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Don't Cut Your Cuticles - Use a Cuticle Stick!

long cuticles

Long Cuticles hanging out over fingernails.

At times, your cuticles can protrude and hang out on your fingernails.  If this happens, do not be tempted to cut them.  Many people think that cutting their cuticle skin will allow growth of a new one that looks better.  However, this is not true because these nail structures are there for a reason.

What is a Cuticle?

Cuticles provide a protective cover for your nail matrix which is the area of your fingernails or toenails that grows.  Cuticle skin is a seal that prevents water and germs from getting into the fold between the skin and your nails.  If you cut this part of the skin, it means that you break the fold that protects your nail matrix.

fingernail anatomy

Water and germs may penetrate and enter your body.  If germs enter your skin through the exposed fold, they can cause infections like paronychia (as shown below).  Bacterial infections can hamper the natural growth of your fingernails.  Besides, when you cut your cuticles, you can cause other problems to your nails including the appearance of white spots, ridges, and white lines.

If germs enter your skin through the exposed fold, they can cause infections like paronychia
Improperly treated cuticles causes paronychia.

Cuticles are meant to be soft and when you cut them, it could lead to hardening and the development of fractures.  Cutting increases the ability of the cuticle skin to split off and this may create more problems.  The best way to handle your cuticles is to gently push them back with a cuticle stick.  Learning how to properly use a cuticle stick will ensure that your cuticles will be in tip top shape..

cuticle stick

Cuticle Maintenance

Pushing does not hurt you at all, and will allow your cuticles to sit atop the nail matrix properly.  However, if they are dry and showing signs of cracks, you may first have to treat them with oil before you push them back.

applying cuticle oil

Applying cuticle oil helps by moistening the cuticle skin thus restoring its smoothness and elasticity.  For best results, apply the oil right after you get out of the shower while the cuticles are wet.  Moisturizers tend to penetrate the skin easily when it is wet.





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