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Movie Theaters - Top 15 Most Amazing Movie Theaters in the United States - From a modern twist on an old classic, to a theater with breathtaking views, here are the best of the best when it comes to the US's top movie theaters.
Thrill Parks - Top 15 Best Rides and Roller Coasters at Cedar Point - Cedar Point really does have an impressive range of rides and roller coasters available for people looking for a thrill.
Water Parks - Top 15 Best Water Parks in the World - Here are the top water parks around the world for you to check out whenever you are looking to cool down in the summer.
Vegas - Top 15 Las Vegas Casinos with the Best Odds of Winning - These are the places & casinos with the best odds of you being able to win big when you are visiting Las Vegas.
Vegas - Top 15 Things That Happened in Vegas Stayed in Vegas - This list tells many crazy stories that happened in Vegas that apparently never really stayed in Vegas.
Magic - 15 Ways Magicians Fool Us - Details a number of ways magicians seamlessly pull off their various magic tricks.
Talent - 44 Examples of the Extreme History of Method Acting - The article details 44 examples of the extreme measures actors and actresses have gone to for method acting.
Music - 10 Ridiculous Feuds Between Bands - Gives details about completely ridiculous, horrible hostility and violent feuds between various music groups.
Music - 9 Remarkable but Underappreciated Musicians - Details and profiles of musicians who, despite their talent and influence, were or are still unappreciated.
Movies - 14 Bleak Aspects of the “Golden” Age of Hollywood - Details the dark side of the often romanticized Golden Age of cinema.
Television - 10 Actors Who Prove Smart People Make the Best Dumb Characters - Lists 10 smart actors who played dumb characters in various television series.
Television - 8 Lovable Villains from Film and Television - A list of lovable villains from film and television over the years.
Fun - Win at Fair and Carnival Games: Get that Stuffed Prize! - Covers the various carnival games and how you can increase your chances at winning them.
Movies - 10 Darkest Animated Films Ever Made - Most of these 10 grim and dark films are not appropriate for children but have received a lot of positive feedback from critics.
Watching TV Television - 15 Astonishing Ways Television Series Make You Sharper - I describe all the different ways watching TV can actually make you smarter.






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