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Military - Top 15 Countries With the Strongest Military - We have listed the top 15 militaries in the world according to the amount of people that are currently operating in the military, regardless of roles and including the reserve military.
Architecture - 15 Biggest Architectural Blunders - We have drawn up a list of the biggest 15 architectural blunders that resulted in buildings being destroyed or permanently changed.
Architecture- 15 Amazing Architectural Style Types From Old to Modern - We have listed 15 of the most significant architectural styles from the last 300 years that have gradually become the style that we have today.
Terrorist - Top 15 Most Horrifying Terrorist Attacks - We have created a list of the 15 most significant and terrifying terrorists attacks that have occurred in the 20th and 21st century.
People - 15 Interesting Things You Should Know About Stephen Hawking - Here are some intriguing facts about the man who has laid out many theories concerning space, black holes, and the very future of our species.
Vietnam War - 15 Fascinating Facts About the Vietnam War - Once you get beyond the lore involved with the war and get into the facts, you will uncover some spectacular truths.
Architecture - Top 15 Amazing Ancient Egyptian Architecture - We’ve listed the top 15 structures that came from Ancient Egypt that can still be seen today, ranging from pyramids and status to temples and mortuaries.
Celebrities - 15 Most Bizarre Things Purchased by Celebrities - We’ve listed the top 15 weird purchases by celebrities of our time that are, quite frankly, jaw dropping!
People - 15 Fascinating Facts about Michael Jackson - Discusses 15 Interesting Things You Should Know About Michael Jackson and his legacy of music, ways of life, and things that may surprise you.
Culture - Top 15 Countries with the Shortest Life Expectancy - This list reflects the harsh reality of those countries with the lowest life expectancy, and points out some of the causes.
Economy - Top 15 Countries with the Best Economy - Explains which countries are on the top of the economic pyramid, and what citizens of the world have the highest income and life standards.
Culture - Top 15 Things You Didn't Know about Chinese Culture - Chinese culture is deep, complicated and full of many interesting facts, legends, customs, and superstitions that you will discover here.
Culture - Top 15 Countries with the Longest Life Expectancy - Where do people live the longest at? And what makes them live so long? Let's find out!
Culture - Top 15 Most Spoken Languages Around the World - Out of the 6,500 spoken languages, these are the top 15 most spoken around the world and their cultural significance.
Divorce - 20 Surprising Facts About Divorce - This article details a number of surprising facts about the history and the circumstances that surround divorce.
Culture - 15 Unique Aspects of Mexican Culture - Here we review the history and culture of Mexico and its influence in the areas of sports, art, entertainment, language, music, and celebratory events.
Culture - 15 Unique Aspects of German Culture - Germany has a long list of truly unique customs and cultural aspects that may be considered strange to the rest of the world.
Culture - 15 Unique Aspects of French Culture - We have created a list of the 15 most significant parts of French culture that everyone should know about.
Culture - 15 Unique Aspects of American Culture - We have listed the top 15 elements of American culture that set the country aside from, not only the rest of the Western world, but the world as a whole.
Suicide - Top 15 Reasons Why People Commit Suicide - This list will explain the top 15 reasons why people commit suicide, and how you can get help if you or someone you know is suicidal.
Culture - 15 Unique Aspects of Japanese Culture - We list 15 of the most unique aspects of Japanese culture, spanning from the bizarre traditions, to customs that are simply very different to what we would expect in Western Europe.
Culture - 15 Ways Americans are Different than Canadians - We have listed the 15 main reasons why Americans and Canadians are different.
Australia - 15 Little Known Facts About Australia - Australia is a unique nation. There is more to the country than what most people realize. Here are some little known facts about the continent.
Celebrities - 20 Celebrities Who Invented Amazing Things - Details a number of celebrities who have invented useful products or devices in their free time.
Savants - 25 Individuals Who Thrived with Savant Syndrome - These individuals have, or have had, savant syndrome. They have thrived well despite the inherent problems associated with the condition.
Drugs - Top 15 Drugs People Commonly Overdose and Die From - We have collected the 15 most common drugs and their varieties that people die from, when they are taken in excess.
Al Capone - 15 Fascinating Facts about Al Capone - Here are 15 facts you may not know about Al Capone that are part of what has turned his name into an American legend and the quintessential gangster.
Cities - 10 of China's Ghost Cities Explained - Here are reasons and examples behind the strange problem China has regarding numerous cities that are practically uninhabited.
Religions - 20 Little Known Religions and Cults - The article details a variety of surprising religions and cults that most people have never heard of.
Love - Top 15 Myths About Love - Here are the top 15 myths about love, and the truth behind the tropes.
Lawsuits - Top 20 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits - Here we discuss some of the craziest and absurd lawsuits of all time.
