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What are the Benefits of Article Marketing?

Article MarketingYou might have come across a large number of guest article sites or guest blogs online written on various topics.  Have you ever wondered why the writers of those guest articles have posted their write-ups for free on sites that don't belong to them?  Or what about numerous article submission websites where many online writers submit fresh articles for free?  The reason for all of this is the exposure of the writer's business to the world.  And the main connection to make this all happen is the link(s) they have in their guest articles that take visitors to their website.  This link also serves as a backlink to their website.  Obtaining backlinks to your website is one of the most important SEO strategies so that your website gets indexed higher in search results, thus increasing the traffic to their website.

The advantages of article marketing are vast.  That is why Internet marketers or writers in general, use article marketing as one of their best promotional methods to make money online.

The Numerous Benefits and Advantages of Article Marketing:

  • Increase awareness of your business - Article marketing can be used to establish a good connection with your readers and convert them into customers if you can earn trust from them by writing useful and helpful articles.  Those visitors will then want to click on your website link to read more of your content.
  • Increase in Page Rank and SEO - One of the biggest advantages of article marketing is, if your articles are good enough, they will get ranked highly in search results.  As a result, your whole website will also get ranked higher since those articles have backlinks to your website.
  • Article marketing is a free way to make money online without having to spend any money.  Only your free time to write articles is needed.
  • Beats paying for traffic - When you write articles for other websites (other than yours) you have the potential to get way more organic traffic compared to what you can get with paid traffic.  The more unique and useful articles you write, the higher the ranks of those articles will get in search engines.
  • Long lasting backlink - When submitting your articles to article submission websites and article directories, your articles will possibly remain there for many years, giving you a long lasting backlink and continuous traffic to your website.
  • Potential to go viral - With most article submission websites/directories people have the option to take your article and repost it on other websites as long as they leave the link to your website.  This is automatic free backlinks for your website.  Please Note:  with the recent Google Panda / Penguin updates, this viral effect is less effective now a days than it used to be, but it still is slightly effective.

How to Make Article Marketing Work Best For You
Here are some key points you must know in order to be successful at article marketing:

  • Choose popular sites to post your articles to.  If you choose a poor site with low traffic, it will not help your website increase in rank as much as if you choose a more popular site.  You can use Alexa to find the traffic and popularity of different websites.
  • Write quality articles - The more value you provide for people with your articles, the more traffic and money you will generate in return.  So write articles that are very useful for people.  Doing so will create interest in you and your business.


Article marketing is one of the easiest ways to promote your other articles written for revenue-sharing income websites to generate income, promote your blog or website to get more traffic to sell your products and services, and to help get indexed fast in search engines.  In order to be successful using article marketing techniques effectively, you must write unique and helpful articles that people want to read.  Providing real value to people is the key to successful internet marketing.





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