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Do Websites Get Stronger As They Age?

Domain Aging Increases SEO TrustThe short answer to this questions is:  YES!!

Websites do generally get stronger as they age, and this is for multiple reasons (as explained below).

I have been marketing online now for about a decade.  I have a number of websites in various niche markets.  I've seen it with my own eyes, that yes, websites do get stronger as they age.  What strengths do they achieve, and how do they achieve them?  Lets find out..

What Strengths Do Websites Get As They Age?

Websites gain more domain authority with search engines as they age, this is the overall goal a website would want to achieve as it ages.  Older websites generally rank higher in search engines than newer websites do.  Older websites also get traffic from various sources like social media sites, forums, and other places without the domain owner doing the advertising for it.

How Do Websites Get Stronger As They Age?

  • The longer a website stays on the web, the longer people know it's there.  The longer people know it's there, then the more of a chance that people will refer others to the site, one way or another.
  • New websites have barley no incoming backlinks, which gives them poor domain authority. This generally means that search engines will not rank new websites high in their search rankings.  Older, aging websites have been around for awhile, and they have been developing backlinks for quite some time.  And because of this, older websites generally have higher PageRanks and domain authority than newer websites do.  Pagerank and domain authority gives more search engine traffic.
  • An aging domain simply has more domain authority since it has a larger amount of backlinks to it.

Analogy:  An Aging Tree Looks Like an Aging Website:

Backlinks are the foundation of a website, just like the roots of a tree are the foundation for the life it provides.An aging tree is similar to an aging website.  Backlinks are the structural foundation of a website.  Just like how roots are the structural foundation for a tree.  An older tree is able to provide more life in the form of leaves, just like an older website can provide more life in the form of web traffic.  An older tree has a lot of roots that developed overtime (just like backlinks to a website) that soak up a lot of nutrients (like LinkJuice, or PageRank for a website) that gives the tree a lot of life to it in the form of leaves (or website traffic for a website)!

Better Content = Better Aging Website!

Great Content Goes Viral

I can't stress this enough!  The more useful and better a website's content is, the more efficient that website will age!  There is a direct relationship with this!  The reason why better content makes a website age better all comes down to the viral effect of word of mouth advertising, which is ultimately the best form of advertising, and in my opinion is the secret to making a LOT of money online or offline.  Word of mouth advertising for a website, means that overtime, the better content a website has, the more natural backlinks a website will develop for itself, increasing it's strength overtime.  The domain owner doesn't even have to do any advertising, as people finding the site are advertising it for you.  And this happens consistently overtime, increasing the site's strength and authority as it ages.

The opposite happens when a website's content is horrible.  When websites have poor quality content, then people will not be inclined to share it overtime, giving the site no backlinks to support it, thus giving it poor domain authority as it ages.

So as long as a website has at least decent quality content, then that site should fare well as it ages, increasing the ranks past newer sites that try to come in later to do the same thing, or share similar content.

Here is a good example of great content performing nicely overtime.. Back in 2006, I created a bodybuilding niche site with 5 pretty good articles on it, then I did no additional work and just let it sit on the web for over 7 years now, check out this article to see this website's traffic overtime and you will be amazed!

How to Get a New Website Aging Good?
Website Age Increases Domain AuthorityIf you're just starting on a new website, you have to first realize that it is going to take some time before a steady flow of search engine traffic consistently flows through your site.  As a matter of fact, most new websites usually take about 6 whole months before the website starts to get domain authority and rankings over others.

The first thing you want to do, is create a good template for the site, then simply start creating some content for the site.  Once you got some content, then it is time to start working on improving your SEO for the site.  This involves slowly obtaining backlinks for the site overtime yourself, and through other website promotion methods.  You want the backlinks to look as natural as possible, this means to not go gung hoe and pay a bunch of spammers to spam your site everywhere, as this could look very spammy to search engines.  So take it slow and overtime as you obtain more and more quality backlinks for your site, the stronger your site will get.  Eventually you will not have to get links anymore as that will come naturally for you as people will share the site overtime (as long as your content is good).  Keep in mind, it could take 4-12 months before a site starts to get a nice steady flow of search engine traffic as your domain authority increases from the backlinks you obtain.

Also, Backlinks usually take about 1-2 months before they really count towards increasing domain authority as well.  This is because of two reasons, one, search engine bots don't crawl every page every day, and two, a lot of times links get deleted or changed, and search engines know this.  That's why search engines wait to see if a link stays before they pass authority and page rank.  Generally the longer a backlink stays for a site, the stronger that backlink will become and the more "trust" (aka authority) you will get from search engines like Google.

What is the difference between Domain Authority and PageRank?
PageRank is determined by the amount of links pointing to an individual page.  Domain Authority is a site's overall strength and is determined by the amount and quality of links pointing to any page of the site as a whole, but most importantly the amount of links that point to the root of the domain (homepage).  You can increase domain authority by obtaining backlinks to any page within your site, but most importantly the homepage of the domain.

Increase PageRank to Increase Domain Authority

For new websites, I would focus on obtaining more links to the domain's homepage, as this will help to increase domain authority quicker than if you just focused on individual pages first.  Obtaining backlinks to individual pages are still important as well to increase the PR and traffic to those individual pages.  This also increases the PR of the pages linked from those individual pages as well, including the homepage, as long as you link to your home page from the individual pages, which you should be doing!

How Can I See a Site's Age?  Is there a Domain Age Checker?
Domain Name Checker for Aging WebsitesThis is simple, go to and search for "who is", then search for any domain you want, and it should say somewhere in the results for:  Created on: XX-XXX-XX  (which will give you the creation date for the given domain).  Keep in mind this only means when that individual bought the domain name.  It could have been bought before by someone else.  The only way to see if the website existed before this is to use the Wayback Machine.  With the Wayback Machine, you can see "snapshots" of websites as they looked like in the past.  You can use this tool to see if sites existed before the "who is" lookup's creation date.

I would like to end this by saying, that yes, websites do get stronger as they age.  But this largely depends on how good a site's content is.  So your number one SEO goal should be to make great useful content, so that people will naturally want to share your site with others as time goes on, and this is the number one thing search engines like to see in a site.  If you do this, you will be rewarded with never ending search engine traffic :)





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