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NFL Parity: How to Make the League More Balanced

Geno Smith, West VirginiaThe NFL has put its stamp of approval on parity within the league. Owners, Fans, and Players like the idea that they will not be stuck supporting a poor performing team for the duration of their NFL lifetime. League organizers and officials want the bottom tier of performing teams to believe they will have a chance at a championship at the beginning of the next season, NOT five or more years down the road. Parity is good for the spirit of all, but probing today’s NFL you won’t find high spirits in most poor athletically performing markets. The NFL is falling short in raising the spirits of its customers, prospective owners, and players through its current ventures in attempting to arrive at parity. A change is needed immediately and thus has finally arrived with this article.

Recent Parity History
Matthew Stafford, Detroit LionsThrough 2009, the NFL has shown immense interest in allowing each team in the league a chance to believe that they could win a championship at the beginning of each season. Parity is interesting to the league because of its honorable and intriguing investment in the customer. The customers being, the family friendly group of adults, that enjoy smash mouth rivalries and exceptional talented individuals displaying wildly magnificent movement and super strength. Parity says that you can be whatever you want to be. If you have heard of “The little train that could” and rooted for him, then you’ve rooted for parity. It is honorable to believe one can be successful despite setbacks, and even more of a story the bigger setback you’ve come from to be successful. Fans as well as owners spend more, invest stronger, and have more interest when there is an expectation of winning and parity can bring to life that winning ideal.

There are current pitfalls of parity because there is a trick to believing you can do anything. It is simply that you can’t stop believing. It is more difficult to keep believing, when the belief is never fed. People are starting lose the expectation for certain teams to win. Their belief in those teams has not been encouraged, even when parity was suggested to do just that.

Andrew Luck Proves "Luck" Can Save Your Franchise
Andrew Luck, Indianapolis ColtsToday it is not realistic to believe that the Cleveland Brown, Arizona Cardinals, or Oakland Raiders could win a championship in the next season. The public feels Cleveland needs several high quality players along with improved coaching. Quarterback woes destroy any feelings or ideas of great success. Parity demands it, but still it seems the Browns just can’t get good “Luck” when it comes to drafting a quarterback.

The Arizona Cardinals have needed a saving grace from the draft as well, but they can’t get a break to help push them out of the gutters. They have just needed one or two pieces to the puzzle, but seem to be out of position every time a quarterback or running back of great skill hits the draft boards. If the Cardinals could ever get a double up on draft day, they could get the lift that makes them competitive every year. Unfortunately, Luck plays too big of a part in determining Rookie Draft success.

Draft Dabbling
JaMarcus Russell, Oakland RaidersThe Oakland Raiders have quality players but need a Quarterback and always seem to miss out when the Rookie Draft comes around. They have gotten one chance to draft number one in the past decade. They missed on that opportunity badly when drafting JaMarcus Russell. Everyone should get a second chance, Right???

There is a need for change now, because there are fans out there that are getting fed up with continuously poor performing teams. The league wants more fans, but they are losing fans every day, because there is no hope for the hometown team. We need an idea that inspires the basement of the league to feel they can climb to the second floor, and the answer is “Rookie Draft Day Dabbling”.

Draft Dabbling improves the odds of a team that continuously has poor performing seasons. It gives a second chance to those who need it. Finally it helps the hometown fan to feel like help is on the way. We don’t need another “Katrina” to realize that some NFL franchises desperately need aid. Rookie Draft Day Dabbling would credit a poor performing teams based on consecutive years of mediocrity. There is “Financial Aid” for students striving to reach the top tiers of life, so while not Rookie Draft Aid in the form of Draft Day Dabbling to help your hometown strive to reach its full potential.

What is Draft Dabbling?
Arizona Cardinals FanRookie Draft Dabbling can be explained as a “low 'win-come' benefit” (play on income). Any team that has multiple losing seasons gets a bump up on its position in the draft. Teams that are continually ranked near the bottom, other teams that may just have had a freak injury, or major change that determined a setback for just one year would not benefit as much.

Draft Day Dabbling could be achieved in a number of ways. One could simply take the average winning percentage over a two or three year period that would determine a benefit for a low performing team, or we could get into more detailed options. Option Two could be allowing teams with lower winning percentages of a multi-year period to skip up a spot or two in the draft. Option Three could place the top few poor performing teams in the draft as the top few picking teams in the draft. Finally, Option Four could follow the normal drafting order with tie breakers being the multi-year performance of a team.

Enhancing The Fan Experience
No matter how you do it Draft Day Dabbling will help inspire the public in the low performing markets and address pitfalls of the current system. For one teams will have less incentive for losing on purpose, thus making the end of the regular season just a little more competitive. Two, every year, consecutively poor ranking teams will have the benefit of adding a great talent. Fans will be more excited at the beginning of each year. Finally, Owners would benefit more from the system and not be penalized as much for poor coaching or administrative personnel changes. It would be a change of Luck feeling for many, if Draft Day Dabbling could be adopted.

Cleveland Browns FanCleveland is surviving through the scares of Modell, past new & poor ownership, loafing administrative leadership, and terrible coaching… It’s about time the city of Cleveland and it fans get lucky and have a leg up towards true parity. With Draft Day Dabbling, Luck will be on your side next time Cleveland.

Final Words
Commissioner, I implore you to at least dabble in the provisional draft first, if you want to see it work. I know Rookie Draft Dabbling will increases the parity in the league and grow the National Football League. Rookie Draft “Dabbling” is the answer, if the National Football League wants true parity.





NFL Parity: Draft Dabbling

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