You always want to be certain that the person you want to propose to actually loves you in order to save yourself both a crushing rejection or perhaps years of mediocre married life. Russian man Alexey Bykov thought the best way to determine if his would-be wife really loved him would be to fake his death.

Grim Reeper Death faked for marriage

Bykov contacted a film maker, along with an entire film crew – make-up artist, stuntmen, script writer etc. – to help him stage a fake car accident. Bykov then organized a time for he and his girlfriend Irena Kolokov to meet up.

When she arrived at the location she found Bykov had seemingly been involved in a serious car accident. He was covered in blood in the middle of the road. An actor dressed up like a paramedic told Kolokov that Bykov was dead. Kolokov was devastated. Delighted, Bykov sprung up and proposed. Kolokov accepted.

Final Words
Extreme and unusual marriage proposal stories are popping up everywhere. People are going to continue to test the limits and the norms of society's standards. But if the result of the proposal ends in an "I do", then no matter how bizarre the proposal was, it still ended up being a success.





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