Death - Top 15 Myths about Death - Many of these myths can be disproven; often, knowing the facts about death makes the transition between life and death much easier.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Mother Teresa - Knowing the facts of her life, and understanding their context, is the only way to truly appreciate her life’s impact.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Walt Disney - Even four decades after his death, Walt Disney has still been able to inspire millions of people around the world with his work.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about George Washington - As the first President and one of the most commanding individuals of his time, it is easy to see why George Washington is a figure that people want to know more about.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Gandhi - Everyone throughout the world should know more about what Gandhi did for the people of India.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Franklin Roosevelt - FDR was a historical figure to be studied and respected, truly a president in a new age, while bringing America into the modern age.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Ben Franklin - There are quite a few interesting tidbits that many people do not know about the man whose face is featured on the $100 bill.
People - Top 15 Interesting Facts about Archimedes - Archimedes, and his significant mathematical and scientific advances have lasted through the ages, allowing for some facts to be known about Archimedes, like these fifteen.
People - 15 Little Known Facts about Martin Luther King - Known for his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech, the man has left a model of reform in the United States that continues to shape ideas of equality for all people.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Ronald Reagan - Here are some interesting facts about Ronald Reagan you may or may not have known about.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Nelson Mandela - Perhaps by gleaning interesting facts about Mandela, you can feel more confident in your abilities to achieve your own dreams, despite challenges and opposition.
People - 15 Interesting Facts About Shakespeare - There are many interesting facts about Shakespeare’s life that are known, which can help shed some light on this mysterious man who has shaped culture with a carefully crafted pen.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Marie Curie - The effects of Marie Curie’s curiosity and resultant theories and discoveries of previously unknown elements still rock today’s scientific community.
People - 15 Interesting Facts About Julius Caesar - Few in the world exist who have not heard about Julius Caesar in some form or another, and his deeds are remembered in every history class.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Leonardo Da Vinci - Despite being a historical figure from over 500 years ago, his paintings, inventions, and documents are still remembered dearly till this day.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Captain James Cook - Born in an era when global exploration was part of how nations proved themselves, Captain Cook's life is by turns inspiring, surprising, and ultimately tragic.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about John F. Kennedy - Though John F. Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald and possibly a second shooter, perhaps even as part of a conspiracy, on November 22, 1963, his legacy lives on.
People - 15 Interesting Facts About Cleopatra - Cleopatra continues to be a subject of fascination in all walks of culture, from the serious historical researcher to pop culturists to cosmeticians.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Barack Obama - Over the past ten years, there has been an extensive list of interesting information that has been released to the public about President Obama that you will discover here.
People - 15 Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein - Albert Einstein - mathematician, physicist, father, civil rights activist, and outspoken pacifist - still rightfully influences and inspires science students the world over.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Adolf Hitler - Many historians agree that Adolf Hitler is one of the most accurate personifications of true evil as you will discover here.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Christopher Columbus - Here are 15 fascinating facts about Christopher Columbus story filled life of achievements and downfalls.
People - 15 Interesting Facts About Bill Gates - Here are fifteen interesting facts about Bill Gates that you probably didn’t know before now.
Legal - 25 Funny & Crazy Arrest Stories - The following are 25 examples of funny and crazy arrest stories of all time that will shock you.
History - 20 Little Known Facts About the Titanic - There are still many surprising facts about the Titanic and its disaster that are largely unknown to the world that you will discover here.
History - Top 10 Most Creepiest Abandoned Places in the World - These abandoned places are creepy but will entertain you with their unique stories and history.
People - 55 Celebrities With Physical Imperfections - Covers a surprisingly large number of celebrities who have various physical imperfections, despite their social status and standing as being viewed as examples of perfection.
Jerusalem - Preparation for the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem and End Time Prophecy - Discusses the preparations that the Jewish people are undergoing in regards to The Temple in Jerusalem.
People - 10 Ruthless Serial Killers Who Were Never Caught - Here are the top 10 ruthless killers who mutilated, raped and terrorized a lot of people for years and were never caught.
Legal - 10 Innocent People who Died on Death Row - Sadly, these people were executed even though there was no concrete evidence that they in fact had committed a capital murder.
Culture - Top 15 Modern Day Pirates - Many may think horrific swashbuckling pirates are a thing of the past, but there is still a handful that exist today.
History - 26 Interesting Facts About Henry Ford - Details of a variety of facts – good, bad and surprising – about Henry Ford.
History - List of 15 Tough Ancient Warriors Through History - This list is a compilation of the most famous, toughest ancient warriors through history that deserved to be remembered.
History - List of 15 Notorious Roman Emperors and Empresses - Discusses 15 infamous Roman Emperors and Empresses throughout history in the order of their reign.
Train History - 15 Things That Remained the Same in the Past 100 Years - These objects and creations withstand the test of time and prove that their inventors were outstanding in both their design and implementation.
China History - Top 15 Things China Invented First - Discusses 15 things China invented before anyone else, and the reasons why they were invented first by the Chinese.
Inventors History - Top 15 Greatest Inventors in History - Without the successful inventions that these remarkable inventors created, the world as you know it would look considerably different.
Abraham Lincoln History - 15 Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln was arguably the most fascinating president the United States ever had. There are many little-known facts about this amazing president that will shock you.
