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People - 15 Interesting Things You Should Know About Stephen Hawking - Here are some intriguing facts about the man who has laid out many theories concerning space, black holes, and the very future of our species.
Celebrities - 15 Most Bizarre Things Purchased by Celebrities - We’ve listed the top 15 weird purchases by celebrities of our time that are, quite frankly, jaw dropping!
People - 15 Fascinating Facts about Michael Jackson - Discusses 15 Interesting Things You Should Know About Michael Jackson and his legacy of music, ways of life, and things that may surprise you.
Suicide - Top 15 Reasons Why People Commit Suicide - This list will explain the top 15 reasons why people commit suicide, and how you can get help if you or someone you know is suicidal.
Celebrities - 20 Celebrities Who Invented Amazing Things - Details a number of celebrities who have invented useful products or devices in their free time.
Savants - 25 Individuals Who Thrived with Savant Syndrome - These individuals have, or have had, savant syndrome. They have thrived well despite the inherent problems associated with the condition.
Drugs - Top 15 Drugs People Commonly Overdose and Die From - We have collected the 15 most common drugs and their varieties that people die from, when they are taken in excess.
People - 15 Fascinating Facts about Al Capone - Here are 15 facts you may not know about Al Capone that are part of what has turned his name into an American legend and the quintessential gangster.
Death - Top 15 Myths about Death - Many of these myths can be disproven; often, knowing the facts about death makes the transition between life and death much easier.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Mother Teresa - Knowing the facts of her life, and understanding their context, is the only way to truly appreciate her life’s impact.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Walt Disney - Even four decades after his death, Walt Disney has still been able to inspire millions of people around the world with his work.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about George Washington - As the first President and one of the most commanding individuals of his time, it is easy to see why George Washington is a figure that people want to know more about.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Gandhi - Everyone throughout the world should know more about what Gandhi did for the people of India.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Franklin Roosevelt - FDR was a historical figure to be studied and respected, truly a president in a new age, while bringing America into the modern age.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Ben Franklin - There are quite a few interesting tidbits that many people do not know about the man whose face is featured on the $100 bill.
People - Top 15 Interesting Facts about Archimedes - Archimedes, and his significant mathematical and scientific advances have lasted through the ages, allowing for some facts to be known about Archimedes, like these fifteen.
People - 15 Little Known Facts about Martin Luther King - Known for his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech, the man has left a model of reform in the United States that continues to shape ideas of equality for all people.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Ronald Reagan - Here are some interesting facts about Ronald Reagan you may or may not have known about.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Nelson Mandela - Perhaps by gleaning interesting facts about Mandela, you can feel more confident in your abilities to achieve your own dreams, despite challenges and opposition.
People - 15 Interesting Facts About Shakespeare - There are many interesting facts about Shakespeare’s life that are known, which can help shed some light on this mysterious man who has shaped culture with a carefully crafted pen.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Marie Curie - The effects of Marie Curie’s curiosity and resultant theories and discoveries of previously unknown elements still rock today’s scientific community.
People - 15 Interesting Facts About Julius Caesar - Few in the world exist who have not heard about Julius Caesar in some form or another, and his deeds are remembered in every history class.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Leonardo Da Vinci - Despite being a historical figure from over 500 years ago, his paintings, inventions, and documents are still remembered dearly till this day.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Captain James Cook - Born in an era when global exploration was part of how nations proved themselves, Captain Cook's life is by turns inspiring, surprising, and ultimately tragic.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about John F. Kennedy - Though John F. Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald and possibly a second shooter, perhaps even as part of a conspiracy, on November 22, 1963, his legacy lives on.
People - 15 Interesting Facts About Cleopatra - Cleopatra continues to be a subject of fascination in all walks of culture, from the serious historical researcher to pop culturists to cosmeticians.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Barack Obama - Over the past ten years, there has been an extensive list of interesting information that has been released to the public about President Obama that you will discover here.
People - 15 Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein - Albert Einstein - mathematician, physicist, father, civil rights activist, and outspoken pacifist - still rightfully influences and inspires science students the world over.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Adolf Hitler - Many historians agree that Adolf Hitler is one of the most accurate personifications of true evil as you will discover here.
People - 15 Interesting Facts about Christopher Columbus - Here are 15 fascinating facts about Christopher Columbus story filled life of achievements and downfalls.
People - 15 Interesting Facts About Bill Gates - Here are fifteen interesting facts about Bill Gates that you probably didn’t know before now.
Celebrities - 55 Celebrities With Physical Imperfections - Covers a surprisingly large number of celebrities who have various physical imperfections, despite their social status and standing as being viewed as examples of perfection.
Killers - 10 Ruthless Serial Killers Who Were Never Caught - Here are the top 10 ruthless killers who mutilated, raped and terrorized a lot of people for years and were never caught.
Lightning Death - 15 Unusual Ways People Have Died - Discusses 15 unusual ways people have died either accidentally or intentionally.
Killers - 10 Dangerous Serial Killers - These serial killers have followed a pattern to kill more than 3 people in their lifetime.
Billionaires - 10 Billionaires as Wasteful or Fanciful as They are Wealthy - About 10 billionaires and how they often wildly spend their money on extravagant purchases.
Scary Interview Interviews - 15 Funny and Unusual Ways Interviews Have Been Held - Fifteen funny and unusual ways interviews have been held and other strange things that have happened in the public eye.
using self argument to increase confidence Confidence - 15 Weird Ways People Improve Their Confidence - Discusses 15 weird ways people improve their confidence and self esteem.
dark personality Personalities - 15 Of the Darkest Crime Personalities We Hope to Never Meet - Discusses 15 of the darkest crime personalities we hope to never meet spanning both the fictional and non-fictional realms.
Murderers Murderers - 15 People Who Killed for a Living - Discusses 15 people who killed for a living and amazing facts that surround some of history's most infamous killers.
Celebrity Meltdown Meltdowns - 15 Amusing Meltdowns from Famous People - Discusses 15 amusing meltdowns from famous people and their infamous stories.
Surfing Death - 14 Fun Activities That Have Ended Up In Death - Discusses 15 fun activities that have ended in death and the tragedy surrounding each event.
Festivities Festivities - 15 Crazy & Unique Festivities Around the World - 15 weird festivities from around the world and their traditional meanings.
Trafficking - 15 Facts & Info About Human Trafficking - Discussion of information and facts about the world of human trafficking.





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