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Top 15 Epic Romantic Gestures

young couple loving eachotherRomance is a strange thing. It’s often made even stranger by subjectivity. What one person might consider a grand romantic gesture, another might find sappy, absurd or just downright horrible. With this in mind, any number of elaborate gestures in an attempt at romance can be considered in a number of different lights, both positive and negative. What people will do for love can sometimes seem to be downright crazy and extreme. Sometimes love knows no boundaries, and this list contains some great examples of people in love going to great lengths to come up with grand gestures that are statements of how much they love another person.

Romantic gesture 15)  Kiss of Deaf
A Chinese woman once ended up partially deaf after she received a passionate kiss from her boyfriend. The power of the kiss caused pressure to build up in the woman’s head. The pressure was so intense that it ultimately blew out her right ear drum, which left her deaf for two months.

girl kissing boy on ear

The incident prompted Chinese doctors to issue a public warning that, while kissing is generally safe, people should proceed with caution.

Romantic gesture 14)  106 Marriages
As of 2013, David and Lauren Blair love each other so much that they’ve been married for almost 30 years – and they’ve gotten married 106 times. While they originally married in 1984, after meeting at Universal Studios two years earlier, one wedding wasn’t enough and they’ve since renewed their vows over 100 times.

David and Lauren Blair Receiving the Guinness Book of World Records Award
David and Lauren Blair Receiving the Guinness Book of World Records Award

They’ve done so in various places and times throughout the years. Astoundingly, Lauren actually said no the very first time David popped the question and she took three months to decide to accept.

In 2001, they set a world record for the most times married. They first renewed their vows on their honeymoon and just kept renewing them with the objective of doing so 100 times. Once they reached the mark, they simply decided to continue given that they had both had failed long-term relationships, therefore appreciated what they each had with one another.

Romantic gesture 13)  Crime Doesn’t Pay
When Michael Santos permanently lost his driver’s license, he didn’t let that stop him one bit. Eager to impress his girlfriend, one night he drunkenly stole a plane, which he then proceeded to crash. Somehow, he ended up setting one of the wings on fire, before even getting off the runway.

crime doesn't pay

He steered the plane into a soybean field. He ended up causing $160,000 worth of damage as the plane plowed through the plantation.

Romantic gesture 12)  Fake Check
In 2008, in a misguide attempt to impress his girlfriend, a man from the Heilongjiang province of China was arrested when he tried to deposit a 250 million yuan ($36.5 million) check into his bank account. The check was a fake, of course.

While the man just wanted to look good in front of his girlfriend, he looked anything but when he was arrested. The bank workers called the police because of the obvious forgery.

Romantic gesture 11)  Buoyed by Love
Bryan Arquitt was a man with the worst sense of how to impress women. When Arquitt and his brother-in-law went fishing the water proved too rough. When they turned back, Arquitt called his girlfriend and opted to embellish the boring story. He told her that the boat had capsized. In fact, he told her that he was drowning – while on the phone to her.

Out fishing

Somehow, Arquitt didn’t anticipate that the very first thing his girlfriend would do once she got off the phone was call the police. Inexplicably determined to keep his ruse going, Arquitt continued calling his girlfriend intermittently. In reality he was calling from a grocery store parking lot.

By the time Arquitt told his girlfriend that he was back on shore, police and rescue workers had been out searching for him. Hearing that he was safe, they called him and urged him to be checked out by the paramedics. It was now that Arquitt admitted that it was all a “joke”. He was charged for falsely reporting an incident.

Romantic gesture 10)  Wife Plays Nurse
When David Sullivan had his license suspended, his wife Joanne decided to write to the courts and insist that they let her husband have his license back. The gesture was misguided, though somewhat romantic... except for the fact that she claimed to be not his wife, but his psychiatric nurse.

In an effort to evoke sympathy for her husband’s situation, she claimed that he’d been institutionalized due to failing psychological health. Inexplicably, Joanne thought the authorities would take both her false claims and credentials without question. Sullivan lost his license entirely, while Joanne had hers suspended for 28 days.

