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9 Unusual Beauty Treatments

The creation of beauty is art. Being pretty or beautiful is hard to attain and maintain. It takes a lot of patience and courage to achieve the perfect level of beauty. Most women today are willing to go to extremes just to have flawless skin and a slim body. These are some of the unusual beauty treatments that attract millions of women and men around the world.

1)  Urine Therapy
This therapy is also known as urotherapy. It is weird, yes. In the ancient times, it was believed that if one consumes urine orally, it will help heal the body. It can also be an effective natural anti-aging agent if it is rubbed on the face every day. Today, some women massage urine on different parts of their body to keep it smooth and silky. They also apply urine on their scalp to help condition their hair and maintain its glow.

man urinating

2)  Snake Massage
Snake massage is famous in Israel. Israelites benefit from snake massage by taking a non-poisonous snake for their back. It is believed that the snake’s twisting and shivering helps relax muscles and support blood circulation. It also gives them a deep-tissue massage. There are two types of snakes used for massaging –the small and large snake. Small snakes are used for delicate massage while the bigger ones are for deep tissue therapy. This might be scary and creepy but it was proven that it’s safe and effective. For those who are afraid of snakes, they let them touch or hold the snake first before using it for massage.

man with boa snake
3)  Chinese Fire Treatment
Aside from acupuncture, fire treatment is also a well-known medical procedure in China. The process starts by placing a wet towel on the client’s face or body, sprinkling some alcohol and then lighting the towel up. Chinese people believe that fire treatment cures swelling, aches and different illnesses. After the treatment, oil is usually applied on the part of the body where the fire was lit up. Individuals who have an empty stomach are not advised to have the fire treatment. The clients are also given warm water to drink while having the procedure. Also, the client must not take a bath until 12 hours have passed after having the treatment.

4)  Fish Pedicure
Garra rufa fish, also known as doctor fish is used to bite off the dead skin from a person’s feet. Most women prefer having a fish pedicure rather than going to the conventional manicure-pedicure spa. Aside from removing the dead skin, the doctor fish also eliminates calluses from the bottom of the feet. Major foot problems like corns and heel fissures can be removed by fish pedicure. Aside from keeping the feet soft and clean, some believe that the fish can enliven acupuncture points on the feet. As a result, a person’s nervous system will be regulated. The procedure can also release fatigue and relax the body. It takes 150 or more fish to clear away the dead skin from one customer.

fish pedicure
5)  Bee Venom Mask
For some, applying honey on the face is not enough to achieve perfect skin. One beauty therapist added bee venom on her face masks and started the “bee venom mask treatment” that has become famous. The mask contains ingredients to helps tighten facial tone. It also has Manuka honey that is responsible for managing the facial muscles to instantly lift and tightens the skin. The venom is added on the cream, and then applied all over the face for at least twice a week. The mask is left on for 20 minutes and then rinsed with water.

bee on flower
6)  Toothpaste for Pimples
Experts say that toothpaste is like an astringent. People who want a quick pimple treatment place a small amount of toothpaste directly on the pimple and leave it overnight. The affected area will then be less inflamed and less noticeable. However, toothpaste can also dry the skin when it is used for spot treatment.

Tip: If you are using toothpaste for spot treatment, avoid applying moisturizers after washing it off because it will irritate the skin. Also, make sure you apply just a small amount of toothpaste on your pimple.

toothbrush with toothpaste
7)  Caviar Facial
Caviar is a product made from fish eggs. They are rich in peptides and amino acids. The mixture is a combination of caviar, massaged together with marine extracts to exfoliate and clean the face. Because caviar is rich with amino acids and peptides, people believe that it can be beneficial to the skin and can work as an anti-aging agent as well as an acne fighter. The mixture feels cool on the face making it good for relaxing. Opposite from what everyone expects, the mixture does not smell fishy at all. In fact, some caviar facials do not have a strong scent, just a mild soapy smell.
8)  Beer Bath
Beer is known all over the world and is deeply rooted in many cultures. It has been proven that the moderate drinking of beer can lower blood pressure and is also good for the arteries. Some however use it to exfoliate skin by soaking the body in a tub full of beer. Beer contains a natural exfoliant called hops, as well as a vitamin-rich yeast. It is known to sweat out skin clogging toxins. Aside from skin benefits, the beer also has the power to make the hair absolutely soft, full and very shiny. A very relaxing way to have a beer bath is to have a sip of beer at the same time.
glass of beer
9)  Leech Therapy
The use of leeches for beauty treatment started in China. Horrible as it may seem, but these leeches are used to get rid of acne. Freshwater leeches are used for this treatment. At first, the person will feel an icy feeling as the leeches are placed on the skin. It will then feel as if the leeches are poking the skin like tiny needles. It is believed that leeches help in stimulating blood flow. The leeches will be removed from the face after two hours, when they are already bloated with blood. Therapists would advise the client not to scratch the face because it increases the likilhood of bacteria entering through the skin.

leech on palm

After the therapy, the same leeches can be used for a lifting mask. This time, the blood of the client, which the leeches have sucked during the therapy, together with leech substance will be applied all over the face. Nowadays, there are cosmetics that contain leech extracts. However, some believe that the extract would be more beneficial when directly applied on the skin. Leech is rich with lipids, which is known to lift the face and reduce pimples. After the mask is washed off, its effects can already be seen. The face is lifted, the complexion looks younger and visibility of acne is greatly reduced.





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