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Social Media Vs Blogging for Small Businesses

What's more important for small businesses:  Social Media or Business Blogging?
Business BloggingThe presence of small businesses online is increasing day by day.  The increased presence of small business on social media sites have made many people including business owners and customers wonder if an increased social media presence is really important for business?  The fear of competitiveness has made most small businesses dependent on social media sites.  Small businesses have a tendency to forget about the other components of Internet marketing by giving social media presence priority over other Internet marketing programs.  Most marketing experts know that the Internet presents an excellent opportunity for business owners to promote their products and services through business blogs, network marketing, and email marketing.  Social networks such as FaceBook, twitter, and LinkedIn can be used to enhance the online ad programs by building social influence.  It seems that business owners are confused when it comes to realizing whether or not social media or business blogging is right for small businesses.  Lets delve into this matter a little deeper..

The Hype of Social Networks

Social MediaThere are plenty of articles on the web written on the impacts of social media on small businesses.  Based on many different surveys, reports and publications on the web it can be safely said that more than 70% of small businesses are using various social media websites, such as FaceBook and Twitter.  It can be assumed that the owners or the top officials of these small businesses are spending a lot of time using social media every day.

The hype of social media websites are on the increase each year and business owners are also caught up in this trend.  The irony is a lot of these business owners wish that they could get away with spending less time using social media.  Why are they so worried about their social media presence?  The reason for most is probably the fear of losing competitiveness.  That is why they spend a lot of money, time, and effort on social media.  It is essential to build social importance these days but that should be done through more effective Internet marketing strategies.

The Inappropriate Use of Social Media by Small Businesses
There is no denying the fact that social media can shape up any business by increasing the online presence of the business.  But unfortunately, a great number of business owners look at it differently, failing to take advantage of social media.  Social influence is important to build effective Internet marketing but social media alone is not the core strategy of small businesses.  Rather, small businesses can use social media or networks to enhance their Internet marketing programs.  Internet marketing programs can include business blogging, article marketing, and online ads as marketing techniques.  The amount of money and time invested effectively on effective Internet marketing can ensure better business prospects for the small businesses in both the short-term and long-term.  But the trend is opposite as small businesses seem to be scared of losing competitiveness if they have not developed their presence on the popular social networks.  As a result, they invest a lot of time, effort and also a little bit of money to grow their social influence on the web.

Business Blogging is the Key to Achieve Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantages for Online MarketingAs a matter of fact social media is yet very far from being a major contributor to increasing sales.  Business blogs, email marketing, online ads, article marketing methods are the driving forces on the web that increase sales of small businesses.  Blogging is one of the most effective forms of Internet marketing and advertising for small businesses.  A high quality content based blog can help businesses achieve competitive advantage over competitors generating more revenue.  If you want a social media presence for your business, then integrate social networks into your blog.  Therefore, your focus should be on building a rich content based web presence, particularly through the creation of a blog.

Businesses invest time, effort and money to get returns from their investments.  If you want a great presence on the web it is the content that will increase your social influence.  Let others share your excellent content.  So focus on building a content-based platform, e.g., a blog, from which you can engage with your customers socially by integrating social media tools into your blog.  Give your readers valuable information providing high quality content that they will enjoy reading too.  At the same time, your blog will appear highly in search engines gearing up more leads to social influence.  A strong Internet marketing campaign integrated with social media can help you achieve your business goals.





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