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Top 10 Nightlife Cities in the World

Sometimes you need to make a trip further away from your city when it comes to partying, clubbing, and looking for something new. After all, there is only a certain amount of time and fun you can have chatting up the same barmaid, listening to the same jukebox and playing the same pool table every night in your local clubs and bars. That is why sometimes a trip to your local bar or club is just not enough for a night out with your buddies. I have compiled a list of the top 10 nightlife cities across the world where you will love to paint the town red.

Night Life Night on the town

Let us take a look at the top 10 nightlife cities in the world below:

10)  Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Thailand night cityscape
By Benh LIEU SONG (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This glamorous capital city of Thailand was the most visited city in the world in 2012 and has been for the last few years. It's not surprising that Bangkok has a very vibrant and colorful nightlife. Bangkok is filled with gorgeous rooftop bars, dance clubs, trendy bars, and rock bars which will ensure you an insanely exiting nightlife experience.

Bangkok Thailand night life soi cowboy

9)  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires night

This South American megacity has an incredible nightlife that starts late in the morning but lasts longer. There are many nightclubs, cocktail bars, pubs and nice restaurants in this exotic capital city of Argentina. Here nightlife is influenced by tango and Latin American rhythms.

Buenos Aires Disco club night life
By Chris Freeland (originally posted to Flickr as Amerika Disco) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

8)  Berlin, Germany

Berlin Germany night festival of lights

Berlin, the German capital, is famous for its never-ending night clubs. No other city in the world has such a variety of clubs. Berlin’s nightlife is famed for its diversity and anything-goes attitude. You will find everything from old-school corner pubs and smart wine bars to grungy indie establishments, underground parties and live gig venues.

Berlin Germany night club

7)  New York City, New York, USA

New York City night skyline

New York is where the party originally began. You cannot complete the top ten nightlife cities without mentioning New York City. You will find huge clubs, elegant lounge bars, cocktail bars, and vintage pubs in New York at anytime of the day and the night. Manhattan is the center of main attraction for DJs and clubbers. If you do not like going to night clubs and bars, you can always go to some nice restaurants where you can eat gourmet food, drink and dance. It is all about sophistication when it comes to nightlife in New York, where drinks turn into dinner and dinner turns into dancing. New York has much more to offer than just alcohol, dance, bars and night clubs. You can always find something showing on Broadway or vivid characters in Times Square. There is something for everyone in this city that never sleeps.

New York City nightlife

6)  Miami, Florida, USA

Miami Florida South Beach Night

Miami has many hot spots which earn it a place in the top ten nightlife cities in the world. This beautiful coastal city has a number of great bars, clubs, and places where you will find extravagant and exotic fun. South Beach is famous for party atmosphere where people gather and enjoy frenzied nightlife. Almost every single hotel in Miami Beach has a bar and they are sure to be packed with beautiful women.

Miami bar night life

5)  Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Spain night

Ibiza is an illuminated Balearic Island that is located just off the coast of Spain. It is renowned for the best night clubs in the world with famous DJs who gather here every summer to play at its numerous clubs. The Island is particularly famous for those who want week-long holidays dancing and having fun. Ibiza itself is a natural beauty with long stretches of beach. There are several U.N. World Heritage sites here. It is actually the home of the super club as there are so many clubs in Ibiza. In fact, clubbing is the predominant industry here. It is often called the dance music and clubbing capital of the world, as you will find here dance music fans and clubbers from all over the world. Space, Privilege, Amnesia, and Pacha are some of the famous clubs on this island. Radio One, a BBC channel, broadcasts their annual music festival from Space or Pacha depending on the year, which attracts even more people to this tiny island. The island is so small that it is possible to drive around the entire island in a little more than three hours.

Ibiza Spain night club

4)  London, United Kingdom

London Eye and cityscape at night

The capital of the United Kingdom has a good number of hot spots where fun can seem never-ending particularly in places like Mayfair, Camden, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, and South Kensington among other places. London night clubs are filled with people from all over the world. The British capital is filled with plenty of fancy cocktail bars, trendy bars, super clubs, and late night theater bars. There is something for everyone who loves partying, clubbing and drinking in London.

Picadilly Circus London at night

3)  Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam Holland at night

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with majestic buildings and beautiful architecture but behind them lies in a city of sin. You will find drug-filled cakes on offer at numerous bars. Shocking though it seems, you will find women for rent on display in cafes made of glass that line the streets in Amsterdam. In fact, the Dutch capital city is home to strictly adult-only entertainment, attracting millions of tourists from all across the world. You will probably not find any city on continental Europe where drugs are legal, women are easy and drinks are strong. 

Amsterdam Holland Erotic Museum

2)  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro at night

Rio de Janeiro is a different city in the nighttime if you look hard enough. It brings out the wildest onto the streets and in some of the city’s wildest clubs. Rio de Janeiro is full of color, passion, soul and spirit year-round. The idea here is to flirt, drink and dance even when the Carnival is over. Local samba beauties and tanned tourists have partied all night in fashionable bars and clubs such as the Londra bar in the hotel Fasano. It is one of the best cities in the world where you can have fun spending relatively less or as little money as possible. Rio’s nightlife tends to revolve around street parties, smaller bars in squares and plazas, and gatherings on the beach.

Girl dancing in Rio

1)  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas at night

Las Vegas is the number one nightlife city in the world without a doubt. It has become the most insanely famous place for raucous bachelor parties across the world. This city, located in the heart of the Nevada Desert, is filled with a glorious stretch of neon-lit hotels, flashy casinos, clubs and shopping malls. You will find every wicked whim whether drinking, gambling or stripping, catered to suit your tastes and needs. A little piece of caution, what happens in Las Vegas may not always stay in Vegas as blackmailers are active in tarnishing your personal life and image. Sex tapes and incriminating photos are new threats popular among blackmailers.

Las Vegas gambling drinking

When you need to enjoy a crazy night out, endless fun drinking and dancing, hottest raves, and discos, the cities mentioned above are simply unbeatable on earth. If you are a clubber and have a true zest for this kind of lifestyle, than the destinations listed in this article are a must see!





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Top 10 Nightlife Cities in the World


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