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How Long Does It Take to Make Money From a Blog?

Blogging for Money

Make Money as an Online Blogger
Blogging is a great way of making money online by sharing your opinions on all sorts of topics with a global audience.  If you are an expert on many subjects, then you can write on a variety of topics and earn money from doing so.  However, a website is the best option when it comes to making money from your writing skills.  Blogging is usually constant writing written on a specific subject or on a variety of topics.  It is more effective if you focus on only one niche market, and write a great deal about it in order to get returning visitors to read more of your blog posts.

Making money from blogging will not happen overnight and it is by no means a get rich quick scheme.  A lot of people start blogging with the hope of earning some quick cash, but when they do not experience financial gains right away they quickly abandon their blogging project.  The truth is, it takes time to really get any money coming in from blogging.  Give yourself at least one year of consistent effort with your blogging project before expecting to make any money from your efforts.  Once a blog gets popular and you start to gain notoriety on the web with your blog, there is a potential here to capitalize from your writing efforts.  This article will discuss the ways to monetize your blog and approximately how long it can take to make money online from blogging.

What is a Blog
A blog is simply a small version of a web log and is just a niche-centered website that is constantly updated with new meaningful content.  Anybody can build or create a blog and these days it seems like people from all walks of life are discovering blogging.  Blogs are typically opinionated statements about a particular subject matter written by one or multiple contributing authors.  You can practically write on any subject ranging from personal finance, online business, fashion, freelance writing, Internet advertising, and pretty much any topic you can think of can be used to make money online by writing.  You do not need to be a professional or skilled writer to create a blog, but it is helpful to be an accomplished writer in order for people to want to read what you have to say.  Anyone may be able to blog, but only a few people do it very well.  It can be an advantage for you if you have good English and grammar skills so that readers will take your blog seriously.  Quality content will make your blog stand out and allow it to get indexed highly in search engines.

Be prepared to be Patient
You should be well aware of the fact that it takes quite some time before you can expect to earn money from your blog.  You need to give it plenty of attention and fill your blog with interesting articles and posts.  You will need to be patient as it might take months or up to a year or so before you can generate decent traffic to your blog.  The key to generating enough visitors for a profitable blog is to write quality articles that visitors will find informative and interesting.

Choose a Niche Market for Your Blog
Niche MarketingIt is very important that you select a topic for your blog that you are knowledgeable in and that you can write informative and entertaining articles for people to read.  You can search for potential topics on the Internet using tools like Google trends to help you decide what niche you will use for your blog.

Choose a Specific Topic
You can pick a few subjects to write on but it is more beneficial if your blog is only concerned with one central topic.  If you blog on a particular area of interest then it will be easy to develop an audience who will come back to your blog repeatedly, helping you establish a consistent audience.  The more specific your blog is the more likely you will develop a loyal audience that is sure to share your content with others.  Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and MSN like specific blogs that are packed with quality and highly relevant information.  Your blog will be indexed highly by these search engines which means it will rank higher than competitors who have pages about the same topic.  Getting highly indexed by search engines means that there will be a higher likelihood of people finding your blog on the Internet, thus giving you more traffic.  And of course, more traffic equals more money for you.

Choose a Blogging Platform and Hosting Service Provider
The first option for creating a blog is to use one of the good blogging software providers.  There are many companies who can provide you with free blogging software that will help you create your own blog.  The good thing is you do not need to have any technical knowledge on how to setup a blog if you use this kind of software.  Some blogging companies do have some limitations when it comes to running ads on your blog when you use a free service.  The second option is paying for a blog or domain name, and choosing a web hosting company that typically charges a fee for their services.  The second option is strongly recommended so that you can run online ads and affiliate programs without any difficulty.

Make Your Blog Specific
CTRIt is a lot easier to earn money from advertising placed on a blog that is content specific than it is from a very general blog.  Choosing a specific topic allows the audience to be much more targeted so that the advertisements on the blog will be a better fit for the audience.  By getting the right people to see the right advertisements, you will get a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) which will generate a nice income stream for you.  Advertising companies such as AdSense, display advertisements that are specifically tailored to the specific topic of your blog.

Promote Your Blog
There are many ways to promote your blog like link building, article directories, blogging (by doing guest posts on other blogs, or comments on other blogs), and link exchanges.  The more often you write good quality blog posts and update your blog, the better chance your content will be seen by an audience of hundreds of thousands around the world.

Every time you create a new post on your blog, you should consider promoting it so that it can appear higher up in search results.  If you promote your blog well, then you are sure to roll in a nice steady stream of continuous traffic that can provide you a nice passive income.

Income That You Can Potentially Earn Every Month from Blogging
Once you have taken some time to develop your blog with dynamic interesting content and promoted it correctly, you can anticipate returns from all of your time, effort, patience, and creativity.  If all of these activities were conducted over the course of a year, this will give your blog a good presence on the web.  Hopefully by this point you will have good traffic as well as a loyal audience of hundreds of thousands.

A lot of people or blog owners cannot see blogging as a long-term writing project and as a result they give up easily.  But if you can keep writing on your blog and keep promoting your blog, then you can start earning decent income from it after a year or so.  I am not telling you cannot earn money after a few months, but before one year it is unlikely for blog owners to start seeing substantial income from their blogs.

Income from BoggingBased on my experience with writing for several revenue sharing writing websites, I have calculated a rough amount of income that can be earned from a blog at varied times.  Here is just a rough assessment on potential estimated earnings that a blog can make over time:

  • 0-6 months - $0-$20/month (most likely)
  • 612 months - $20-$50/month
  • 1218 months - $50-$200/month
  • 18-24 months - $200-$1000/month
  • 24 months plus - $1000 plus/month

Please keep in mind the income listed above is just an example.  You might earn less or more from your blog than the amounts listed above.

Final Note
In order to earn decent income from your blog, you need to run a few reliable and reputable ad programs, such as affiliate programs or PPC programs.  You will need to promote your blog consistently using various link building techniques.  If you haven't started blogging yet, I urge you to give it a try, even if it's just a part time endeavor.  Overtime you will start discovering the power of the web for making a nice passive income from blogging.

Do you have a blog?  And if so, for how long now?  And how long did it take you to start earning money from your blog?





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