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Why Women Fail to Attract Men?

What Women Need To Know About Attracting Men
How to Attract a Man.  Woman FlirtingWondering why women cannot attract men? You have probably heard more stories about men failing to attract women. It is backed up by facts that women fail to attract men and this happens more often than you may think. The reasons why women fail to attract men are varied. Before I delve into each reason, you can take a note that physical beauty is not always the reason why women fail to attract men. You might have seen many times how average looking women (subject to individual opinion though) are dating very high quality and/or handsome men. You might have seen or known many beautiful women who have never been lucky enough be with any man. What is the problem why these women are unable to attract men?

There is no denying the fact that a lot of women these days in our society are unable to attract the right type of men. This may have happened to your friends or to you too. There are many reasons why many men are not attracted to certain women. Have you ever tried to impress a particular man you thought he would be interested or attracted to you? There are plenty of women who have tried to impress men they are attracted to but for some reasons those men were not attracted to them.

Here are four main reasons why women fail to attract men:

1)  Low Self-esteem of Some Women
Low Self-EsteemMany women are not comfortable just being themselves. These women are vulnerable to low self-esteem which can cause physical, mental and emotional damage to them. So many women feel low, insecure and uncomfortable for being women. Men can pick up the insecurities in women and can be put off if those women somehow express that excessively. Men want to see women comfortable in themselves. You have every reason to be 100% feminine in your way of life and there is no need to do things to make you look smarter than you are in reality. If you are happy as a woman and take pride in what you look like men will be attracted to you.

One of the best advices I like to give to women is simply be yourself!  Try not to be someone you aren't, feel relaxed with who you are and you will most likely be rewarded with the man of your dreams by doing so.

2)  Masculine Life of Women
Masculine WomenThere is a lot to say about the very masculine life or way so many women live their lives today. There is nothing wrong when it comes to women trying to achieve all the things that they want and better their circumstances using their talents. While it is 100% justified for women wanting to achieve the results they are capable of achieving by using their skills and talents, it's not a healthy choice to compete with men. There shouldn't be any competition between men and women as they are born different physically and psychologically. It's always good to remember that the roles of men and women are supplementary to each other. Men are suitable for doing certain tasks but if women try to do these same tasks in order to show they can do them too, it will only be an act aimed at competing against men. Men on the other hand should not try to do anything which is basically a female activity aimed at competing with women. Therefore, it is very crucial that both men and women understand that some tasks are specifically designed for women and some are for men.

In our society many women live a very masculine life by choice. Have you ever seen how so many women take on a masculine job, behave in a masculine tone of voice and act as if they are actually like men? The job roles may require a woman to behave like a man which can be justified but when that woman tries to compete with other men, it makes her look less feminine. Men can pick up on these attitudes and behaviors and become uninterested in her. Men can feel it when females act masculine and be put off. What I'm trying to say is that it's 100% right to build up your career, succeed in your jobs or business but you simply cannot live a masculine life. Men do not want a woman who is in a masculine mode all the time. Accepting your genes and feminine attributes is very important if you want men to be attracted to you.

3)  Not Healthy Enough
Women should look healthy and fertile enough in order for a man to be turned on.  It's not all about looks, makeup, or even appearances, but simply looking and feeling healthy.  A lot of people in this world are eating unhealthy diets which lead to being overweight, or even worse: obesity.  Obviously the healthier you are the easier it will be to attract a man. Learning how to stay toned from proper exercise can do wonders. Also learning how to eat properly is even more important.

4)  Women Do Not Know What Men Find Attractive In Them
It may surprise you if I say that most women do not understand what triggers men to feel attracted to women. If you think that they are after nice hair, sexy hips, and curvy figures you might be wrong. A woman with nice wide hips will get attention immediately from many men. The natural walk will be liked by many men. You have to understand that what men like naturally in you. If you try to make yourself look like something being influenced by the popular media or showbiz world you might just belong to the category of women men do not find attractive. As a matter of fact, most men are attracted to women who have their natural womanly treasures or assets. If you think that by becoming a zero figure model of the showbiz or modeling world you will get attention from quality men you might be wrong in understanding what men want in you. They do not want a sales person in you; they want a woman in you who is capable of giving birth to healthy children, who looks fertile.

Many women are ignoring their natural beauty or looks and relying on the ads that tell them to look like a certain type of women with certain body weight, body shape and so on. Do not sell yourself cheap. You can take good care of yourself and really glow. Also remember that you do not have to be physically gifted, as beautiful as others. You can attract a lot of men to you just by being yourself, preserving as much of your feminine assets as possible. If you want male attractions you need to make yourself more feminine than you are now. Use your female power and prowess to attract men to you. So many women try to attract men in vain trying to look and behave differently than what they actually are. Men can pick up on the traits foreign to you easily.

Final Words
The reasons mentioned above can have varied effects on men when it comes to failing to attract men to you. You can always be a better and stronger woman by accepting who you are and your feminine qualities. Try to make yourself look more beautiful and be completely comfortable in yourself. Nurture your female prowess, give men the signals about your availability for the suitable man around, and let your natural intuition guide you. You will not fail to attract men to you then.  If you want further advice, I highly recommend reading Capture His Heart.  I have recommended this award winning e-Book to many others who have issues when it comes to attracting men.





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