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By: anonymous - at January 17, 2013

How To Cloak Your Clickbank Affiliate Hoplink

Cloak Clickbank LinksA lot of people are more cautious when it comes to their marketing techniques because they want their conversions to be the best it can.  In this regard, cloaking affiliate links actually can slightly increase conversions.  This article will focus primarily on cloaking ClickBank links.

Here are the two best ways to cloak ClickBank links to hide the hop?=username from the URL after the user has clicked on a ClickBank hoplink.

What the Publisher Can Do:

If you are the publisher with the website, then make a simple PHP redirect script like this:


Name it something like: home.php, then have your ClickBank's product page go to that script instead of

That is the most efficient method of cloaking ClickBank links, and the affiliate doesn't have to do anything. But..

What the Affiliate Can Do:

If you are the affiliate and the publisher has not done that for you, then you are going to need a redirect script for yourself that is much more complex.  You can download it here (just follow the instructions in it).

And there ya go!





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