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How To Increase Your Adsense Income

Imagine that you could just automatically grab money every time someone clicked an ad on your website? Well this is exactly how Google AdSense works. I will give you an overview on AdSense then I will tell you how to maximize your AdSense revenue from the traffic that is coming to your website.

Brief Overview Of Google AdSense
Basically this is how Google AdSense works. In the middle we have Google and they have advertisers.

These advertisers input their ads in Google's database.  What Google does is that they created an algorithm that scans a website for certain keywords pertaining to what ads they have in their database, and then these ads show up as AdSense ads on your website.  Just like this:

How AdSense Works

So suppose that your website is that of a florist, Google scans your pages and sees keywords pertaining to florists. Google then looks at their database of advertisers and their florist ads are going to appear on your website.

Every time that someone visits your site and clicks on those ads, you are then going to get paid a percentage of that cost per click. It is a good way to make money but I want to share with you how to increase your AdSense revenue.

Increasing Your AdSense Revenue

There are essentially four ways to increase your revenue.

  1. More Traffic!  The first method is increasing the traffic to your website. Obviously the more visitors that you get to your site the more chances you have of them clicking on the ads and for you to make money.  More traffic equals more AdSense clicks.
  2. Higher CTR.  The second is to get a better click through rate (CTR). This means obtaining a larger percentage of people actually clicking on your AdSense ads (regardless of traffic).
  3. Use High Paying Keywords.  The 3rd way is to use higher paying keywords throughout your site's content.  This will increase your AdSense's cost per click (CPC).
  4. Experiment!  This involves rotating different types of ads (such as image ads or text ads) around occasionally to see what works better, along with other types of experiments (as explained later).

1)  NOTE:  Before we continue on, I just want to mention that obtaining traffic is a huge ordeal and is beyond the scope of this article.  Generally in order to obtain more traffic, you need to create valuable content for people, and a lot of it.

2)  Increasing Your AdSense CTR
Increasing CTRBefore explaining how to increase your CTR, there are a couple of negative factors that you need to be aware of. Firstly you do not have direct control over the ads that appear and you also do not control how much you are going to be paid whenever someone clicks on an ad.  Google will determine these things for you.

There are a few ways that you can actually do this because you need to remember the only real part that you have control of is your website. So you want to make those ads as attractive as possible to the type of visitors your website primarily attracts.

Your AdSense Ads Should not Look Like Ads
Now to actually get a better CTR, there are some very effective tips that you can implement. The first is to make the ads not look like ads, but rather appear as your internal site menu. There are so many people that I see who have huge purple AdSense boxes with bright yellow text. They just stand out as ads and visitors to your site will identify them as ads immediately. This is not what you are trying to go for and your overall strategy should be to include ads on your site that do not blatantly appear to be advertisements. Think about the last time you were at a site and you looked at a banner but refused to click because you knew it was just an ad that the site is trying to make money from.

Make Your AdSense Ads Blend In
This is exactly the same mental process that your visitors are thinking. To make them not look like ads, make the ads look and feel just like the content of your site. One tip I highly recommend is to make your ads contain blue links. It might be 2013 and the Internet has developed a great deal, but people still associate blue with something that you click on.

Make the colors simple and easy to read.  Make the AdSense blocks have the same background color that your website has.

These simple steps can dramatically increase your AdSense CTR.

Just remember to make your ads blend into the pages of your site as though they are apart of your actual content rather than being a group of ads that you hope people will click on.

3)  Use Proper Keywords
AdSense CPCDoing a little bit of keyword research from Google's AdWord Keyword tool can really help you to increase your AdSense CPC.  For example, what you want to do is take what people are looking for (such as a ‘mortgage calculator’) and find keywords pertaining to this niche to maximize your CPC. With all your efforts you do not want to be earning a few pennies per click, when you could be earning a lot more.

So if someone is looking for ‘mortgage calculator’ then you want them to click on an ad about ‘refi (refinancing)’ for instance. Why? Well the image below should explain this:

AdSense Keywords

Just look at the difference in the cost per click. Mortgage calculator is just £0.78 whereas ‘refi’ is £5.30. That is nearly seven times more! Which would you rather have a share of?

The way to have keyword ads appear is to make sure that you have taken some time and made sure that the advertisements displayed throughout your site are paired appropriately with the keywords in your content. Remember that Google scans your pages for keywords and then determines the ads that should appear.

So find out how much the CPC is of certain keywords and then just try to make sure that those keywords are shown throughout your site's content.

4)  Experiment With Your AdSense Ads
Looking at GraphsOne thing you should definitely be doing is experimenting with different ad setups.  When you run these experiments, let them run for a number of days (even weeks) to see how well they actually perform.  Here are a number of experiments you can try:

  • Try all image ads for awhile and see if your AdSense earnings go up or down.
  • Try different colors for your AdSense ad text links, see what gets the higher CTR.
  • Try putting your AdSense ads in different locations throughout your pages and see what gets the most clicks.
  • Try different AdSense units, such as different size skyscraper ads, or box ads.  See which ones perform the best.
  • Try putting an AdSense search function (like what you see at the top of this webpage).  See if people use it and see how much it makes overtime.

The key here is to really figure out what works to increase your AdSense revenue through experimentation, and then you can stick with what works best eventually.

If you follow these simple tips you should be able to increase your AdSense earnings with some ease very quickly. So have fun with it and enjoy making more AdSense money.





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