Lightning People - 15 Unusual Ways People Have Died - Discusses 15 unusual ways people have died either accidentally or intentionally.
Inventions - 10 Inventors Who Stole Their Ideas - These famous people's inventions were inspired by another person's idea, and were never credited for it.
People - 10 Dangerous Serial Killers - These serial killers have followed a pattern to kill more than 3 people in their lifetime.
People - 10 Billionaires as Wasteful or Fanciful as They are Wealthy - About 10 billionaires and how they often wildly spend their money on extravagant purchases.
Scary Interview People - 15 Funny and Unusual Ways Interviews Have Been Held - Fifteen funny and unusual ways interviews have been held and other strange things that have happened in the public eye.
History - Top 15 Worst Pandemics in History - Here's the top 15 worst plagues in human history that we hope never happens again.
Relationships - 15 Crazy Marriage Proposal Incident Stories - Check out these shocking marriage proposal stories that ended up badly.
Relationships - Top 15 Epic Romantic Gestures - Details a variety of bold and strange gestures people have made in an attempt at romance.
Guns Legal - Top 15 Myths About Guns - Violence and guns has been a hot topic lately, here we discuss 15 myths related to guns and the realities surrounding them.
Sex Relationships - Top 15 Myths About Sex - Here's 15 myths about your sex life that need to disappear off the face of the Earth forever, starting with everyone's favorite: penis myths.
Prisoner Legal - 15 Cool Things Prisoners Get To Have In Jail - Discusses 15 surprising and awesome things prisoners get to have or do in jail.
Drugs Legal - Top 15 Illegal Drugs That Used To Be Legal - Many people frown upon illegal street drugs, and there is valid reasons for that. But did you know that most of the illegal drugs today were legal not so long ago?
Protected Area Culture - 15 Most Protected Areas in the World - These 15 places receive protection because of their recognized cultural values they have on society.
Married Marriage - 15 Weird Reasons People Have Been Married - Discusses 15 weird reasons people have been married along with outlining strange marital stories from around the world.
using self argument to increase confidence People - 15 Weird Ways People Improve Their Confidence - Discusses 15 weird ways people improve their confidence and self esteem.
Medieval Victory History - 15 Stories of Hilarious Medieval Victories - Discusses 15 stories of hilarious medieval victories and a detailed account of some extreme examples of medieval combat.
dark personality People - 15 Of the Darkest Crime Personalities We Hope to Never Meet - Discusses 15 of the darkest crime personalities we hope to never meet spanning both the fictional and non-fictional realms.
Murderers People - 15 People Who Killed for a Living - Discusses 15 people who killed for a living and amazing facts that surround some of history's most infamous killers.
Crimes Legal - 15 Unusual Ways Crimes Have Been Solved - Discusses 15 unusual ways crimes have been solved and some of the clues that lead to convictions.
Gruesome Crime Legal - 15 Survivor Accounts of Gruesome Crimes - Discusses 15 survivor accounts of gruesome crimes and awe inspiring survival stories.
Detective History - 15 Detectives Credited With Solving The Biggest Cases In History - Discusses 15 detectives credited with solving the biggest cases in history and information about some of these famous investigators.
Celebrity Meltdown People - 15 Amusing Meltdowns from Famous People - Discusses 15 amusing meltdowns from famous people and their infamous stories.
Surfing People - 14 Fun Activities That Have Ended Up In Death - Discusses 15 fun activities that have ended in death and the tragedy surrounding each event.
Marriage - 13 Ways to Be Happy After a Break Up - Many of us have been involved in a relationship that has broken up. Here are 13 ways to move on after a relationship.
Pyramids in Egypt Pyramids - 15 Fascinating Facts About the Ancient Pyramids - Discusses 15 Interesting facts about the pyramids beyond their architecture, including ones from China, Mexico, and other areas around the world.
Festivities Festivities - 15 Crazy & Unique Festivities Around the World - 15 weird festivities from around the world and their traditional meanings.
Dynamite? Inventions - 15 Inventions That Were the Result of a Mistake - Discusses 15 inventions that were a result of a mistake that went on to be very popular.
Executioner History - 15 Famous Stories of Execution - Discusses 15 famous stories of execution and the scenarios that encompassed them.
Road Signs Legal - Top 20 Most Ignored Road Signs & Their Accidents - Discusses 20 of the most ignored road signs and the hazards associated with ignoring these signs.
Mount Rushmore National Memorial U.S. Presidency - 16 Rare Facts About the U.S. Presidency - Fifteen facts about the presidents including some rare information.


Legal - 15 Fascinating Facts about the Mafia - Discusses 15 facts about the mafia world and its origin.
Court Case Legal - 15 Legal Counsel That Have Never Lost Court Cases - Discusses 15 Attorneys who have some of the best case records in the legal community.
Prosecution Legal - 15 Weird Actions That Are Prosecuted in the Modern World - Fifteen strange laws from around the world.
Leadership History - 15 Astonishing Leadership Stories that Ended up Successfully - Fifteen success stories that have changed history.






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