Romantic gesture 9)  Soccer Field Cupid
In a bizarre attempt to impress his girlfriend, James Miller ran onto a soccer field in the middle of a game. He only had on a pair of boxer shorts. He was armed with a bow and bundle of roses which he was shooting about the field, ala Cupid. Miller was arrested and fined.

soccer fans

He was also banned for three years from the game. His girlfriend dumped him, after the incident.

Romantic gesture 8)  Tattoo
After 20 excruciating hours Alan Jenkins finally had what he felt was a fitting tribute to his wife and children with tattoo of their faces that covered his entire back. Financially, the gesture cost him $1,500, though it would ultimately cost him a lot more.

tattoo ink

Jenkins hadn’t realized that his wife didn’t feel the same about him as he did her. She’d been having an affair with her much younger personal trainer. Strangely, Jenkins opted to keep the tattoo even after he found out about his wife’s affair, adding yet another layer to the perplexing “romantic” gesture.

Romantic gesture 7)  Least Romantic Use of a Plane
Dick Kleis wanted to do something special for his wife’s birthday. He decided spelling out the words “HAP B DAY LUV U” on a vacant patch of his farm. It took three hours and about 120,000 pounds of cow manure.

manure pile

He would have also included a love heart, but ran short of manure. Kleis then took his wife for a flight over the site. Remarkably, she appreciated the gesture.

Romantic gesture 6)  Well-Intentioned Brownies
One romantic gesture gone wrong resulted in Brett Goodhue going to jail. He was trying to sneak into his girlfriend’s room after she got out of the hospital and all she wanted was some brownies. Goodhue decided to take some over to her.

Chocolate Brownies

The problem was that he opted to sneak into her room via a window. He was subsequently arrested and charged with trespassing, when a local saw him and mistook him for a burglar and called the police.

Romantic gesture 5)  Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
According to the National Enquirer, Ben Affleck once paid tribute to his then-fiancé, Jennifer Lopez, by honoring her backside. In 2003, he purchased a bejeweled toilet seat that Affleck himself designed.

It was worth $105,000. The gesture was symbolic of his desire to treat her like a princess.

Romantic gesture 4)  Twitter
In 2012, a Turkish couple Cengizhan Celik and Candan Canik expressed their undying love for one another in less than 140 characters – through twitter. After their officiant, the local mayor, reached the point in the ceremony where they each say “I do”, they instead tweeted “Evet”, the Turkish word for “yes”.

twitter blue bird

The couple decided to utilize social media in their celebrations as a surprise. The event marked the first ever marriage on twitter.

Romantic gesture 3)  Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe
While Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe’s marriage was brief, DiMaggio’s love for Monroe never ceased – even with her death in 1962.

marilyn monroe

For twenty years following her death, DiMaggio organized for twelve roses to be placed at her resting place three times a week.

Romantic gesture 2)  Cocaine Aphrodisiac
In 1988, The New York Times published a warning about the use of cocaine during sex. The warning came after a shocking case where an unnamed man attempted to improve his and his partner’s sex life by injecting cocaine directly into his penis.

The man was initially pleased with the results, as it led to the satisfying night of romance he’d envisioned. What he hadn’t envisioned was that he’d still be aroused three days later. He went to a doctor, who managed to address that specific issue.


The problem was that as a result of the cocaine use, blood clots had developed in the man’s chest, back, arms, legs and his genitals. After twelve days in hospital, the man had developed gangrene, leaving the doctors with no choice but to amputate the man’s legs, nine of his fingers and the man’s penis.

Wallis Simpson in 1935:
Wallis Simpson

Romantic gesture 1)  Abdication for Love
It was after many years of womanizing when King Edward VIII fell in love with American socialite Wallis Simpson in 1931. At the time, Simpson was once divorced and in the middle of her second. Her and Edward’s relationship therefore was a big scandal.

While the two wished to marry, Edward was essentially forbidden by both the social attitudes and Church law to marry a divorcee. Basically, Edward could not be king and marry Simpson, so he abdicated his throne to his younger brother in order to be with the woman he loved.

Often times love, lust, and obsession for another person will cause spontaneous decisions and irrational behavior. Saying "I love you" can be more powerful when it is shown rather than spoken. Sometimes unforeseen incidents arise as a direct result of an attempt to be romantic. Although some may think of these gestures as horrendous, others will find them purely brilliant.





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