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A Guide to Using Torrents

Legal Issues:
Torrent How ToBefore we get started, keep in mind that downloading copyrighted material is illegal and you will be subject to criminal charges if your Internet Service Provider picks out your name from a list and gives it to the courts.  The best way to avoid this is to download and upload your torrents through a proxy server.  If you want a good proxy server, you'll have to pay a couple dollars a month, but it's worth doing because the FBI is able to charge you a fixed amount for every megabyte you download.  So, if you're worried about getting in trouble and receiving thousands of dollars in fines, please go get a proxy server so nobody knows you did it. (The pirate bay even has an anonymous download service they offer. Just click on Anonymous Download instead of Magnet Link.)

Generally though the person sharing the torrents are the ones being looked at by legal teams.  So once you've downloaded torrents, be wary that your torrent program may continue to seed it to others, in this case you may want to delete those seeds!

Step by Step Procedure of Downloading Torrents

1. Make sure your PC is protected.
Downloading torrents and files off of the internet is a risky business.  You will be subjected to 3rd party programs that may want to install themselves such as spyware, adware, and even viruses.  So getting a good anti-virus/spyware program is essential.  You can get a few really good ones for free out there if you do some research.  So make sure this is taken care of before we continue on!

BitTorrent Works!2. Download a torrent client.
Many exist but I prefer to use Bittorrent.  Just Google Bittorrent or torrent clients and pick the one that appeals most to you.

3. Go to the Pirate Bay or Google, and search for content.
Pirate Bay TorrentsThe Pirate bay is a website specifically made to contain magnet links to torrents.  There are an array of websites just like it, but I have found the pirate bay to be the most reliable and that it has the most content.  You can find all the latest games, movies, and music there.  If you look inside some of the files you download, you will almost always find links to other torrent sites where you can explore and find other content.

4. Find a legitimate torrent.
The best way to tell whether or not a torrent is legitimate is to check the comments from the users who downloaded the torrent themselves.  Some torrent websites do not include a comment box, but most at least have some way to show you whether or not it's legitimate via a like and dislike system.

Keep in mind the seeds and leeches.  Seeders are people who have already downloaded the content and are allowing you to download pieces of their content via uploading.  Leechers are people who are downloading the file from the seeders.  If a torrent has no seeds and all leeches, there is no point in downloading it because you will never get anywhere.  The more seeders, the better the speed and quality of the download.

5. Click the download torrent button and specify your download path.
It's that simple. What's the catch? Well, since everything you're getting is free, some of it will cause you frustration.  Here's some information on what to do when you get stuck with certain music, video, and game files.


FLAC to Mp3Most of the music you get will be compatible with Windows Media Player and iTunes, so there's really not much to say.  Sometimes popular songs will get put up as singles, but most of the time you'll have to get the whole album.  There's a wide variety of music.  A discography is an Artist's entire collection and you will see many.

I've only run into one main problem with music I've downloaded from torrents.  The problem is having a FLAC file.  Go get a converter for FLAC to mp3 off the internet, or find a media player and/or codec package that supports FLAC files.


Go get VLC media player, that's it.  Download it from CNET and make sure you don't allow them to install adware by clicking decline when it asks you for toolbars and such.  VLC media player will play just about any video file you can imagine.

The only discrepancy is when you get a .rar* file.  The only way to play a .rar file is to unrar it with a program called 7zip or winrar.  You could go buy winzip, or you could download 7zip or winrar for free.  The choice is yours.  If it's a single .rar file, just right click it and open with 7zip/winrar.  Check the contents to make sure the information is right and extract the contents to a good place.


These are the hardest to obtain and get to work.  If you follow these instructions, you will be able to install almost any game onto your hard drive and play it for free.  No games by Blizzard though, so forget about WOW, Starcraft, and Diablo.  You have to pay for those.

First find a game you want and download the torrent.  Most games will come in an .iso, but recently I've noticed a few that are just double-click to install.  My instructions will walk you through how to install a .iso, a .rar, and an easy install file.

.ISO - CD-ROMHow to Install an .ISO:

An .iso is essentially a cd-rom disk in a file, here is how to deal with them:

1. Mount the .iso
Open the game file you downloaded.  If it is an .iso, you will need to virtually mount the file so that the computer thinks it has a DVD/CD in it.  If it's a .rar file, unrar it and find the .iso.  If there is no .iso, then it's an automatic install and it will be easier, just follow the instructions in the readme or .nfo file (A .nfo file can be viewed with DAMN NFO Viewer).

In order to mount the .iso file, you will need virtual mounting software.  I personally use Daemon tools lite.  It's a free program, just google it, download, and install.  Be careful to avoid installing extra BS on your computer!  Almost any program you download for free will have something extra attached that will slow down your computer if you don't decline it.  Download Power Iso and burn the image to a DVD.

Once you have Daemon tools installed, go to your .iso file and right click it.  Scroll to open with, and select Daemon tools.  Daemon tools will tell you it's mounting the image.  Depending on the game, you may have to slightly tweak this part.

Screenshot of Daemon tools:
Daemon tools

The other option you have is to burn the .iso image to a DVD and then load the DVD from your disc drive.  These methods both accomplish the same thing, which is creating a live boot image for the program to be able to unpack and install.

2. Install the Game/Program
Go to My Computer and click on your virtual drive with the game mounted on it.  Search in the directory for a .exe sign, autorun, install, and logos for the game.  If it's not obvious which one to click, the reader or the .nfo will usually tell you.  Run the program you find as an Administrator.

3. Crack the Game/Program
A crack is essentially a program that overrides the use of a cd-key or serial number used to play a game.  In order for you to play the game for free, it is going to have to be cracked.  There are several ways to crack a game that you got from an iso.

a) Obtain the crack file from another source.
If there's no crack included in the game you downloaded, go find one on the internet. Just look up the name of your game with the word crack on pirate bay or Google.  Watch out for spyware and adware while doing this!

b) The crack was already included in a folder.
Go inside the folder where you downloaded the game.  Go into the crack directory.

c) The crack is inside the actual .iso file.
Use 7zip/winrar to open the .iso file.  Get inside the crack directory.  Take your cracked files inside the folder and copy them into the directory where you installed your game.

d) Keygen
A key generator, does exactly what it says.  It runs through game keys and gives you working ones to put into the game.  Most key generators will show up as viruses if you scan them with antivirus software.  Use them at your own discretion.  I've never had one infect my computer and I've used many of them.

4. Play the game/program!
Just double-click the shortcut you created on your desktop, or go find it where you installed it and click the .exe file there.

There are several problems you can encounter after installing the video game.  Make sure you've checked your computer's compatibility before installing the game on your computer.  If you're computer isn't fast enough to run the game, it won't run.  You need a good 1GB of vram in order handle most of the newest games.  Your processor speed is important too.  I'd have one at least over 2.4 GHz.  You can do a search for the game's minimum requirements on Google to find out exactly how much you need.

Sometimes the game won't work because your video card drivers are outdated.  So figure out what kind of video card you have and update the drivers.  The main video cards that come in computers are AMD and NVIDIA cards.  Both companies have freeware on their website that detects your drivers and brings them up to date automatically.

IMPORTANT:  Be wary of .rar files.  They are containers that people can hide all kinds of files inside.  Some .rar files will really mess your computer up with spyware, malware, adware, trojans and worms.  Make sure it is a legitimate torrent via comments before you download a .rar file.  If a .rar file contains any sort of password that takes you to a website, I would forget about it because it's usually a scam.

Good luck and I hope this guide has helped you!  If there is anything I missed that you feel is important to include, please write down below in the comments!





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