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7 Different Ways of Writing Articles From Home to Make Money

Make Money Writing Articles
Article Writing Earns Money
The Internet presents many opportunities to make money from the comfort of your home.  One of the best ways to make money from home is writing articles for various websites.  You do not need to have any specialized writing skills or need to be a professional writer in order to earn money writing articles.  Anyone who has a fairly good command of English can write and earn money this way.  Article writing can help you earn money every month producing a stream of consistent passive income flowing to your bank account.  If you want to make your own work schedule and consider yourself a self-starter, then article writing may be a good choice for you.

This article will focus on 7 ways to earn extra cash or possibly even a way to make a living from article writing.  Please read on to find out more:

1. Writing for Revenue Sharing Article Writing Websites
This is one of the most popular writing platforms online.  There are numerous article writing websites that allow people to write articles and submit them to many websites.  These websites earn money from various types of advertisements placed around your article on the web page.  These websites share a portion of the earnings made from these ads.  The percentage will vary from one website to another.  Your articles will earn you money depending on the performance of the articles, which is measured by how many clicks and page views they generate.  If you are looking for a consistent passive income stream from article writing then these websites can be the best option for you.  These websites are also known as residual income websites because of the potential to get paid many times for the same piece of writing.

These revenue sharing writing websites operate on two methods: PPC (Pay Per Click) which is also known as CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mile).  When readers click on any ad placed in the form of text, banner, image, or even audio and video on your article, the article earns revenue just from users clicking on the ad.  So the more clicks your articles get the more money you will make.  Your article will need a lot of traffic in order to make any real money from this method.  With CPM method your article will generate revenue whenever any visitor visits your article.  This means that the articles will earn revenue simply from page views and does not rely on users actually clicking on things.  So the more page views an article gets, the more profitable the article will be.  However, both these methods are considered to be unfair by many writers due to the disparity of effort between the writer and website owner.

But many like these methods because writers can earn money for an unspecified period of time lasting from a few months, to several years.  As long as these websites will continue to exist and are willing to pay, writers can earn residual income and passive income from article writing.

Below is described what passive and residual income from article writing is.

Passive and Residual Income Methods

Passive Income from Article WritingPassive income is the income that you earn again and again from an initial investment in something, such as time, effort, or money.  After your initial investment there is no further action required by you other than occasional participation in an activity that generates money.

With regard to passive income from writing articles online, you write once but earn again and again from the articles only needing to promote as well as update them occasionally.  Residual income is another name for passive income, and many use both terms interchangeably.  In article writing, you can earn money from your articles as long as people will read your articles or click ads on it.  You can create a nice opportunity for a stream of passive income by writing for these residual income writing websites.

2. Write for Upfront Pay Websites
This is another model many websites use in order to pay you for articles.  You get paid upfront for an approved article.  Payment can be any amount and range from less than a $ to $100 or more per article depending on the length of your article and the popularity of the topic.  This is great for writers who need instant cash and many writers are taking advantage of this opportunity.  In order to earn good money from this method, you will need to produce high quality and non-plagiarized content (content that is duplicated from other sources).

The site you are on right now (YurTopic) is actually an Upfront Pay website that buys great articles.

3. Write Articles for Others
There are many website owners, bloggers, and writers in general who are too busy to write their own content for their websites.  That is why they turn to freelance article writers to get the content for their websites.  Besides, there are many people who need fresh content for their websites that are geared towards all types of niches.  They usually post article writing jobs on various article writing websites.  These websites list various writing projects posted by clients in database form.  You have to pick an available article writing project that suits your expertise as well as something you are sure you can really deliver on.  Once written, you submit the article for approval from the client and the last step is getting paid for your work.

4. Submit Your Articles to Sell and Earn Money
These article writing websites are often referred to as content or article marketplaces where buyers (clients looking for content), and sellers (freelance article writers) gather to buy and sell articles.  You can write any article and then submit it to these article marketplaces.  A summary of your article will be displayed to potential buyers or customers, and if they like it they will hopefully buy your article.  The great advantage with these websites is that you can set the price for your article as long as it is within the price constraints set by the particular marketplace.  Rules are commonly based on word count and the genre of the article.  It is important to know that many content or article writing websites have strict editorial standards that your article must live up to.

5. Article Writing For Clients at Freelance Bidding Websites
Bid on ArticlesThis is a very competitive place to write articles on any given topic.  You have to bid on various online writing jobs that are posted by clients from all over the world.  Usually a client has a budget for each writing job, and interested writers bid on the job setting their own price.  If a client finds your bid more attractive taking into consideration your reputation and qualifications, you may be assigned to do the job.  It may take quite some time to get your first writing job on these websites because of the competition.  Many writers might get it within a few days after joining these websites and for some it may take longer.  It just depends on how well you set up your profile as well as how hard you look for jobs.  It is worthwhile to note that the payments offered by clients on these websites is very low.  Many clients accept poorly written content at cheap prices instead of expensive professional looking content.

6. Make Money Writing Articles from Your Own Website
If you are someone who does not want to write for others, then writing articles for your own blog or website can be a great option to make money online from home.  This is for you if you can write quality articles that are both unique and helpful to readers.  However, to earn money from blogging or article writing you will need to have decent traffic to your website.  It can take a lot of time to develop traffic to a blog or website.  First of all, you will need to write a good number of high quality and unique articles to start your blog.  Then promote your website through article marketing, SEO marketing, social networking, forum postings, and online advertising.  You can choose one or all of these methods to drive traffic to your website.  Once you have developed a good following you can sign up for some reliable affiliate marketing programs with online affiliate marketing companies or affiliate merchants.  The following describes how you can make money from your articles on your website from affiliate marketing programs:

Earn Writing Articles through Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate ProgramYou can place various kinds of ads for these affiliate companies and promote their products and services on the web pages where your articles are located.  When any visitor to your website clicks an ad displayed on your website, they will be redirected to your affiliate partnerís website.  If the reader purchases any product or service from the website, then you will get a certain commission.  Although it is not directly related to the content of your article, the sale would not of been possible without the connection made by your article.  You can also earn money from online advertising when people read your article page.  Some online advertisers will pay you just for page views.  This is called Pay Per Impression advertising.  You will need to write articles consistently to keep the readers coming back to your website.  Writing quality and non-plagiarized articles will help you get good PageRank in search engines, and attract more people to your website.

7. Write for Private Clients
One of the best ways to make money online from home is writing articles for private clients.  You can find private clients to write for from a number of sources.  You can get them when they visit your own website if they find your articles interesting and helpful.  If you do forum postings frequently then people who are searching for content may see your post and contact you.  You can also advertise your writing skills on these forum websites in order to attract clients.  They might like to get articles from you on a regular basis making your relationship productive as well as profitable.  However, you should take into account the ethical issues that are involved with writing content for competing websites.  It is strongly recommended that you do respect the guidelines of the websites you write for at all times.  Also, one company that is great at helping me find private clients is this website here, I'm sure they could help you too.


Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are making money writing articles online.  You do not need to have any special skills or experience to get paid.  Today, article writing is one of the best ways to make money online from home.  The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure your content is comprised of information people actually want to read.  There is a direct relationship with the quality of articles and how much they pay off.





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