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Creating a Newsletter that Produces Impressive Results!

Creating a Newsletter that is Turbo Charged to Produce Results!!!!
AdvertisingWhen it comes to promoting a business, many companies feel that television, radio and advertising space is the only way to catch the eye. But is this really a lucrative form of self-promotion? How many times have you popped out to make a coffee during the commercial break? Do people really listen to the radio as much as they did twenty years ago? Ask yourself this: How many people check their emails on a daily or hourly basis? Millions upon millions, yes, the whole world is waiting to be ‘wowed’ by email. Let me take you step by step through the process of composing the perfect newsletter. Draw in the masses without spending a dime! These are the tricks that other companies do not want you to know…why? Because they work!

The aim is to catch the reader’s attention in an instant, so your opening headlines need to be snappy and punchy. If you tend to open a newsletter with boring statistics and facts about the latest profit share scheme or a history of the company’s roots, you are losing traffic by the minute.

Make it Shine
ShineOkay, so now you have the reader interested… cool! The trick is to keep it that way. Lose any long drawn out paragraphs and keep sentences small and to the point. Make them visually appealing by adding plenty of images. A picture really can speak a thousand words. Huge blocks of text are an instant turn-off. So keep your writing nifty and packed with juicy information to whet the appetite. Cram everything in neatly to create an absorbing read. Then circulate this new and updated information once a month.

Skip to the Chase
You need to create a ”less is more” approach to your content so avoid using terms that only a professional would understand and write in a style that everyone can relate to from a student to a professor, unless of course you are writing for a specialist niche! A newsletter is not a 3000 word essay; it is a short, sharp, snappy way to share exciting news or to spread the word about a sales announcement so keep it light.

Get Those Creative Cogs Turning
Creating a website takes a lot of time and effort is direct proof that you are brimming with passion for your service or product. Now you need to keep that flame alive in your newsletter. Draw upon anything which is happening in the world and us it as a focal point. For example, the seasons, latest occasions, even something that is happening in the news. Use this as your skeleton and flesh it out with stimulating news. Okay, so now we are really getting somewhere, let’s crank this up a notch and start playing with some verbs. Write down those which invoke desire…such as “seductive” “alluring” “inviting” and soon you will have enough key words to integrate into your content which will act as a powerful motivator for clients throughout the world.

Creative businessman

Use different approaches each month and look at things from a ‘Top Ten….’perspective or a ‘How to…’ angle. It is often the simplest, straightforward techniques which produce the most impressive results. Still struggling for inspiration? Why not sign up to some newsletters yourself. Look at the way that products or services similar to yours are being promoted. This is a good way to eye up the competition and will get those creative cogs turning.

No Need to Rummage Through the Junk….Folder
Spammy messagesThe sole aim of your newsletter is to generate business. Think of it as your virtual business card and rather than placing it in the hand of a customer, you want it to land in their inbox - waiting to be eagerly opened. Make this happen by adding a small passage to your newsletter politely suggesting that readers add you to their ‘safe sender’ list.

Everything in your newsletter should be warm and friendly so avoid using capital letters or jamming it with spammy words such as “click here”, “money back guarantee” or “one time offer”. This is one sure fire way for your newsletter to end up being permanently added to the junk folder.

The Missing Link
Social mediaLinks are your best friend so be sure to add them to your blogs, social networking sites and on your website. Don’t feel disheartened if your latest newsletter only brings in a fraction of the traffic you expected. People have a habit of pondering…Very often they will sleep on an idea or may need to wait for funds to arrive in their bank account before purchasing. There are many reasons why people do not act ‘in the moment’ so it is your job to stay entrenched in their minds by creating news in such a way that they simply have to click that “Buy Now” button.

The Hard Sell
Address every single customer by their first name. This cannot be stressed enough. Nothing can beat the personal touch and nothing sounds more inviting than the opening lines “Hi Sarah”. This will have much more impact than a general “Howdy”. You want to treat your subscribers as if you have known them all your life. Talk to them as you would your best friend. If you really valued these guys, you would want to share news or gossip about a launch, sale, gadget or gizmo which you know they would be excited about and would love to have.

The Gloss
Glossy magazines, catalogues and brochures use clever sales descriptions and impressionable images to make their products sell. However, a product which stirs the senses and touches the soul through the clever use of words has a deeper magnetic effect which will boomerang more numbers into your bank balance at the end of each month. Take all the hard work out of making your customers decide about your product or service and do the thinking for them. Let them know exactly how much bang they will get for their buck. They simply need this product because…if they purchase within the next seven days they will….this will change their life overnight because….Your newsletter is a powerful selling tool wrapped up neatly in some highly inspirational words.

Some Neatly Wrapped Up Words of Inspiration
A novel way to keep your newsletter filled to the brim with hypnotic suggestion is to include a feature page. This is where you allow others to take center stage and do your selling for you. What better reassurance about a product or service than from the horse’s mouth? When others demonstrate how your product or service has changed their lives, readers become gripped. Nothing has more added ‘friendly persuasion’ than a case study. This shows readers how they can overcome similar obstacles, avoid those pitfalls and rest in the knowledge that you can make everything alright. People will look upon you as their saviour and you will soon start to build a loyal trail of faithful followers who look forward to your guidance and advice appearing every twenty-eight days.

Online marketing

Remember…a newsletter is a completely different sales tool to your website. Do not make the mistake of repeating content which is already present on your “home” page or “About us” section. The purpose of a newsletter is to encourage a response as a direct result of a news article, sales promotion or feedback. Why not go one step further and add a testimonials section where customers can share their views and opinions. Let your previous clients act as your voice and create their own unique slant on your product or service. Make them know that you really do value their thoughts and that you take each and every one of their comments seriously.

Testimonials Really Work
Once you have these devoted followers, they are more likely to recommend you in general conversation or by clicking on the ‘send this newsletter to a friend’ option. To stop this link from looking too salesy, add an “unsubscribe” button. When subscribers feel that they can read your material out of their own free will rather than force, they will continue to look forward to your monthly addition to their lives. If people choose to unsubscribe, remove them without hesitation and honor your word.

Stay Imprinted on Their Minds
Make it a goal to start beefing up your newsletter today and make it stand out from the crowd. You can do this by compiling a newsletter religiously each and every month. Why? Because often people make a one-off purchase and then forget about you. By keeping your correspondence regular, you keep that memory alive and you remain in their subconscious.

Use your newsletter as a free and easy way of attracting those sales. Dust off your quill, put on your thinking cap and let those words start to flow. This is one business idea which you should not throw out of the window as doing so will be equivalent to throwing hundreds of dollars out of the window on a really windy day.





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