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Why Network Security and Virus Protection is Essential

Basics of Network Security and Virus Protection
Computer SecurityEvery single day hundreds of thousands of computer and Internet users need assistance when it comes to dealing with network security and virus protection issues.  Millions of computers get infected with computer viruses when they are online and even when the computer isn't connected to the Internet.  Individual users, businesses, and all different types of organizations including government agencies spend millions of dollars every year to purchase anti-virus software and other network security applications.  These programs are used to protect computers from deadly viruses, malignant spyware, and malware.  These unwanted programs can potentially cause harm to a system and are the most common forms of undesirable programs that computers come into contact with online.  Businesses all over the world suffer losses associated with these bugs that can cost billions of dollars.  That is why it is so important for personal computer users and businesses to have a strong anti-virus program or software installed on their computers.  That is why it is extremely important to address the potential threats facing your computer, related to network security issues.

What Harms Do Computer Viruses Do to You?
Computer viruses are actually software programs that spread autonomously from one computer to another computer in a number of ways.  When infected with computer viruses the data, files, folders, and other programs or applications on your computer can be seriously corrupted or deleted.  In the worst cases deadly computer viruses can delete permanently all data, files, folders and simply everything stored on your computer in a matter of few seconds.  The hard disk of your computer can be permanently damaged and become unusable.  That is why an effective anti-virus or security protection is essential for every computer user in order to keep your data safe online.

How Do Computer Viruses Spread??
You can get your computer infected with a virus very easily online.  Many emails that are sent to your mailbox might come from senders you do not have on your contact lists and can contain viruses.  Especially if those emails have an attachment that could potentially load your computer with a virus once the attachment is downloaded.  If you open the attachment it can spread the viruses to your computers, and when sending emails using your computer, the virus can attack the recipientsí computers.  Computer viruses spread themselves from your email account to other computers just by sending a corrupted email.  When you are using email services on a virus infected computer, the virus can use your email accounts and spread itself to other computers.  Downloading files, images, audio and video clips from unverified or unreliable websites can often infect your computers with viruses and malicious spyware.  Using instant messaging services, chat rooms, and browsing through unsafe websites are all ways your computer can get infected with viruses.  When using computers offline, you can get your computer infected with viruses if you use a pen drive that has viruses on it.  Also if your computer is connected to a LAN (Local Area Network), viruses can use the shared internet connection to further spread the virus to additional computers.

How to Protect Your Computer from Viruses or Remove Viruses?
There are effective ways to remove viruses from your computers.  You can use a strong anti-virus software or programs to remove the viruses.  If that does not work, install the operating system again and install any powerful anti-virus software.  Keep an effective firewall on always to prevent any harmful content from accessing your computer.  To protect your computer from spyware install anti-spyware software to keep your computer from being overrun by these predatory programs.  It is essential that you use licensed and genuine anti-virus software to protect your computer from deadly viruses.  Also check for updates for your anti-virus software and make sure to keep your version current.  Do not cut corners and try to use unlicensed anti-virus software.

You can easily protect your computer from all these harmful elements if you know the basics of computer security and virus protection.  If you want to protect your personal, financial, commercial or business data, then learning the basics of anti-virus and computer security is very important.

What Anti-Virus Program do you use or recommend?  Please write below in the comments.





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Why Network Security and Virus Protection is Essential


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